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80,044 DEAD Americans! Donald Trump: “It’s one person coming from China. We have it under control.” Uh…no…you don’t … one person is now 1,347,411 infected

United States Coronavirus Deaths: 80,044

Infected: 1,347,411

Recovered: 238,080


We are averaging 2,000 deaths a day and nothing but chaos and lies coming from the White House and Republican Governors ignoring the pandemic and safety guidelines

When Trump suggested that the medical community should look into injecting ultraviolet rays and disinfectant into the body in order to combat COVID-19 at his Thursday press briefing, no one was surprised. After all, this is the same guy who thinks exercise kills youwindmills cause cancer, and that we should try dropping a nuclear bomb into hurricanes. In other words, he is an idiot and has been for a long time. What makes his latest nonsense so dangerous is that he is the President of the United States and continues to insist he is a “stable genius.”


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  • Do you really want to know what I think about all of this? I think that Trump and the world leader of China got together and planned all of this before he even came president to kill all of us off cause that’s why he cheated to become president if we all set here and think about it cause the other world leaders didn’t want us to have a woman president cause it would have caused us to go to war

  • You can’t inject ultraviolet rays into a person…. It’s a light source not a liquid… how dumb can one person be? And we call this person our president? I won’t be voting for this dumb ass next year. I am a republican and love all people, black, white, blue, and green, but this guy we call our president is just stuck on stupid. Also, you don’t want to drink disinfectant, it will kill all the good bacteria in our bodies that help operate our bodies. I want someone to drink that crap and videotape the after effects of that person and put it on live tv showing everyone what it will do to you… It will kill you. Slowly and painfully. So go ahead and listen to the person we call our commander and chief. I dare you .

  • I’m certain the investigators have already injected animals with ultraviolet rays or disinfectant. It’s not so far removed. A drop of Clorox in a glass of contaminated water will clear the water of contamination and won’t hurt the human who drinks it. Just a little tidbit I learned in ’92 when I went to Egypt.

  • You all have the number so messed up that not even the Democrats dont know half in witch are the flu what happen to that u Jack ass I will vote for trump just to witch u all crawl in shit

  • I personally think that these comments made by President Trump are just crazy. Something is wrong with that thought pattern all together, no one in their right mind should suggest that and hopefully no one would attempt this as it is just as stupid as it sounds. I can’t believe that it was printed or shown on TV News, it just makes him look worse than people even say. Anyway my opinion is it’s much easier to just wear a mask our lives are important if we pull together as a society and do our part we can open back up just continue social distancing and wear masks wash your hands and look out for people, help your neighbors and if we all do this ( God will heal the people and we will once again be able to thrive !! )
    God Bless Us All..#onenation#togetherwecandoit#

  • Jamie, At least he doesn’t believe Russia ,Iran and China are our friends and, in the case of some Democrap leaders,they make good relatives…sanctuary cities are good , open borders encourage growth, chickens have lips ,Adam Schiff is honest,Hillary should be President and Omar and Pelosi are smart! The Right Side

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