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NEW MUSIC- Award winning Canadian rapper Classified releases another catchy and uplifting tune “Good News”

Classified writes some of the catchiest songs around, always positive and he likes using kids in video. I suppose his music might be termed pop rap, but not in a bad way.

Message from Classified:

This one hits close to home more than any other video I’ve ever done. We filmed this at a retirement home in Enfield, Nova Scotia back in February – before the Covid-19 pandemic and mass shootings in my home province. The whole point of the video was to bring our kids (including my three daughters) and their friends to meet some of the elderly and have a small party, celebrating life in general. My hope was to get the elders to share stories with the kids and tell them about growing up, along with things that were important to them so the kids could get something out of it. Then the Coronavirus hit and it has impacted retirement homes harder than anywhere else, including The Magnolia in Enfield.
We weren’t sure if we should release this video, but I think it brings some hope and happiness to people who see it and realize what it was like only a couple of months ago. As fast as things can go bad, they can go back to good and we can still find a way to share our good memories along with the good news that is out there, whether it’s a new baby, sunny day, personal best – the truth is, there is no shortage of “Good News” – and the world needs more of it right now.


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