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Excessive or Unwanted Hair (Hirsutism) in Women

Since the beginning of history, Women are trying to get the techniques to improve their facial appearance. But unwanted hair growth in women is one the major obstacle which always comes in the way to improve the facial appearance. Unwanted hair is culturally unacceptable and also unattractive for women. Superfluous hair growth is a condition that causes excessive hair growth in women which is also known as Hirsutism. In case of superfluous hair, hair growth will be in men’s hair like pattern, it grows especially in the areas like upper lips and on chins. It is less noticeable in blondes and more noticeable on dark-haired women.

Different techniques are available to remove superfluous hair using depilatory creams and electric epilators. Women remove superfluous hair because it increases attractiveness and women look more gorgeous after and also it is culturally acceptable.  

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Causes of Superfluous Hair

Superfluous hair can be caused due to different reasons including genetic causes or health problems. Teen girls are more likely to have superfluous hair and they want to remove superfluous so to improve their facial appearance. Superfluous hair is also caused by an increased level of androgens, Androgens are the male sex hormones including testosterone. Excessive amounts of hormones are seen in non-pregnant women and they are likely to have Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). There are also side-effects related to removing superfluous hair in some of the methods.

Following are some of the causes of this condition 

  • Excessive level of Androgens
  • Hair follicles oversensitivity
  • Stress
  • Genetic causes
  • Tumors (rare)
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

Guide to Remove Unwanted Hair

Remove superfluous hair is the step taken by the women to give their self-esteem the boost to improve their facial appearance. Different methods are available to remove superfluous hair including depilatory creams and electric epilators. And also, there are risk-factors of removing superfluous hair. If you are not using the accurate method then you are more likely to get indelible marks left. There is both temporary and permanent method to remove superfluous hair.

Many women fear to remove superfluous hair on the chest. By using temporary hair removal techniques like shaving, waxing or plucking, it is perfectly fine and will not be a cause of cancer. 

Different Approaches To Remove Superfluous Hair

Always use the correct procedure to remove superfluous hair because there are risk factors and so, avoid any complication. Following are some of the techniques to remove superfluous hair.

  • Electrolysis: It is a permanent method to remove superfluous hair. It uses an electric current to stop the hair growth on the face or the body. It uses heat or chemical energy and destroys the center growth cell of the hair follicle. Some say it is the only effective way to permanently remove superfluous hair. 
  • Threading: Threading is a technique to remove hair from the small area like your eyebrows where you want to keep some area. Many hairs can be removed at once by using it. It is a precise method.
  • Laser Hair Removal: It is another technique to permanently remove superfluous hair. A beam of light emits from the equipment and it absorbs in the pigment (color) in your hair. It is difficult to use on women with blonde, white or gray hair. It is very common to remove your leg hair with a laser procedure
  • Waxing (hot or cold): Waxing is commonly used at home and saloons to remove superfluous hair. It is applied to your skin and then quickly removed. Removing the wax can be painful. The result can last for a few weeks.
  • Depilatories: Depilatories are recommended by dermatologists. It dissolves unwanted hair by applying it. Depilatories can make irritation to your skin so always ask your dermatologist before using it.

Risk Factors to Remove Superfluous Hair

There are also risk-factors involved when to remove superfluous hair. These are based on which type of procedure you adopt to remove superfluous hair and what equipment you are using.

Following are some of the risk factors

  • In the case of electrolysis, too strong current may leave indelible marks behind.
  • If the person is not experienced then you may get scarring and burns during electrolysis
  • You can get your skin burn if your wax is too hot.
  • Medication to remove superfluous hair have side effects like all medications. So, ask you, physician, before using it and tell them if you have any medical history.
  • Waxing can be painful so always use the correct method.

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