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Open Letter to Andrew Cuomo – By Someone Who Doesn’t Like His Bungling of Niagara Casino and Coronavirus Pandemic

The opinions of J. Gary DiLaura do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Artvoice.  As a point of reference, Gov. Andrew Cuomo oversaw the negotiations with the Seneca Nation of Indians for their casino compact renewal in Niagara Falls. Astonishingly, in what could only be called an impeachment worthy blunder, Cuomo failed to include any compensation to  NY State of the city of Niagara Falls in the renewal.

Previously the Senecas had paid more than $100 million per year to the state and the city of Niagara Falls got about $25 million – about 25 percent of its budget.

Cuomo claims he forgot to include the payment from the Senecas to its landlord -NYS and Niagara Falls – and the huge monies the Senecas paid in return for having a tax free hotel, casino, restaurants, gas station and retail stores in Downtown Niagara Falls [not sovereign land] is lost and the Senecas operate completely rent free and tax free as they drive local, heavily taxpaying business out of Niagara Falls and into bankruptcy court.

Meantime Cuomo’s excuse “I forgot to put it in the contract” rings untruthfull.

Here is retied FBI agent J. Gary DiLaura’s comments not only on the casino blunder but on Cuomo’s handling of the pandemic.

By J. Gary DeLaura, FBI, retired

Dear Governor Cuomo,

Man up and drop your purse! Quit blaming someone else for your ineptness!

President Trump had nothing to do with your BILLIONS of dollars debt service that you created for New York by a “pay for votes with Welfare” scheme. Invite more freeloaders to New York who can’t read or write but will add to your voting base for welfare bucks! Great idea, since anyone who can read, write and speak English won’t vote for someone like you!!

We realize that you are scheming ways to steal money from the “pandemic” to pay off that debt!

We, the people of “upstate” NY, which is everybody except the “District” of New York (all 5 boroughs)…cannot take the way you “take away” money from upstate, to support your “habit” …NYC!

It’s your ego fix…worse than heroin with you…nothing else matters.

You claimed you “forgot” to include, in the Seneca casino renewal contract, the 25% cut for New Yorkers, a part of which belongs to Niagara Falls and we desperately need to make up for the tax dollars the Casino cost us…hundreds of millions of dollars. Sorry gov. but only a moron could “forget” something like that…and if that isn’t a confession for Criminal Negligence or complete ineptness…what is?

You take our tax base away as if it’s a candy tree that your Daddy left you to take as much as you can…which you have done!

We lost the taxes on the acreage around the Casino, as well as the land the Casino  sits on, we lost the millions per year the Casino paid us (again, thanks to you) as well as the taxes the Mom and Pop services; from gas stations, restaurants  and Motels …paid!

They are gone to the Casino and their non-taxpaying… gas stations, restaurants and motels… that the Seneca’s had agreed, they wouldn’t do!

Of course they continue receive  Police and  Fire protection and other city services, for free. They only take in $3.5 million per freaking day at our expense…but you…FORGOT?!

You allowed “big bird”, to make NYC a sanctuary city thereby allowing disease riddled, illegal aliens with, in the least, compromised immune systems and immunization issues, to add to the drug riddled street people and then wonder why so many are infected and dying from a heretofore unknown disease!? That’s count 1 for Felony Moron!

You whine like the little girl you are, why… to get 40,000 ventilators because “people are dying”…you cried, forgetting that, just 5 short years before, you turned down 16,000 ventilators  the Government offered you…just in case we had a PANDEMIC! That’s count 2, for Felony Moron!

Then we learn… you just wanted to discredit our President because you really didn’t need them and in FACT you have 4,000 sitting, unused, in a warehouse. Your response to a legit question from the press … “Why are they in a warehouse if you needed 40,000”? You responded, “Because that’s where they belong, until needed”?!

What was more important to you than those ventilator funds… AOC’s, impossible to do, Green New Deal?! Count 3 for Felony Moron!

Listen, “Andy”, let me put your little mind, at ease…the world isn’t going to end in 10 more years; we will never stop using fossil fuel; airplanes will never be powered by rubber bands, batteries or solar panels but there is some bad news…please don’t cry… I’m afraid… there is no tooth fairy to pay your debt…you’ll have to scheme another way! Unlike other States, you make the Counties pay the bill for Medicaid… so what do you spend the Medicaid money on?

Maybe you should do a “Joe Biden” deal and extort some money from another State… or get into your stimulus funds…then THIS President WILL put your ass in jail… where you belong!

We recently learned that you directed all the Western NY orders for Hydroxy Chloroquine to be directed …not to New York City… but directly to YOU… King Cuomo. Is that true?

Are all your family members on one pill a day for prophylactic purposes? Except, of course, your infected brother …by the way did he pass the disease on to your Mom when he irresponsibly had a visit with her while he was infected? I certainly hope not. I guess there is at least one Cuomo who’s even dumber than you.

I really hope you do put an end to your “Schumer –like”, political career, by quitting the governor “part time job” and running and losing the Presidential election (which you would do)…we are looking forward to being done with you, once and for all!

P.S. Even with President Trump watching TV and playing golf and taking care of his family, he still spends more time being President and running this country than you spend being governor. Maybe YOU should spend less time Trump bashing and more time doing your job, that way, maybe you’ll remember to put a section in the contract for 25% of about 1 BILLION dollars and to put money on critical health needs instead of “pie in the sky”, Green deals, created by someone who has no idea what a “garbage disposal” is.

Count 4, Felony Moron, is for being both arrogant and a narcissist at the same freaking time!

The Right Side

J Gary DiLaura

About the author

J. Gary DiLaura

J. Gary Dilaura, a 28 year veteran of the FBI, spent his career in South Carolina, the New York Office, and Buffalo. Active in the FBI’s Violent Crimes Program, finishing his career as Bank Robbery Supervisor. He received Commendations from every FBI Director he worked for and after retiring he became a Businessman and Conservative, OpEd Columnist, "The Right Side", for several publications including, the Niagara Falls Reporter and the Ft Myers, Sun bay Paper. Visit his website at therightsidejgarydilaura.com .


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    • Awesome! But don’t forget the facts about the 9/11 responders when they became ill and they filed for the benefits but conveniently their paperwork all got lost and also the people on workers compensation the judges are appointed by Cuomo and I would like to see them go the 9 months or longer without money just like they dictate in puppet Court along with already dealing with the injuries plus another fact person on workers comp has to take a urine test to continue receiving their medications but yet you don’t have a urine test receive welfare which Cuomo shot down to have a test to continue receiving welfare. People with injuries take medications to have somewhat of a normal day but yet thrown in the opioid epidemic to stop there medicine where people with injuries aren’t using opioids as a hobby where people that just abused drugs end up in the ER because they overdose on a regular basis which is their choice. Plus I think Cuomo should have been removed from office when he stated “America was never great”which it can be if we can get rid of people like Cuomo, Schumer and Pelosi and to take a big broom from Congress on down and do a lot of cleaning especially when they have Congress on TV with people just sleeping on National Television on the job, really!

  • Cindy and Marianne, You know what’s really very interesting and telling? You ONLY attack me and not any of the facts I wrote about! The fact that the person you are defending is an arrogant, inept, narcissist and complete disrespectful ass hole, is not addressed by either of you at all nor are any of the facts I put forth!! So either you accept the facts, admire his nipple rings or admire his incompetence! He attacks my President with every foul breath he breaths…he covers his mistakes by blaming others…a true Democrap tactic! Do you not understand that he is a Lawyer…yes,he is, with 7 years of college and a Law Degree and he has a staff of the best lawyers that other peoples'(you and me) money can buy…and his best answer as to why he forgot to put the clause, regarding payment to the people of hundreds of millions of dollars,per year, is what? Understand we the People of Niagara Falls NY gave up (they took) valuable lands for the New York Power Authority which ,in part paid most of the resident’s property taxes on the promise of prosperity and what we got was 10,000 jobs for 3 years and 30 years later lost all the financial benefits from a Hydro Power Plant in our back yards. The power we produced was sent to NYC and others when the factories left. All that is left was our “down town” Mom and Pop Businesses, Tourist Shops, restaurants , Motels, Hotels and gas Stations and the Cuomo took the last/best 50 acres in the middle of downtown and gave it to the Senecas ,in a binding contract to pay 25% to NY State and the City a percent of that which was about 25 million dollars per year, every year, FOREVER. The “forever” contract turned out to be 15 years…renewable. AND the Cuomo, renewed but… forgot to add/continue the payments to New York State and Niagara Falls. You think that was an honest mistake? If you do then there is a tinker bell , and chickens have lips!Cuomo then allowed the Senecas to build Restaurants, Motels, Gas stations which they were not allowed to do…only Casino related…hmmm! Cuomo bypassed 16,000 ventilators in 2015 from the government, just in case we have a pandemic, and then invested the money instead… in AOC’s Green New Deal …proposed by a woman with the IQ of Carp who didn’t know what the garbage disposal was, in the sink of her new apartment, who believes the world will end in 10 years and wants to stop all airplanes because they burn fossil fuel.He supported making NYC a sanctuary city and opposed the President closing the border to China and then said …Democrap talking point coming…trump closed the border too late…10 days after China and the World Health Organization said there was no danger and no uncontrolled contamination of Covid 19, it was not contagious. Now this idiot you seem to admire is holding his own Press Conferences on Covid 19 because he knows better than the President…that may be why he “confiscated”, all the Hydroxy Chloroquine from western NY and had it sent to …NY City?…NO… to him …so they say! I hope you girls don’t need any Hydroxy as we can’t get it…Cuomo has it all…but don’t worry according to Pelosi, Schumer and the rest…it doesn’t work anyways! The Right Side

  • Another one of the GOON SQUAD!! And I’m not talking about Cuomo.. classless you are, and nervy to boot!!..

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