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4 Tips for Coworking Productively in Houston

Have you recently discovered the simplicity and ease of coworking, but find yourself struggling to be productive? If so, it’s not your fault. Coworking spaces are generally quieter than other spaces, but silence isn’t the only factor that contributes to productivity. 

Want to ramp up your productivity in your new coworking space? Here’s what you can do.

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1. Commit to keeping a set schedule

You’ll be more productive the more you use your coworking space. Aim to get as much benefit as possible. You don’t have to work 5 days a week, but create a schedule that works for you and stick to it. Don’t skip days here and there just because you don’t feel like leaving the house. Working in two or more different locations will hurt your productivity.

Maintain consistency to get your money’s worth

Coworking spaces are more affordable than renting an office, even in populated areas. In fact, Houston has the lowest average rate at just $220 per month. Compared to renting a small office for thousands of dollars and having to sign a 2-year lease, coworking is a better deal. Even in areas where coworking costs more, you’ll still pay less than renting a full office on your own.

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2. Rent the appropriate space

The type of space you rent matters. Most coworking businesses provide a variety of spaces like dedicated desks, shared desks, individual offices, and office suites. Your productivity will be greater when your space matches your needs. For example, if you get distracted sitting next to other people, you need a private office. If sitting at a different desk each day bothers you, then you need a dedicated desk.

Make sure you rent the space that meets your personal productivity needs. If you start with the wrong type of space, you can always change your plan.

3. Establish a routine as quickly as possible

A large portion of productivity comes from having a routine where you can run on autopilot and ignore all distractions. 

Remember what it feels like to start a new job where you don’t know where to stand or what to do between tasks? That uncertainty comes from a lack of familiarity. As you become familiar with your tasks and environment, you also settle into a routine.

Familiarity reduces distractions

A novel environment lacks familiarity and keeps your senses heightened for a while. In a new coworking space, you might pay attention to people walking in, grabbing coffee, or having a meeting in the corner. As the novelty wears off, however, those activities will fade into the background and won’t grab your attention.

Establishing a routine is the best way to push distractions into the background and keep you focused on your tasks. Structure your work days just like you would in an office. Schedule your tasks and phone calls, plan your meals, and arrange your workspace the same way each day. 

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4. Keep your work space clean

A clean workspace greatly impacts productivity. Avoid creating clutter on top of your work space by unloading everything haphazardly. Your desk at home might be piled high with receipts, sticky notes, pens, and to-do lists, but don’t replicate that chaos in your coworking space. Clutter is going to distract you and pull you off course.

Be aware of possible contamination

In a shared working environment, you have no way to know who sat at your table or desk before you. While coworking spaces do get professionally cleaned, that cleaning usually happens after hours or once a day and not in between each use. 

Unless you rent a private office or suite with a locking door, it’s a good idea to clean your work area every day before you sit down to work. Keep a pack of disinfectant wipes in your laptop bag to wipe down all the surfaces you use like your desk and chair. 

Coworking is the future of productive entrepreneurs

Coworking provides entrepreneurs with several benefits that don’t accompany working in a traditional office. There’s no lease, no duty to maintain or replace the equipment, and it’s affordable. 

Entrepreneurs who travel to large cities can find coworking spaces almost anywhere, so they don’t have to compromise and work in a loud coffee shop. Coworking spaces are also ideal for remote employees and independent contractors who prefer an office environment to their own home.

As more entrepreneurs and employees begin working remotely, coworking will gain popularity and will likely become the standard office of the future.


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