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The Reality of New York’s Coronavirus Lockdown and What it Means for the Rest of the Country

The Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has gripped the world as the pandemic continues to spread to every country around the globe. In the United States, New York remains to be the most badly affected area and Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered a lockdown to help slowdown and contain the virus. Moreover, this call is to prevent the health care system from collapsing.

However, do lockdowns really work? Looking at other places around the world, the answer is yes. But the results do not show until weeks later. Everybody that is classed as a non-essential worker has been ordered to stay at home in New York, as it has become the coronavirus epicenter. In particular, outdoor group activities are prohibited. These moves are common in countries also practising a lockdown and they seem to be having a positive effect.  The problem with the coronavirus is that the symptoms do not show straight away. It can take between two to 14 days for someone to realize they have the virus. This is why lockdown is essential for preventing the spread of the disease.

In the meantime, businesses are collapsing. They are forced to close their doors and unless you have an online trade, there is no way to make money. While President Trump says that America will be open for business soon, it is difficult to say how long that will take. In addition, thousands of people are losing their jobs. They worry about how they are going to put food on the table. If anybody is looking for inspiration on how to get back on their feet, perhaps they should read about Tej Kohli. Everybody is going to have to raise their spirits in order to get through these difficult times. The race is on for experts to create a vaccine to COVID-19 and for effective treatments to emerge.

However, it is interesting to note that every state is different in their approach. For example, Arizona has not yet closed bars, restaurants and other businesses. In California, all 40 million of its residents are ordered to stay at home, while food trucks are still allowed to stay open for business. In Florida, people are acting very differently since it is spring break. Governor Ron DeStantis has not closed beaches and they are seen to be welcoming thousands of people who are not practicing social distancing.

One of the big criticisms across the United States is that there has been fewer people tested than in other countries around the world. While the country is in a natural emergency, more effort is needed to secure better testing that is readily available. There is no an accurate number for the people that have been currently tested in the country. However, countries with smaller populations than the United States have been able to test more people. For example, South Korea has tested over 240,000 people. In addition, the United Kingdom has tested 44,100 citizens.

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  • If the Governors, let’s say in the state of Texas, would make an across the board decision on things, each county wouldn’t have to determine who should do what. Then confusion for citizens would be less.

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