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Become an IT Pro: Earn Your CompTIA A+ Certificationat Your First Attempt

Anyone interested in joining the IT industry or worked in it for some time would likely know about CompTIA. CompTIA is a non-profit trade association, it is popular for issuing vendor-neutral IT certifications that cover different spheres and levels of expertise. Professionals and companies hold CompTIA credentials in high regard: these are recognized in 120 countries and position you as the consummate specialist in the field of IT.

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the CompTIA A+ track. So, read on to know more about the main details of this badge, how to earn it, and what benefits can it bring to your career.

CompTIA A+ Certification: Why Does It Matter?

Digital skills are highly relevant today. They’re even a requirement for many corporate roles and academic pursuits. Earning the CompTIA A+ certification means you’re having the right to call yourself an IT professional.

If you obtain the CompTIA A+ Practice Test Questions badge, you’ll be well-equipped with in-demand knowledge for today’s digitally-driven industries. Apart from validating special competencies, this credential is a huge statement that you’re quick at critical thinking, a skill that matters significantly in many IT positions.

But, A+ won’t only give you the demanded skills and help to build your career. It will also help you improve your standard of living: according to, you can expect to earn $60,000 on average per year having this certification.

Is the CompTIA A+ Badge for You?

When you launch an IT career, you need some experience under your belt. Of course, you can start with CompTIA’s ITF+ which covers basic IT concepts and it can be the perfect springboard towards higher-level certification. However, if you are confident enough and have 9-12 months of working experience in IT, you can enroll in A+.

A Plus Certification 220-1001 & 220-1002 credential will give you crucial skills and prove that you thoroughly understand hardware and software as well as some other common areas such as basic networking, troubleshooting, security, data management, and cloud. If you want to have a basic understanding of core IT concepts, this badge is for you!

Skills Checked by CompTIA A+

The A+ certification comprises of two compulsory exams from CompTIA and known as Core Series. These are Core 1 (220-1001) and Core 2 (220-1002). Both tests include the tasks related to configuring various device operating systems, support essentials for IT infrastructure, along with a decent dose of IT networking. To perform well at the assessment, you should also have the essential security skills and know how to administer client- and cloud-based software.

The certification also reviews your ability to configure and support PC, mobile, and IoT device hardware. Other topics include data backup and recovery techniques as well as efficient ways to apply modern data storage and management methodology. Finally, you need to show your proficiency in troubleshooting and recovering core service issues while implementing documentation, scripting, and change management techniques.

What to Know about Exams?

Exam 220-1001 covers hardware, networking technology, network troubleshooting, mobile devices, and cloud computing. 220-1002 test delves more deeply into software troubleshooting, security, installation and configuration of operating systems, and operational procedures.

The exam consists of three types of questions: multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, and performance-based. The multiple-choice tasks include single- and multiple-response options that test your understanding thoroughly. Note, that each exam will cost you $226. As for the validity of the certification, it’s active for three years.

The duration of the exam is 90 minutes, with no more than 90 questions. You need to score not less than 675 to pass 220-1001 and 700 or above to pass 220-1002. To achieve these grades and be ready to answer the questions right regardless of their format, it’s necessary to be completely ready for the tests, Below, you’ll find some preparation options that have earned recognition among lots of candidates.

Passing A+ Exams with CompTIA Materials and Exam Dumps

It is evident that if you prepare correctly, you will pass. There are some common ways to do this. They include using CompTIA’s official books and online training as well as a practice exam on the website.

But, many candidates also use an unusual approach to earn IT credentials: exam dumps. The dumps are recent test questions, along with answers provided by successful applicants or even IT experts. There are some reputable websites that offer braindumps for any certification exam you may think of. You can get high-quality CompTIA A+ dumps from PrepAway, ExamCollection, and Exam-Labs.

On the mentioned websites, you’ll find free files in either vce or ete format for A+ preparation. Also, there are paid premium materials. They are additionally verified and usually come with useful training courses and study guides. To open such files, you’ll need to download the special software depending on the format of the file. It can be either the ETE Software or the VCE Player. Using any of these tools will make you familiar with the real exam environment as well as more ready for the main assessment.

What Can You Do with Your CompTIA A+ Credential?

Now you’ll agree with the statement that earning the A+ badge is a giant milestone. But at the same time, you may wonder if this really worth it and what happens after going all this way?

The answer is that with this credential, you can start a rewarding career in lots of IT areas due to the variety of skills you will be armed with. You’ll be perfect for many decent roles, including Desktop Support Administrator, Help Desk Technician, and End-User Computing Technician. Other possible job roles are Associate Network Engineer, Field Service Technician, and System Support Specialist among others.

You really would not lack a job once you’ve earned your A+. Companies expect employees to have this badge to fill technical support and end-point management roles.

Next Steps

We’ve covered a lot about the CompTIA A+ certification. Now, you know how you can pass the required exams, what preparation materials to use to cover all the needed topics, and what advantages you’ll get with this credential. The A+ badge can serve as your starting point, so don’t lose your time, make your choice, and launch your IT career with CompTIA.

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