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More than a dozen Bernie Sanders delegates and members of the New York State Democratic Committee filed a lawsuit in federal court last Friday against Democratic Elections Commissioners Douglas Kellner and Andrew Spano, both appointed by Governor Cuomo, for their role in removing candidates from the primary ballot, effectively cancelling the presidential primary in New York state.

Today, after deliberation, the Honorable Analisa Torres, United States District Judge, ruled that the primary must be reinstated by the elections commissioners who voted to cancel it.

“The decision by Judge Torres is a monumental precedent for the protection of Constitutional voting rights. Justice and democracy have prevailed.” Said Stephen Carpineta, a Sanders delegate and also communications director for the New York Progressive Action Network, who initiated the intervention to correct and enhance Andrew Yang’s original class action suit.
NYPAN is a grassroots progressive advocacy organization, founded after the 2016 General Election, and composed of over 30 chapters and affiliates across New York State. NYPAN’s mission is to provide on-the-ground support for progressive candidates, promote progressive legislation on issues including election reform, the environment, healthcare, and social and racial justice, and work with elected officials who will fight to achieve our collective goals. NYPAN is a chapter of Our Revolution and an affiliate of the New York Working Families Party.
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