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4 Tips for Developing Your Authentic Personal Style

Great style isn’t about following a certain set of rules; rather it’s about self-expression. The best way to make sure that you feel as fabulous and amazing as you look is to simply be yourself and go with your heart when it comes to choosing fashion pieces and style strategies.

But sometimes, simply being authentic can be easier said than done. We’ve all seen an attractive celebrity, a model in a magazine, or even a stranger walking down the street and wished that we could look like them. Copying somebody else’s look can make you feel great in the short-term but over time, it can be fairly damaging. Comparing yourself with others can take a huge toll on your self-worth and get in the way of allowing you to express your true self. You are unique, after all, so why try and be somebody else? Here’s what to do if you are trying to develop an authentic sense of style. 

Keep it Simple

Having great style and looking gorgeous doesn’t have to be overcomplicated. Think about the simple things in life that you wouldn’t be able to imagine being without. Ask yourself, what would you struggle to go without if you were stranded on a desert island? Your answer to this question can help you figure out more about your most basic values and needs, to help you lay the foundation for creating your authentic personal style. 

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Don’t Fight Your Natural Self

Fighting against who you are in any way is never going to end well. Instead of trying to be different, go with the flow of what you have naturally. If you’ve got curly hair, get a cut that is easy to manage and be proud of it, rather than spending time, money and chemicals getting it straightened all the time. If there’s a body part that you don’t particularly like, play up the ones that you are proud of. The same goes for age. What’s the point of trying to look younger than you are if you’re young at heart anyway? Wrinkles or gray hairs are nothing to be ashamed of. 

Stop Playing it Safe

Are you tired of wearing boring outfits that you just don’t get excited about? Worried what people would think if you wore something out of the norm that you like, but isn’t a popular choice? Authenticity can take a huge amount of courage; it can often mean that you have to be vulnerable and embrace your unique self, rather than trying to fit in. And while it might be difficult at first, it’s also tremendously freeing. If you want to make your own unique clothes, why not? There’s no rule that says you have to wear off-the-rack items that everybody else has got. It’s common for seamstresses to use a mannequin to display their clothes and make adjustments, so if you’re thinking about getting creative with your outfits, it’s a good investment. 

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Have Some Fun

The key to developing an authentic personal style is not to take it so seriously. Many people have developed a fear of being judged for their style choices, and end up stuck in a style rut from playing it too safe. But where’s the fun in that? If you enjoy dressing a certain way and it isn’t hurting anybody, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t just go for it. And any ‘fashion police’ who try and judge you are just showing themselves to be the miserable individuals that they are. Use every outfit to experiment with your style and figure out what works and what doesn’t for you personally. 

If you love dressing up in retro and vintage shirts, wide-leg pants, and chunky sneakers, own your style, and don’t let anyone stop you from wearing what you like. Whatever your body type, there are countless ways to make outfits work for you, even when others say the style is not made for this or that shape and size.

Developing an authentic personal style can be easier said than done. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be on your way to a style you love. 

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