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OMG! Seneca One Tower is Building a Horrible 18ft Wall Around Itself Opposite the Beautiful Pearl St. Brewery

Buffalo has been victimized by many bad planning decisions that we all rue, castigate, excoriate, and mourn. Well, 60 years after pioneers like Jane Jacobs told us how not to do things, we are doing it again. Check out our video on the terrible, no good, very bad wall going up around the Seneca One tower.

Image: screen capture Google maps

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  • Buffalo, Buffalo, Buffalo never learned the need for open space just close the city for Christ sake ! Someone in city hall didn’t do their homework from the city’s history !

  • Not another Buffalo Blunder!!! Having resided here for over 45 years and made Buffalo my chosen home, I have been intensely following the blunders of failed visions. Adding to this the destruction of historical value in the likes of the Frank Lloyd Wright Larkin Building…..resulting in a vacant lot for over half a century, and I don’t need to go further in itemizing well documented building and neighborhood fatalities over the following decades.
    I commend Mr. Jemal for rescuing the old Marine Midland Tower and his efforts to bring it back to life. My concern is with the Buffalo Planning and Zoning board that has obviously fallen asleep to the history of poor planning and again lack of vision needed to stay on course with the proper rebuilding of this once magnificent city. Yes, there have been many good plans that have evolved over the years and the life that has been breathed into the life of the waterfront. Has Mr. Jemal been approached and questioned as to the purpose of this wall and given the benefit of the doubt, does he know any of the past history of blunders over the years?
    I love the City of Buffalo and Greater Buffalo Area and want it to be the best it can be. The Buffalo community and it’s fine residents warrant that much.

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