FBI Agent: On Law Enforcement Use of Chokeholds and George Floyd

This is an interesting point of view because J. Gary DiLaura, a white, retired FBI agent, and avid Trump supporter, with a large audience of readers, has had experience in the field facing threats and determining when to use a chokehold or not.  It was a form of a chokehold that held George Floyd down and seems to have resulted in his death.


By J. Gary DiLauram FBI, retired

If a State, County or City, because of their political beliefs, fails to enforce the law… lawlessness is ALWAYS the result!

I am not surprised of the resulting lawlessness after what may well be an illegal act of a few lawmen.

I am surprised at the continued use of an extreme, chokehold, on an apparently, submitted subject.

I am not surprised that it resulted in a death.

I am not surprised; at the resulting rioting in a black neighborhood, against innocent, black, honest citizens and their businesses… in an extremely left state, extremely left city and extremely Democrat-led failure to enforce the freaking law!!

You folks who keep electing incompetent Democrat leaders whose only agenda is to replace our President, are getting what you deserve for leaders…do nothing… if it’s okay, take credit. If it turns to crap…blame a Republican.

That’s the leadership that exists in every single Democrat-led state and they are all in big financial trouble… but not one Republican-led state is in trouble!?

On the use of a chokehold… I was the head Firearms and DT (Defensive Tactics) Instructor for my FBI Division. I did not teach the chokehold to either FBI agents or police officers. I demonstrated the chokehold… explained that it is “the use of deadly force” … and it can be used, if not prohibited by their agency… just like you can shoot to kill when necessary…to save a life.

I didn’t teach it because, in my opinion, it required a skill factor that required more training than we could provide, in the time allotted for any DT training. We dedicated many weeks to the use of handguns, rifles and shotguns for the proficiency in the use of deadly force and a single week for DTs covering every aspect of handcuffing, control, disarming, self-protection, extraction from a vehicle and on and on and …oh yea, chokeholds… not nearly enough time.

I used a chokehold once in my entire career of some three decades working the FBI’s Violent Crimes Program. That was after exchanging shots with and during the arrest of an extremely tough, bad guy, who decked my partner twice, took a hostage (12 year old little girl), after I shot back. We ended up in a “fight for survival” where I knocked him out with an “extreme” chokehold. He never stopped fighting… until he was out cold!

That was extreme, justified and legal, even if he had not survived the fight… that’s how extreme the situation must be in my opinion, before the use of a gun or chokehold (deadly force) can be used… in my opinion.

So, is the use of deadly force allowed… justified… absolutely… but you had better be ready to explain how you were protecting yourself or somebody else!

With the limited information, and needless to say, the lack of the MSM displaying the entire videos and all that led up to the unfortunate death…no one should say who was at fault until there is a Grand Jury Hearing and Grand Jury verdict … True Bill or No Bill.

Being a lawman is unlike anything else in the world. In war, a soldier has rules of engagement on whether to kill or not.

Lawmen are not allowed to toss in a hand grenade to clear a room…soldiers are.

Extreme? Not at all… being that a police officer is less likely to be shot, sniped or IED’d than a soldier is good… but his “Rules of Engagement” are much less clear, not well defined! He truly has to make his own rules of engagement as he moves down that street!

We must, because of the dangers our police, lawmen face daily… we must… give them the benefit of doubt… no matter how tough that may be. I personally have been pulled out of FBI cars looking down the barrel of a 12 gage shotgun held by a police officer, more than once, during critical FBI surveillances, because of mistakes made, mostly due to a lack of communication, with no one person to blame…it’s a “mistake”! Stuff happens!

Unlike Obama and Eric Holder…President Trump does have the backs of his lawmen and I believe he will continue to do so! Just let the other lawmen do their jobs…and don’t think burning down buildings and looting are allowed because it’s blacks harming blacks… all black lives and black businesses do matter, but scum, any color, like those arsonists and looters…don’t!

About the author

J. Gary DiLaura

J. Gary Dilaura, a 28 year veteran of the FBI, spent his career in South Carolina, the New York Office, and Buffalo. Active in the FBI’s Violent Crimes Program, finishing his career as Bank Robbery Supervisor. He received Commendations from every FBI Director he worked for and after retiring he became a Businessman and Conservative, OpEd Columnist, "The Right Side", for several publications including, the Niagara Falls Reporter and the Ft Myers, Sun bay Paper. Visit his website at .

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  • 6/24/2020
    Kevin Barrett, podcaster, journalist, former professor, wrote an article published on Press TV about one week ago which addressed the knee-on neck technique used by Minneapolis police on George Floyd and another hold technique used by Dallas TX police on Tony Timpa, a White male, in an equally disturbing incident 10 months ago, not exploited by fake news. Both techniques are Israeli Policing Techniques. Starting some years ago US Municipalities were encouraged to send their Police Trainers to Israel to learn the Israeli Superior Policing techniques. Minneapolis is one of the cities that sent its’ Police Trainers to Israel to be trained. Barrett does not know if the Minneapolis cop who utilized the technique was trained in it’s use by the Minneapolis police dept. Below is the title of Barrett’s article which I read on an MSNBC site but it indicated the article origin was Press TV. I do not think the police in either case believed they were killing their captive.
    Title of article:
    “Israel Taught ‘knee-on-neck’ Terror Tactic to US Police” by Kevin Barrett, PhD, author and journalist. 6/7/2020

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