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10 Things You Can Do While You’re Self-Isolating

There’s no reason the ongoing coronavirus crisis – however scary it might be – should distract you from keeping yourself entertained. Of course, you don’t owe the world anything – if you don’t want to be creative or productive, you don’t have to be. Still, now could be the perfect time to pick up a new discipline, finish a project, or do something you’ve been meaning to do for a long time. Here are 10 things you can do while you’re self-isolating.

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1. Make some money

Even though everyone’s stuck indoors, there are still plenty of opportunities out there to make money. For example, why not head over to a casino online and try to get some cash through playing some games? Maybe now is the time to start up your blog and start looking into affiliate links. However you choose to do it, it’s entirely possible to make money during the coronavirus crisis if you want to. Just don’t resort to scalping people for essential goods.

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2. Start a creative project

A lot of people have said that now is the perfect time to start a creative project. If you’re stuck indoors with nowhere else to go and nothing else to do, then why not? As we mentioned earlier, if you aren’t feeling creative, there’s no shame in that. If, however, you feel your mind start to wander, why not commit your project to paper (or screen, or whatever discipline you feel like)? You’ll thank yourself after the quarantine is over and you’ve got something to show for it!

3. Spend time with your family

Now is the perfect time to recalibrate your relationship with your family and remember what it was that brought you together in the first place. If you’re a younger person, you may already have had to admonish your family for trying to leave the house unnecessarily. Remember that this is also a time for togetherness. Of course, you shouldn’t visit family members if you don’t live together, but now’s a good time to get some quality moments with your loved ones.

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4. Take a walk outside

Remember that if you’re in the UK, government guidelines say you shouldn’t go outside for anything other than essential purposes. Still, exercising outdoors counts as essential, so if you want to take a walk or go for a run, you can do so. Remember not to walk too close to others if they don’t live with you and keep at least 2 metres away from others at all times. Now can be a great time to go walking or running, though, since the streets are so empty. Whilst you may have pre-booked a holiday later last year, it seems very unlikely that you’ll be able to proceed with it, and thus you’ll have to consider local options meanwhile, which will be a more realistic option in the near-future (we-hope).

5. Tidy up and clean your house

We know, we know – it isn’t always possible to find the energy to clean your house, especially when the news might be making you anxious. Now would be the perfect time to do so, however, if you’re feeling up to it. Tidying and cleaning up has a beneficial effect on your mental health and will make you feel a little better about being cooped up inside; if the space you’re occupying is clean and orderly, it’ll feel nicer to spend larger amounts of time in it.

6. Have a clear-out

This isn’t quite the same thing as tidying up. If there’s a lot of debris lying around your house that you need to get rid of, this could be the perfect opportunity to do so. A clearout doesn’t just help your mental health. It’ll physically give you more space to play with, so once the quarantine is over you’ll have more room to distribute new possessions and have friends over. Clearing out your home is something you should be thinking about regularly, but now is especially a great time for it.

7. Start a new book

War and Peace, the Harry Potter, Atlas Shrugged (okay, maybe not that last one)…now is the perfect time to start reading seriously sizeable books that you’ve never had time for previously. Reading a long book is a surprisingly difficult endeavour, so make sure you’re in the right frame of mind to start. It doesn’t have to be a lengthy book, of course; anything you’ve been meaning to get around to would make a fantastic project for you during your isolation period.

8. Stop reading the news if it’s panicking you

Of course, you don’t need to completely shut off your sources of information during the coronavirus outbreak, but sometimes no news is good news. It’s not useful to keep abreast of every single development; instead, you should be selective with how you consume coronavirus news and make sure you’re not overwhelming yourself with information. It’s okay to switch your phone off every now and then, too, and let yourself breathe for a few moments.

9. Get some exercise

Being stuck indoors doesn’t have to mean you can’t get any exercise. Quite the contrary, in fact – there are a raft of great YouTube exercise routines you can follow and you don’t even need to leave your house. It’s imperative that we all stay as fit as possible during this time, especially if we’re part of an at-risk group that can’t leave our homes. That’s why you should opt for a workout DVD or a YouTube exercise routine if you can’t leave your home.

10. Stay calm

Above all else, during this coronavirus crisis, you need to try and stay as calm as possible. There is hope, especially in Europe, that the steps we’re taking to manage the crisis are having an effect. All you need to do is stay calm and don’t panic. Don’t rush out to buy items in shops that you don’t necessarily need, and try not to alter your daily routine too much if you can help it. The more calm you stay, the quicker everything will feel like it’s over.

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