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All 50 State are reopening after the COVID-19 lockdowns

The U.S is still an epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the information from the Johns Hopkins University, the country is leading when it comes to a number of deaths and infections in general.

But as the world starts to see the light at the end of the tunnel, the US states are starting to slowly reopen as well. All 50 states had the authority to decide for themselves when it would be appropriate to start opening up restaurants and small businesses since the situation in each of these states is still quite different and every single one needs a personalized approach.

Georgia was one of the first states to reopen after the infection rate started going down and the state of Connecticut became the final one to reopen, at least partially. There are a lot of mixed opinions about the reopening stages of different states inside the U.S. There is no one right way to do this since the situation is so different in each state, but the consensus seems to be that taking it step by step is the way to go, in order to avoid getting the second wave of infections, which epidemiologists are saying is very likely.

People have been getting more and more impatient with the lockdowns, even gathering to protest in some parts of the country. It looks like the people are ready to get back to normal life, but whether or not that is possible in the so-called “ new normal”, is still in question.

There is no denying that the pandemic has completely changed our way of approaching businesses and just going outside, even. The pandemic has had a huge effect on the economy, over 30 million people lost their jobs during this quarantine period.

This massive job loss highlighted the perks of working online and getting your essential services and entertainment online. During this pandemic one outstanding observation has been that online stores, online venues, and different e-services have remained largely untouched by the virus, since they have been able to continue working as they would have otherwise, retaining their old following and gaining a whole new one because of the pandemic.

Online casinos, where people can play roulette online, have seen one of the biggest jumps in their consumption rates over the last year and that is absolutely a direct result of the nationwide lockdowns and people spending more time inside in general. This caused many online venues to grow instead of closing down like the majority of businesses who weren’t able to shift to online methods and had to lay off employees and terminate their services, possibly forever. Online venues especially when it comes to entertainment and action have served as a great way for people to de-stress while at home and feel like they can still have fun even if there is a pandemic going on outside.

Across the world and in the states particularly the demand for such online games and slots has increased dramatically. The food delivery companies have been stacked full of orders and other e-commerce websites are also benefiting from this pandemic, which has shown clear advantages of having an online platform and using it for business.

The States is nowhere close to what the world now calls a new normal everyone should be striving towards. There are still high numbers of deaths and a bunch of policies still need to be adapted after this. But the main challenge seems to be over, so now the country looks to the future, with the acquired knowledge, hopefully, the one where we are more shielded from outbreaks like these.

Some states still have the “stay at home” order, while others have opened up almost all of their restaurants and other business establishments and are practicing maintenance of social distancing guidelines.

This has proven to be one of the toughest challenges the world has faced over the last couple of years and how will the world’s most powerful country deal with it will serve as an example for the rest to follow. So, for now, it seems like the infection rates have become somewhat stable and the states are ready to reopen together, even if at different paces.

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