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Trump sues tiny Wisconsin TV station for running this ad

In support of freedom of the press and the Rhinelander-based station WJFW-TV, owned by the small broadcasting company, Rockfleet Communications, we are running the same ad produced by Priorities USA. The station is being sued for defamation of character. However, it’s important to point out that Priorities USA doesn’t say anything in the ad. There’s no commentary, no call to action, no promotion of democratic candidate or any other candidate. The entire ad is Trump’s own words juxtaposed with a rising chart of Covid-19 infections.

“This is pretty simple,” said Priorities USA chairman Guy Cecil in a statement. “Donald Trump doesn’t want voters to hear the truth, and he’s trying to bully TV stations into submission.”

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  • Jamie ,There needs to be “accountability” for things anybody says and does…yes, Jamie, even the fake press. Say anything you want…the first Amendment gives you that right…BUT…be held accountable! Several Amendments call for it! If you can’t substantiate what you say…either from anonymous sources,a reliable but un-named source or take things out of context,fabricate sentences doing same and defame a person …we need accountability! For example, “Is it true you are a pedophile”? Just to ask that question could be damaging to a well respected person, like yourself…how would you like it…if I asked you that question? Hmmmm The Right Side

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