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Should pregnant women publish nude photos?

photo: pixaby

Mothers are getting maternity photos taken while nude, covered in paint, wearing lingerie or barely any clothes at all. Imagine you have a son, when he gets older, he will have pictures of you… literally naked. Also, mothers posting these on facebook do not bother to make the post private instead, they are sharable. So now you are not only letting your child see you nude but letting the world as well. I would like to know the opinion of the fathers on this situation. Are they okay with everyone worldwide seeing not only the mother of their child naked, but his significant other? A body that is meant to be shared with only one man is instead being photographed and shared online by anyone. Now, other men have seen your wife, girlfriend or baby mama naked. That should not be shared, that should be sacred. There are other ways of enjoying the beauty of pregnancy. Photos can be done, perhaps in a dress or other clothing of choice, with a nice background, or maybe even involving the father.

Desiree Pembleton
student at Erie Community College

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