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What Women Need Sexually In a Relationship?

A woman’s desires are complicated to understand for men, and it can take years to understand what a woman wants. When you get into a relationship, love and care are essential, but beyond that, there is also a need for sexual satisfaction. It is the way of showing your love erotically, and it is what makes the bond between you stronger.

All women have sexual desires and there are many who enjoy wild or super erotic sex. Research has shown that nearly 40% of women have dreams of a wild sex session with their partners. Research also shows women get horny quicker by using sex toys, and men need to understand that using sex toys can be beneficial.

Why is it important to understand the need for sex?

Women will never show it or tell you directly about their needs and desires. They always expect that you already understand and should take care of her needs. 

Many women find that sex is the purest and most profound form of love, and to engage in sex makes a soul connection to you. For that reason, many young and middle-aged women want to have sex with their man frequently.

Men also need to understand that a womn’s sexual experience is different from men. You need to know that when you are going to have sex with a woman, they may or may not react in the way that you want. Not getting the reaction you expect is where the wrong issues start, and the mood for sex from that point can get away from what you both want. To make it easier to understand a woman’s needs you need to consider some things.

Ways by which women need sex in the relationship

  1. Sex drive starts from the mind

Men often go for rough sex and believe that is what a woman wants. But actually, it is usually the opposite. Rather than be treated roughly most women prefer tenderness and whispers of love. They want to enjoy the sex by fantasizing, imagining as well as remembering the hot mood she had for you to make herself wet. When the sexual desire of her body is high, you need to be ready to make love and satisfy her.

  1. Desired sex

There are many researches about women indicating that when they see attractive men, they get excited and desire of having a good time with that guy, and make love with each other. A woman’s desired sex scenario is to have romantic sex and to have her desires fulfilled in the right way.  

  1. Contextual sex

In case you are wondering about why women are always ready to have sex, it is because their hormones are more ready and react quicker than men. They can quickly be ready for a second session of sex while many men will get satisfied once and be done. Sometimes, women go for self-stimulation so that they can have an orgasm and can fulfill their desire the way they want. 

When you are in a relationship, you need to take care of your girl in a romantic way. That is what women need from men, and with that romance comes good sex. 

Having passionate or wild sexual desires means you need to get inside her and make her body scream with excitement. Consider giving her a gift of some sex toys to use when you are not with her. Unfortunately, most relationships seem to lack understanding of how valuable sex toys can be. The main problem is men don’t get the signal that the woman he is with would enjoy having a sex toy.

Women in a relationship always need time, care and love. But when it comes to the sex, it can be confusing because she needs it to be romantic and sometimes wants you to be wild and rough, too. You can go for different positions, try new ways of intercourse and can go for an excellent erotic oral session as well. All these things will make her wet, and you can make her sexually satisfied.


When you are having a sex session with your partner, always remember that they need new ways in it. Women get excited when you go for new ways to explore her body. Women always want to have sex with a lot of fantasy and wild moments, and you need to understand this. Don’t be boring or your sex life will be over with her.

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