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BUFFALO RISING is asking for short film submissions for Buffalo Shorts film festival

Buffalo Rising is teaming up with the Lukia Costello from the MicroMania Film Festival to help curate a series of Buffalo shorts. While the MicroMania Film Festival is heavy on films submitted from all over the world, this new hyperlocal version will be heavier on Buffalo films. That means that we’re looking for film makers from WNY to submit their works that will fall into two timing categories – under 5 minutes and under 15 minutes.

Buffalo Shorts as a whole, isn’t curated and is open to filmmakers students and enthusiasts (basically anyone who feels inspired to submit). There is also a curated aspect, with films featured twice weekly on Buffalo Rising. The featured films are chosen by 6 film aficionados who will be ranking the films that will ultimately compete for bragging rights and a special showcase gathering at Raven Vanguard Design Studio in Allentown.

Once a healthy selection of submissions has been received, the curating process will begin, led by the following judges:

  • Lukia Costello – Photographer/filmmaker, film/video editor, social media strategist and MicroMania Film Festival and The New Hotness Media Institute Founder/Director
  • William Graebner is Emeritus Professor of History, State University of New York, Fredonia, where he taught courses on film and American culture. He is the author or co-author of 11 books and more than 50 scholarly articles, including essays on “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre,” “McCabe and Mrs. Miller,” “The Poseidon Adventure,” and zombie films as they relate to the Holocaust. Dianne Bennett, the first woman to head a large U.S. law firm, is a retired U.S. tax lawyer. Dianne and Bill were early and passionate attendees at the Toronto Film Festival, and today enjoy the film scenes of Los Angeles, Rome, London, and Buffalo, New York. Graebner and Bennett began reviewing films for the Rome-based website “TheAmerican/inItalia” in 2016, have maintained a blog on Rome for a decade, and published two alternative guidebooks to the Eternal City. The two post film reviews at – many of those reviews are featured on Buffalo Rising.
  • Thomas M. MollCreative Director and Managing Member of Raven Vanguard Design Studio, LLC, based in Allentown. “I love the art of filmmaking. The medium of film informs my aesthetic sense and has encouraged and nurtured how I see the interplay and nuance of darkness, shadow, and light in interior design. I am someone who loves both the seemingly interminable length of a film like Béla Tar’s Sátántangó and the utter transience and imaginativeness of the so-called short film or microfilm experience. I count many short films among my most remarkable cinematic experiences; among them, David Lynch’s Premonitions Following an Evil Deed, Jim Jarmusch’s Coffee and Cigarettes with Iggy Pop and Tom Waits, Guy Madden’s Send Me to the ‘Lectric Chair, and another from Madden, The Heart of the World.”
  • Edreys Wajed is an artist, educator, performer, and entrepreneur based in Buffalo.
  • Paulette D. Harris is Artistic Director Paul Robeson Theatre at the African American Cultural Center has worked in television, theatre and film collectively for more than 30 years in various capacities. She is an active member in SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild American Federation of Television and Radio Artist) and DGA (Dramatist Guild of America). Fresh from the Sundance Film Festival 2020 in Park City, Utah she is looking forward to contributing to advancing the filmmakers voice in WNY. “One of my most meaningful film experiences locally was as an assistant Casting Director for the Blumhouse thriller “The First Purge” meeting so many film enthusiast and hearing about what inspires them to create their work.”
  • Alycia Ripley has been a film aficionado since watching ‘E.T.’ twelve times in the theatre. Born in Buffalo, her work has taken her to long stints in NYC and LA. She’s the published author of three novels and one memoir, a writer for national and local publications, and a script doctor for various things you’ve watched on Netflix. She’s an actress seen in NYC theatre productions, beauty company commercials, and several films, notably as a brave waitress in the upcoming ‘AQP2.’ She is a promoter/PR strategist for all things fun, and has a diverse client base who are looking for their organizations/events to receive more (and better) exposure. She contributes to the marketing and programming committees of the Buffalo International Film Festival, and you may have seen her conducting on-camera interviews at the North Park Theatre for the 2019 festival. Learn more at, including the fact that she’s inspired on a daily basis by the original Tri-Star Pictures pegasus introduction.
  • Newell Nussbaumer ran a B-movies series on the West Side of Buffalo for years in an old warehouse with a friend by the name of Scott Washburn. His wheelhouse is bizarre, experimental, arthouse, Z-sci-fi… the more out there the better. Nussbaumer is a diehard Buffalonian and has been supporting film culture in this city for years, through Buffalo Rising and other grassroots efforts. He’s excited to sit down to watch these film shorts, and to learn more about the local makers, their films, and the cinematic scene that he hopes will continue to flourish as more people tune in and share the selected curated shorts.

Buffalo Shorts – Celebrating and Inspiring Short Filmmaking in Western New York

Calling all WNY filmmakers and hobbyists! Submit your films (dated anytime), up to 15 minutes in length, to be included in the new Buffalo Shorts Streaming Channel. All films submitted will be added to our showcase and will earn a chance at being posted on When all is said and done, and the submissions have been curated, with select films being screened online, the viewing audience will have a chance to cast their votes for their favorites selections. The winner(s) will be honored at a ceremonial event, held at Raven Vanguard Design Studio. Additionally, films 5 minutes and under get a chance to qualify and compete in the MicroMania Film Festival 2020.

To learn more about the submission process, visit The cost to submit is $5 per entry – the funds will be used to roll out the film short endeavor.

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