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NEW MUSIC: Famed Irish Musician Glen Hansard releases “Cold Comfort” and “Good Life of Song”

Glen Hansard began as a street busker in Dublin and rose to fame after winning an Academy Award for Best Original Song in the film “Once.” He is now considered one of Ireland’s most respected musicians and stars like Bruce Springsteen and Eddie Vedder are quick to invite Glen on stage to perform with them.

Along with most of the world, has been in quarantine and attempting to make sense of everything. Hansard’s creation of art thru the act of storytelling has been growing in these moments and he recently recorded the new song “Cold Comfort”. He also created a video for the song at home and has shared it with the hope it would bring exactly what its title implies.  “A handmade video for a homemade song written for the time that’s in it,” Hansard said.

Well its no comfort when
Heavens open and a
Sudden rain comes pouring down
So lets head for?shelter?and we
Sit this?out
There’s little we can do about?it anyhow
And its little comfort I know
But its raining all over the world right now
Streets are quiet but for
The sound of birdsong
There’s no rush upon us now
It’s slow going and its
Slower still here
We’ll get through it if we pull together now
And its little comfort I know
But it’s raining down on everybody now
The worst is over
And its little comfort I know
But its raining all over the world right now
And its little comfort I know
But the worst will soon be over

In 2016, Hansard embarked on a life-changing journey as he stepped in to join a team and be the 4th oarsman in a small hand-built wooden boat called a curragh. The experience, as they rowed their way across the north coast of Spain following the Camino trail, was chronicled in the documentary film The Camino Voyage – released in 2018.  One of the men on the boat, Irish writer and poet Danny Sheehy, tragically passed away three years ago today after the curragh capsized off the Iberian coast.

In Danny’s honor, Hansard has released a new video for “Good Life of Song”, a track from his latest release This Wild Willing, with footage from The Camino Voyage, dedicated to Sheehy and his memory.

“I wrote this song in Paris while in residence at the Irish Cultural Centre,” Hansard explained. “It’s a tribute to the life of bards and troubadours on their lifelong march through the towns and villages of the world, singing and drinking, expressing the sorrows and the joys of the age as they court darkness and light with equal knowing. A song of gratitude for the gift of singing. I raise it here to the memory of our boat captain Danny Sheehy.”

While currently isolating at home, Glen has also been engaging directly with his fans via a series of conversations on Instagram. He has hosted discussions on songwriting, shared stories and songs on his birthday and led fireside-like chats with painter Colin Davidson, environmentalist and founder of We Are the Ark movement Mary Reynolds, and Irish Woodland Trust conservationist Andrew St. Ledger. The hope is these discussions help break up the news of the day, but also inspire and create awareness and action; all can be seen HERE.

Hansard released his latest album This Wild Willing in April of 2019. The album garnered the best reviews of his 20+ year career with VICE calling it a “reinvention”, MOJO deeming it “an immersive, deeply satisfying work” and NPR Music saying, These songs feel rawer, broader, more sweeping and emotional and expansive”.  Hansard also recently sat down with the Broken Record Podcast, hosted by the producer Rick Rubin, the writer Malcolm Gladwell and the former New York Times editor Bruce Headlam to discuss This Wild Willing and its inspirations. You can listen to their conversation HERE.

Good Life Of Song
Well I call this room to order
Gather ’round now, hear my song
If you’re drunk or at its border
Listen well, this won’t take long
There’s no doubt in fortune’s favour
When it tells you you’re the one
The meal real fruits of your labour
Will be sown by you alone
Oh good life of singing
Good life of song
Won’t you grant us our full measure
When our day is done
Oh good wine and women
Good night’s so long
Won’t you ease us through our toiling
The road is very long
After long weeks in the corner
Where the wine won’t make you drunk
But you held your place with honour
Among the bards and the troubadours
This is no roam and lamentation
No ode to those who are gone
But a joyful incantation
To the road we’ve come upon
Oh, good life of singing
Good life of song
Won’t you ease us through our toiling
The road is very long
Oh, good wine and winning
Good nights so long
Won’t you grant us our full measure
For now we must go on
Good life of singing
Good life of song
Go tell it on the mountain
Let them know we passed this way
Let them see we came as equals
Let them know we weren’t afraid
And they’ll feel your love of music
In every note you play
Well, it leaves you if you don’t use it
Don’t let it slip away
Oh, good life of singing
Good life of song
How you granted us our measure
When our work was done
Oh, good days of drinking
Good nights so long
How you eased us through our toiling
For now we must go on
Good life of singing
Good life of song
Good life of singing
Good life so long
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