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AirPod Settings Explained: A Helpful Guide

AirPods are the newest, popular headphones. Here is a helpful guide to understand all the features and AirPod settings you need to know.

Are you planning to get a pair of AirPods, or did you recently purchase some?

The AirPods are no doubt one of the hottest items from Apple to date. In 2019, the tech giant sold close to 60 million units of AirPods.

If not for the coronavirus pandemic, the AirPods would be well on its way to owning 2020. Analysts earlier predicted the AirPods would reach 90 million in sales this year. 

As an AirPod owner, you want to maximize their features. You want to master the AirPod settings and unlock their full potential. But how do you do it?

Continue reading below as we give you a lowdown on the hottest earphones by Apple.

Breaking Down Your AirPod Settings

First and foremost, let us start with the basics. If you wish to learn the fundamentals of your AirPods, you need to start with the AirPod settings. 

There are key features that you can unlock and tweak with the settings. Let’s take a look at them below:

Naming Your AirPods 

After unboxing your AirPods and opening the settings, this is the first thing you need to do. Tap the current name of your AirPods, then replace it with a new one. Tap “Done” to complete the process.

The Automatic Ear Detection

AirPods come with this impressive feature of sensing if they are close to your ears. Moreover, they can pause and playback your tunes whenever you remove one of your AirPods from your ears. And if you remove both of them, the AirPods automatically stop playing your music.

This is what Apple calls Automatic Ear Detection. This is automatically enabled by default, but you have the option to turn it off.

Turning it off disables all the features we discussed above.

Setting the Microphone

Your AirPods also come with a microphone. This allows you to take and make calls with a little help from Siri. When you check the microphone settings, you will notice it is on Automatic.

This means either your left or right AirPod can work as a microphone. But you can tweak this by assigning only the left or the right as the microphone. 

And if you take off the assigned AirPod, it will remain as the microphone.

The Press-And-Hold Action

If you’re using AirPods Pro, you will notice they come with three noise control modes. You can switch between these modes through the force sensor.

You will find this sensor on the stem of both your left and right AirPods. 

Pressing and holding down this sensor lets you toggle through Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode by default. However, you can change this accordingly.

In the setting screen, tap Left or Right under “Press and Hold AirPods.” Make sure to select “Noise Control.” Thereafter, choose the two or three modes that you wish to enable whenever you press and hold the sensor.

Keep in mind that if you set both your AirPods to change the noise control modes, any changes that you make in the settings will apply to both the left and right AirPods.

Furthermore, you can assign the press-and-hold action to access Siri. To do this, go to AirPods settings screen and tap “Left” or “Right.” Complete the process by selecting “Siri”.

The Double-Tap Shortcut

There is also the double-tap shortcut that comes with 1st and 2nd generation AirPods. Interestingly, there are several ways to customize this feature. You can assign Play/Pause, Next Track, Previous Track, or Siri on each ear.

To customize the double-tap shortcut, connect your AirPods to your iPhone. On your iPhone, launch the Settings app. Select “Bluetooth” and tap the “Info” button.

You will find this next to AirPods. This is also the icon featuring a letter “i” inside a circle. Now tap “Left” or “Right” under the “Double-Tap on AirPod.”

Now you can select the function that you want from the “double-tap shortcuts.” After choosing a function, hit the back arrow. Select the “other AirPod” and go through the same process.

However, some AirPod users complain of accidentally hitting double-tap. This causes them to pause their songs or skip some tracks. Thankfully, you can disable the double-tap shortcuts.

Go through the same steps above until you reach the step where you tap “Left” or “Right.” Under the double-tap on AirPod, simply select “Off” to disable the feature.

AidPod Tips and Tricks You Must Learn

Aside from the basic AirPod functions we discussed above, there are other cool tips and tricks you need to learn. Here are some of them:

  1. Pairing with Non-Apple Devices

You can still use your AirPods even if you are using an Android smartphone. To pair your AirPods, put them back inside the charging case. 

Flip the case open and push down the small flush button. You will find this on the back portion of the charging case. Release the button as soon as you see the LED starts to blink white.

Open the Bluetooth settings of your device. Once you find your AirPods in the pairing options, connect accordingly. 

You may also connect AirPods to MacBook. This gives you the freedom to walk around while watching a video or while video conferencing.

  1. Extend Battery Life

AirPods will give you around 5 hours of listening time. If you wish to extend it further, you can use one AirPod while charging the other one.

  1. How Much Battery Left?

Still concerning the battery, did you know that you can check how much your AirPods have left? Place your AirPods back in the charging case with the lid open. Make sure the case is next to your iPhone.

 A pop-up will appear on your iPhone’s screen showing how much juice your AirPods and charging case still have.

  1. You Can’t Lose ‘Em

In case you lose or misplace your AirPods, you can find them using your iPhone’s “Find My iPhone” feature. 

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By mastering your AirPod settings, you can do more things and unleash the potentials of your savvy earphones. But if you’re a solid Apple user, you should likewise increase your knowledge about your other Apple devices.

Read up on other Apple devices and learn more by checking our other blog posts. We provide tips and tricks to help you maximize your different gadgets.

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