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From Buffalo Rising: Friends of Night People Provides Extended Food Pantry

Friends of Night People (FONP) was originally founded back in 1969 to help those less fortunate along the Chippewa strip, which was, then, a red light district. Since that time, the organization (now located in Allentown) has continued to provide food and other support services to those who are poor and/or homeless.

During COVID-19, FONP has been holding a food pantry between three and four times a week. The pantry is currently servicing about 300 families per week – that’s five times the number of families, due to the crisis.

Providing essential food has become so much more important to so many people.

Patty Krehbiel, relationship manager for FONP, realizes it can be difficult for people who are coming to the pantry for the first time, but assures people who are now finding themselves without jobs, food, and other basic resources that there is a place where they will always be welcome and respected.

“We welcome each person with empathy, compassion and the desire to help,” Krehbiel said. “Many people are new to our services. Maintaining the dignity of our guests is of the utmost importance to FONP.”

One recent guest of FONP has been frustrated with trying to look for work without a smart phone or internet access. He was so grateful to be able to ease his burdens by coming to the food pantry, to take his mind off of the circumstances, if even for a moment.

“There is so much more uncertainty now, and so many people are losing their jobs,” Krehbiel mentioned. “Providing essential food has become so much more important to so many people.”

Nobody ever thought that we would see anything like the COVOD-19 in our lifetimes. Therefore, there was no way that anyone could have prepared for such food shortages, job loss, and the other hardships that we are now seeing come to pass.

FONP has been helping struggling Buffalonians to get back on their feet for over 50 years. Now, we need the organization in ways that we could never have imagined.

If you are in need of FONP assistance, or would like to donate, please visit:

Instagram: @friendsofnightpeople

Friends of Night People | 394 Hudson Street | Buffalo, New York 14201 | 716 884-5375

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