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Harnessing the Marketing Advantages of a Toll-Free Number 

There is no question than just about any business can benefit by using a toll-free number. There are many advantages that a toll-free numbers offer that local phone numbers can’t provide. Here are some examples.

  1. If your business depends on phone calls you want to make it easy for your customers to call you. When a customer sees a toll-free number, they know they won’t have to pay to phone you. This isn’t an issue for people with free long distance in their cell phone plans but many people don’t buy the free long distance option. Also, anyone who uses a landline, which is a large number of older people, will have to pay their phone company just to call your business.
  2. A toll-free number is portable so if you move your business to another city or another state your number will always be the same your customers will always have that number.
  3. A toll-free number gives your business a more professional image and because toll-free numbers are national it can even make your business seem larger than it might actually be.
  4. Toll-free numbers are easy to remember. There are over 350 local area codes and your customer can easily forget what your area code is. On the other hand, everyone is familiar with the first three toll-free numbers, whether its 800, or 888, etc. You can make your number even easier to remember by customizing it. For example a number 1-800 F-L-O-W-E-RS or 1-800 F-I-T-N-E-S-S is very easy to remember. These are called “vanity numbers.” When a customer or a prospect can easily remember your number, they are more likely to call you when they have a need for your services or your product.


Research by the Mountain Marketing Group showed that 90% of Americans have called toll-free numbers after seeing it in an advertisement and the majority were able to easily remember the number. Therefore, you want your toll-free number in all your advertising, on your website, email marketing and text message marketing. Using an ecommerce text marketing platform can often increase your ROI several times over. Your phone number should be on your Facebook page and any other social media page you have, too. Your goal is to keep your phones ringing with new customers.

Another benefit to take advantage of along with your toll-free number is using  a virtual phone system, which a system that runs on the internet but will ring your actual phones when a customer calls.

By using a virtual phone system you can use its many features like call transferring; call waiting, auto call distribution, welcome messages, voicemail recording and Interactive Voice Response or IVR. IVR systems can respond with pre-recorded or dynamically generated audio to further direct your customers on how to proceed.

Track the viability of every marketing campaign 

Another great feature of a virtual phone system and its virtual PBX is its ability to assign multiple phone numbers for your account. This can be useful for tracking the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by assigning a different number for different campaigns, like TV ads, coupons or billboards and tracking which campaign is getting the most response. You can also have calls routed to other locations if you have them.

One of the greatest advantages to a virtual phone and PBX system is that it saves you money on equipment–which means less maintenance costs than traditional phones and lines.

Marketing made magnificently

Marketing can be a cakewalk if you plan diligently and use the resources that are available. Using a toll-free number is one such marketing strategy that will help your business achieve fruitful marketing.  However, make sure you are buying it from a trusted service provider.

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