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US Sports Gaming is Now up by 45%

The amount of time spent on sports gaming in the US has increased by a huge amount. The main reason is because some high-profile moves have been made in the gaming industry and on top of this, game consoles are now cheaper than ever before, and choosing good monitors is easy than ever.

Torque Esports Have Partnered with Blake Broadcasting

Torque Esports Corp have announced that they have a syndication agreement with the company known as Blake Broadcasting. They are going to see the UMB Gaming content, which is primarily focused on esports, distributed across all of Blake’s networks. This is going to be done across North America, Europe and even APAC regions. The discussions between the firms are underway and the decision to try and press ahead with a new partnership is really interesting. It was also made in response to the spike of interest that is happening in eSports right now, which comes down to various leagues pushing more content than ever before. Torque and UMG Gaming have always had a very strong portfolio of games and the quality of their programming combined with a deep level of experience is what really helps them to stand out. When you look at the events that are being held you will soon find that everything has really come together and that this could mean major things for the sporting industry. Some of the niches in sports gaming include cricket and American football. If you have ever searched for cricket betting tips in the past then you will know how intense the sport can be, and with this now being reflected more in video games, it’s safe to say that this is spurring on the niche more than ever before. Fans of real sport are now flogging to video games in order to get that rush of excitement, and this has helped the eSports and the sports video game market to excel in more ways than one. 

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SteelSeries have Acquired A-Volute

SteelSeries are a Danish manufacturer of peripherals. They have announced that they have acquired a company known as A-Volute. They have not stated the total cost of the deal, but it is understood that the rationale behind this is to try and compliment the SteelSeries Engine by buying the Nahimic audio processing platform. The SteelSeries Engine is an audio software product and this is integrated into the Arctis range of headsets. Right now it is not clear if there are going to be any layoffs or if there are going to be any relocations, but when you look at the engineers that work with A-Volute, you will soon see that they are the best in the business. The team consists of 20 engineers who are from Singapore, Taiwan and France.  The buy-out represents a very successful exit for the investors for A-Volute.

Of course, the world of gaming is certainly growing and it is very exciting to see how far things have come over the years. What does the future hold? Who knows, but it’s looking bright. You can find the Footstock Sign Up Offer here and start gaming.


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