MK10ART: Kristin Kreuk Had Much Larger Role in Nxivm Than She Admits

Besides being a brilliant artist, MK10ART is a very talented writer and thinker.  Of course, her opinions are her own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Frank Report.  She has done some further thinking on the topic of former Nxivm member and actress Kristin Kreuk and this article reflects that.  I am aware that this is a contentious topic on Frank Report and I want people to comment on it, but can we please keep it civil?

In addition to MK10ART’s story on Kreuk, I am planning to write an article in defense of Kreuk which I hope to publish shortly.


Kristin Kreuk enlisted Allison Mack into J’ness/Nxivm in 2006. Kreuk was herself brought into the Nxivm fold by her boyfriend, Mark Hildreth. Kreuk and Hildreth stayed together, working in Nxivm for six years until Kreuk claims to have left (him and the cult). Hildreth remained in Nxivm for another four years.

Kreuk claims to have abandoned the Nxivm cult in 2012, [about the time when the Times Union wrote about Nxivm secrets.] But in court, pictures of Kreuk were revealed that proved she took a trip in 2014, to Clare Bronfman’s Fiji island [Wakaya Island] with top Nxivm members.

Kreuk also claims she broke up with Hildreth in 2012 but since Kreuk refuses to talk about her participation in Nxivm, the exact timing of her breakup and departure from Nxivm are unclear.

The oft-repeated story of Kreuk’s involvement in Nxivm is that it helped her overcome her debilitating shyness. Poor Kristin allegedly couldn’t speak up for herself.

However, this story is dubious at best.

Kreuk was the lead star of a hit television program, Smallville, when she joined the cult. If Kreuk was so allegedly shy, it didn’t seem to affect her starring in a major television production, being a spokes-model for Neutrogena, speaking at conferences, or, in 2007, when she looked comfortable on stage at an a cappella performance with Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne.

It’s a Miracle!

With her purported shyness cured in 2007, why did Kreuk continue up the stripe path – earning a prestigious Yellow sash with two stripes?

The sash – from a patent application by Keith Alan Raniere. The color plus the number of stripes indicated the rank of an individual.

It seems the whole “tale of timidity” is just that. Obviously, any shyness prior to joining Nxivm did not inhibit her ability to perform in front of crowds.

Nxivm became a well-publicized, sensational crime scandal in 2017-19. While all of her friends became tabloid fodder, Kreuk slithered away unscathed.

Not only has Kreuk refused to answer questions about her involvement in Nxivm, she went on to enjoy more success. Kreuk became an executive producer and star in the Canadian taxpayer-funded TV show Burden of Truth…the show’s original network, CBC, refers to the series as “an Erin-Brockovich style legal drama,”

In an apparent “f*** you” to the Department Of Justice in EDNY, Kreuk cast herself as a heroine lawyer, protecting young girls. In reality, Kreuk helped to lure young women into a cult, starting with Allison Mack.

If she’s innocent, why doesn’t Kreuk speak out about her involvement in Nxivm? Also, why doesn’t she speak up for her co-star and friend whom she is directly responsible for bringing into the cult – Allison Mack?

Doesn’t the Burden of Truth weigh on her conscious?

Doesn’t she want to help authorities get the bad guys, like she does on her TV show?

Surely she would want to stand in solidarity with all of her sisters who were victimized by Keith Raniere (#metoo)? Oh wait, don’t tell me, she is just too bashful.

I guess she wasn’t really cured by Nxivm tech after all. We can’t expect poor, shy Kristin to do anything that might expose her for being a potential sociopathic predator or should I say “Luciferian” as Keith’s patent for turning people into sociopaths was labeled?

A “Luciferian” is NXIVM’s preferred term for a type of sociopath, one with “severe behavioral problems that are masked by good psychological adjustment,”

“Wait!” Kreuk’s fans shriek, “Kristin really thought she was helping all of those girls that she worked tirelessly to lure into Nxivm.” Really? Think about it, she spent years in Nxivm. Do you really think she knew nothing about what was going on?

Of course, everyone in Keith’s inner circle developed a sudden onset of amnesia after the feds closed in on them. This is what criminals do when they are caught.

Let’s take stock of Kristin’s involvement in Nxivm.

She recruited Allison Mack (and probably others) into J’ness. What was J’ness all about? It is difficult to find out exactly what J’ness teaches because all members were required to sign a confidentiality agreement. But some former Nxivm members have spilled the beans (unlike Kreuk who remains completely silent.)

In J’ness meetings, Nancy Salzman spoke about Keith’s genius ideas of polygamy. How women were born to be monogamous while men needed to spread their seed. Susan Dones attended a J’ness meeting and immediately recognized the grooming going on.

As Dones listened to Salzman that morning, she deduced that “they were introducing the idea of polygamy, but with a soft sell, laying the groundwork.” Dones, who would leave Nxivm in 2009, knew from personal experience that Raniere maintained a harem of more than a dozen women. In private conversations, Salzman had repeatedly told Dones, a lesbian, that “the world wasn’t ready” for Raniere’s radical ideas about polygamy, incest, sociopathy, and power.

So J’ness was pushing polygamy, incest, sociopathy, and power.

Another former Nxivm member named Sylvie took J’ness classes also. Again, unlike Kreuk, she spoke up and said J’ness taught that women are fundamentally self-absorbed, narcissistic and manipulative. [Raniere] said women were victimizers who posed as victims.

Sylvie admitted that this led her to hate herself for being a woman.

Did Kreuk not experience this negativity towards women in J’ness that others did? Or were Kreuk’s ears closed? Or perhaps her terminal timidity precluded her from comprehending the misogyny being flung at her?

Perhaps she liked it and embraced women-hating. It was, after all, these principles she was espousing when she began another Nxivm offshoot groups aimed at young women and teenagers.

Kreuk claims to know nothing about Keith’s abuses toward women but she knew about J’ness’s anti-female rhetoric and still brought other young women into it.

Nxivm members were rewarded for bringing in new recruits and Mack was a big fish. Mack was love-bombed from day one. Ensnaring Mack helped boost Kreuk up the stripe path.

Nxivm was competitive. It pitted the members against each other for who could recruit the most, get the most publicity, make the most money, etc. Acting is one of the most ferociously competitive industries out there so, naturally, these actresses jumped in swinging.

The Stripe Path provided an irresistible competition. Nevermind that the grand prize was Keith’s penis. For the actresses, this was a chance to compete.

The grand prize for all Nxivm aspirants: Keith Alan Raniere.

Kreuk didn’t just take a couple of J’ness classes and drop out. She worked long and hard for years (2006-14 or later), to become a Yellow Sahs with Two Stripes [A rank equivalent to a coach of coaches].

Her boyfriend, Mark Hildreth, considered the monster, Keith Raniere, to be his friend.

On June 19, 2016, Hildreth wrote on his blog about sex-slaver Raniere: “This is my friend. His name is Keith. He has been one of the most gentle, compassionate and helpful friends I have ever known. He has been an incredible friend to me and to many people I know.”

Hildreth discovered what Keith was doing to the women, yet he also said nothing.

After Kreuk and Hildreth broke up, Hildreth started dating another young actress named Nicole (known as Jane Doe 1 in court filings) who was coerced by Allison Mack to become a DOS slave, was branded and forced to sleep with Raniere.

Hildreth reportedly confronted Keith about why he was sleeping with his girlfriend. In response, Hildreth was told that he had jealousy issues that he needed to work out.

Hildreth left Nxivm in 2016, without trying to save his girlfriend, and lived in fear of Raniere. Hildreth to this day, like Kreuk, has not spoken out against Nxivm or shown support for their friends who were prosecuted.

For a decade, Kreuk gave lectures, recruited people, started Nxivm spinoff groups targeting young women, and used her star power to boost Nxivm’s image.

Below is a list:

1. Girls By Design
2. Juicy Peach
3. A cappella Innovations
4. College Student Survey

Girls by Design was a website which promoted sexually explicit content to tweens and teens. GBD was publicized prominently to take full advantage of Kreuk’s Smallville star power. They even had a commercial broadcast in the Canadian mainstream media:

Kristin Kreuk, at the height of her Smallville stardom, started Girls By Design with Kendra Voth. They promoted it on television with ET Canada.

In the ET news clip, the timid actress exuberantly describes how she wants to “catch” these young girls “at that age when they are just building themselves.”

Kreuk and her partner unabashedly announce that they were targeting girls 14-19 years of age. Interestingly, Kreuk and Voth, who have no background in child development or education, wax lyrical of their designs.

Kreuk claims that these young fans of hers “want to have challenges and to be encouraged to have responsibility and to go and create without judgement.” Huh? What about building confidence, dating, being more healthy, or other teen appropriate topics?

No, that wasn’t part of J’ness. Kreuk’s plans swirled around Nxivm’s misogynistic agenda.

I’ve revealed in previous articles how GBD posted sexually inappropriate content while repeatedly asked girls to create and submit videos of themselves.

In 2007, in one of the first Nxivm projects Kreuk did together with Allison Mack, they created a survey for college students. They were most interested in figuring out how these students (and fans of their show) spent their time and money. Filled with questions from the Nxivm grandmaster, this information would no doubt be used to lure more young women into the cult.

You can watch Allison and Kristin plug their survey here:

“Shy” Kristin Kreuk used her star power for Nxivm brands.

Yet another Kreuk-Nxivm project was Juicy Peach, a non-profit created by Kristin Kreuk with her boyfriend, Mark Hildreth, and Allison Mack with her boyfriend, Chad Krowchuck. This project was aimed at young artists. It seems that the two Smallville power couples were building this cult endeavor up until Krowchuk bailed in 2009.


“Shy” Kristin Kreuk was all over Nxivm brands.

Kreuk also attended a 2010 Necker Island retreat with all of the top inner circle of Nxivm. Keith was absent on this trip but all of his top minions were there. Keith claimed to be a celibate monk like the Dalai Lama. In reality, he had a harem of woman that he abused and tortured.

Kristin Kreuk’s many Nxivm projects, her subsequent lies and silence about the crimes of this international sex trafficking cult, expose Kreuk’s guilt. She may have an internet army of fans but facts are facts. She was a Yellow sashed, two-striped coach, actively involved in multiple Nxivm businesses that targeted young women, luring them to their doom, for almost a decade.

While she may not have been directly involved in DOS that Allison Mack led, Kreuk brought Mack into Nxivm and followed Raniere’s misogynist propaganda.

At the very least, Kreuk should have spoken out to defend her friend, Allison Mack.

However, considering how deep Kreuk was in the women-hating teachings of Keith Raniere, perhaps that is precisely why Kreuk hasn’t shown an inkling of support for any her female Nxivm “friends.” Kreuk will continue refusing to answer any direct questions about Nxivm and self-produce more shows to star in.

Viva Executive Success!

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  • Interesting read. Too bad I have no idea if I should believe it when I consider the source. Artvoice lost any credibility (ESPECIALLY concerning cults) when you started letting a Scientologist staff member right for you.

  • And child recruiter Kreuk never did her Vanguard? RIGHT? Worshipped him for over ten years but never did him? RIGHT? Actually recruited children as young as eight years old to sleep with the freak but didn’t do so herself? YA RIGHT! THIS GOOK SHOULD BE SHOT DEAD,RIGHT!!! Just ask Pimp Mack’s parents!!! And she cries ME TOO,too??? SHOT THE LIAR!!!

  • When your unconscious and gullible this is what happens. Remember Charles Manson? What do you think of his followers? Same pants just different pockets!

  • You may think you’re a talented write, but you kinda suck at it. This piece just drones on and on and on without offering any shred of evidence. Maybe stick to the drawing next time.

  • I just watched “The Vow” on HBO. It clearly shows that not all people in the cult were privy to all of the bad things going on. It is not fair to blame every person that recruited others. Remember, as a member, some people were drinking the cool air to and didn’t see things for what they really were. You can’t just judge everyone as evil. We were not there! In the United States people are innocent until proven guilty. The only way people are just blaming her as an evil doer no wonder she’s afraid to comment. You need to judge people on facts not suppositions! Step back and give people the benefit of doubt. Unless you know something for a fact you can’t just condemn everyone who was involved! Think for yourselves and don’t believe everything you read!

  • My god….the people commenting here trying to ‘protect’ Kreuk’s reputation…unless you are a friend/family member, I don’t understand it at all. Aside from the fact she is a mediocre actress, she lured people into a cult/sex cult. She may not have directly participated in the sexual abuse, but that doesn’t absolve her guilty conscience. I think any reasonable person can come to the logical conclusion that recruiting people for a cult where people are indoctrinated and forced to participate in questionable or illegal activity is bad. She may not have broken any legal laws or statutes, but morally and ethically, she is severely bankrupt and culpable..

    And, the excuse that she is ‘naive’ or ‘ignorant’ doesn’t hold any water. Ignorance and naivety do not excuse such behavior.

    Personally, I don’t understand how anyone could fall for Raniere’s ridiculous bullshit. Its all a rip off of pop psychology, self help books, new age spiritualism and various occult idea’s and beliefs. The first time I heard him speak (before they were arrested and charged, someone recommended me a video of his) I knew at the very least, the guy is a bullshit artist with a library card. I mean, I have never once heard him utter an original thought. And when confronted, he speaks in ridiculous vague generalities with pseudo-scientific words and phrases meant to impress those who are, at the very least, not well read (if not intelligent). Yes, I understand that normal people can be lured into cults and indoctrinated in a slow and deliberate, calculated way. I have always been fascinated with cults and why people fall the leader’s ridiculous bullshit. Whether its a religion oriented cult, cult of personality, etc I have yet to study a cult leader who actually came across as intelligent, wise, original and not creepy.
    I mean, one of the selling points this idiot group would make to new recruits is that Raniere had an IQ of 260 and is the ‘smartest man’ in the world. That right there is clue number one. And then when you hear the moron speak his bullshit, pop psychology/occult rip off schtick, how as a supposedly normal person with a normal intellect, can you be hooked and drawn in.
    Aside from reading about this cult, I have also been watching The Vow. While its informative and interesting, the first few episodes try to paint a picture that this Raniere idiot is ‘brilliant’ and ‘wise’ and has ‘figured it all out because he is the smartest man in the world’ and that he has a severe dark side but that some of those in the cult were actually ‘helped’.
    Its sad that adults, who are only looking to better themselves, are willing to surrender their free will and capacity for critical thought because they hear some egotistical idiot spout off a bunch of tired idea’s he ripped from books he read at the library and idiotic pseudo-scientific bullshit.

    It would be interesting to converse and have a dialogue with a fully deprogrammed ex cult member. There are a ton of things I’d like to ask.
    I mean, I myself am not special or some amazing intellectual person. I consider myself a normal, well-read, average guy with an interest in things such as historical theology, religious beliefs/systems, history, occultism, psychology, science (specifically astrophysics, particle physics, quantum mechanics etc) and the interest in how and why people fall for the bullshit these cults spew/brainwashing and or indoctrination

    Any how, to sum up after my little tangent, Kreuk may not be at fault legally. But she is, beyond a shadow of doubt, culpable on both an ethical and moral level. She willing lead sheep to the slaughter, so to speak.
    At the very least, her acting career should be over. Hopefully, she gets the psychological help she needs as well as deprogamming. May then she will invest her time in helping those still in this cult or any other cult, break free from some idiotic hack who claims ‘they have it all figured out/is the smartest man in the world/was sent by god’ etc
    Maybe then (and only then), will she find someone personal redemption.

    • “Aside from the fact she is a mediocre actress, she lured people into a cult/sex cult. She may not have directly participated in the sexual abuse, but that doesn’t absolve her guilty conscience.”

      No she didn’t. She “lured” (what emotionally loaded tripe that presupposes that she knew something evil or unethical was going on) no one into anything. NXIVM was a front organization which hid a secretive group called DOS which is the sex cult that formed over fifteen years after the company was formed. She recruited some friends into NXIVM back around the year 2007 who no longer exist in it except for Allison Mack who went off the deep end by herself several years later. There is nothing she has to feel guilty for, and her acting career certainly should not be over just because she was part of NXIVM. Actors have sold and done drugs, slept around on their partners, had problems with law, engaged in all sorts of disreputable behavior, etc., and have continued to have a career. What did Kreuk do? Recruit some friends into an MLM that devolved to hide a master/slave sex cult ten years later. Big deal.

      • You know exactly why she is criticised, you crazy paki, Spanky, aka SultanOfSix.

  • I’ve read and read this article for any kind implication that makes sense, instead you keep going on and on about..what?. WHERE IS THE PROOF. Wasting my time.

  • Thank you for this article. Always felt the authorities should have looked at Kreuk more closely than they did. If Mack is guilty which she most certainly is then so is Kreuk. You don’t go from being a self-help group to sex cult overnight it was always a sex cult and Kreuk knew about it.

    • “If Mack is guilty which she most certainly is then so is Kreuk.”

      Your logic doesn’t follow. Just because someone is in the same organization as others who committed crimes doesn’t necessarily make them guilty of them also. That would make every employee of Enron (and other companies in legal trouble) guilty for the crimes some of its executives committed. Also, Kristin was never part of DOS, which was the compartmentalized, secretive, professed to be a women’s only group (except for the fact it was headed by a man–the leader Keith Raniere) promoted by Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman, that was the hidden “sex cult” within NXIVM, formed in 2015 according to documents provided by the FBI. Kristin was never even mentioned in any legal documentation in name or as an alias because she left NXIVM in 2013. Yes, it is true that you don’t go from being a self-help group to a sex cult overnight. NXIVM was formed in 1999/2000 or so, Kristin joined in 2006/2007 and left in 2013, and as was said previously, the “sex cult” DOS was formed in 2015. Raniere may have been having sex with some members of the group prior to its formation, particularly women of his inner circle (which Kristin also was never a part of), but sleeping with members is not the same as deceptively promoting a women’s only organization for female empowerment only to entrap others with illegal activities such as blackmail, forced labor, emotional and sexual coercion, etc., in what is actually a master/slave sex cult.

      • John Doe: like you said sleeping with members within a group isn’t a crime but Kreuk KNEW THE ADGENDA of the nvixm group and ALL of its teachings as she was “a coach of coaches” you don’t become one of the highest ranked “Sachs” members if you don’t understand where the BASIC PRINCIPALS ARE LEADING !! Have ever heard the legal term “guilty by association!?” If she recruited Allison she damn well knew the “paths” that Allison could go on therefore she’s “Supposedly” not guilty ONLY BECAUSE 1/ she’s being protected by lawyers with dubious loop holes in the law? Or 2/ She is simply the last one to fall.
        Alison Mack said that “Kirsten was flaky” and after “her master dumped her“ (Think about that word “master” Then the word “slave”) “Kirsten left and was spiralling” “She left just before beauty and the beast started filming and started a “relationship” with Jay straight away but Allison said Jay was just a brains aid because he “calmed her” So all those are Allison’s words ok…..think about it Kirsten was SPIRALLING after her MASTER dumped her and didn’t have a normal relationship since………she might not be THE MONSTER but she was willing to SERVE IT.
        And on top of ALL this those trapped tourchured girls She helped recruit are people she won’t even speak up or help in Any Way…..Wow!! What an awesome person she really is.

        • Yadda yadda yadda… Same old stuff. Lots of claims, zero evidence, zero proof. The people who really know the facts are the people investigating this, the people who have prosecuted and convicted Clare Bronfman, Alison Mack and the rest. And they haven’t mentioned Kreuk. No arrest, no questioning, nothing. They happily went after the rich and connected Bronfman and the famous Mack, but have left Kreuk alone. Why? What possible explanation can YOU come up with to explain why you are convinced she is guilty but the actual experts clearly do not agree. They have questioned everyone, read emails, talked to witnesses etc etc and they clearly do not think Kreuk is guilty of anything. It is laughable that some people can read a few articles on a website and “know” someone is guilty and that they know better than the actual trained, professional, investigators who do this as their job, and have access to all the evidence, and who clearly do not think the same.
          There is no other possible explanation, except she does know something but has been willingly helping investigators and prosecutors behind the scenes, which would kill the frequent “Why hasn’t she said anything?” line.
          Face it. Kreuk is not guilty. That is a fact. If there was even a hint of guilt then prosecutors would have gone after her, arrested her, pressured her to accept a deal etc. They haven’t. Why? Because she is innocent. Simple as that. If you disagree then YOU have to provide the evidence, and so far in the last couple of years on this site no one has provided a shred of evidence. Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

          And a couple of points: Stop calling MK10 “talented”. Those drawings are better than I could do, but that is a very very low bar. And most of them look traced from photographs.
          Secondly, a lot of shy people can happily act and appear on stage. When they’re “playing a part” they are happy. When they have to be themselves its a different matter.

          • Wow. Sultan Of Six has gone back to using his Carl Bassett alias.

            You forgot Spanky, you used to spell it “Karl” with a “K”.

            This dumb woman knew what she was a part of and didn’t care.

            You are just a worthless soy boy oxygen thief. Thank God your deceased mother does not live to see what her gross son is like, in his forties.



          • Carl is not and has never been me you anonymous crying coward. Just because he recognizes the stupidity of these barrage of claims that have amounted to nothing doesn’t make him me. It just means he still has a functioning intellect.

            The only worthless person here is the sociopath who constantly bitches about Kristin getting away with evil things she never did as if they ever existed, a racist clown loser whose only recourse for his seething anger is to stalk others on the Internet, cast insults, and whine and bitch about it in the comments on sites affiliated with the Frank Report to try to sully her character. The only platform where he’s given the free reign to do so, except for maybe other racist sites on the Interent.

            You have nothing. If any of the claims incessantly repeated by you amounted to anything, the authorities who are much smarter than you would have taken action. If you have proof that she remained in the cult until 2016, you would show it, because you’re constantly trying to humiliate her.

            YOU HAVE JACK SQUAT.

            The only thing you have is your broken record of vacuous claims and insults that you constantly bring up on these sites because you’re a jilted, sick, sociopathic, whiny, cowardly, loser who could never say any of this to someone’s face.

            Cry me a river.

          • Still taking the bite!?

            You are so sensitive sultanofsix/karl/carl basset ?

            You have so many aliases for Kristin Kreuk on the internet, you forgot how you spelt *Karl*. You are now spelling it as *Carl*!

            It’s all your doing… It’s not about the coward Kreuk. It is you blaming Kristin Kreuk’s farts on the dog that does not exist. You can’t make excuses for this Nxivm moron, no matter how much you cry, masturbate, e-stalk and e-white knight.

            It KILLS you that Frank Parlato knows who Kreuk’s 2016 coach was!

            Take the bite Spanky. You have no life, but give Kristin Kreuk and your critics your worthless life force. It’s barely enough to blow a party balloon, but still.

            This is jaw dropping!


            “My soulmate”. ??

          • “Still taking the bite!?”

            Of course. I eat trolls for breakfast.

            “You are so sensitive sultanofsix”

            Aww. Is that right? Well, I wouldn’t expect a sociopath to actually know what sensitivity REALLY is. But I would expect one to know how to try and manipulate it someone (as they are free from the pangs of moral conscience) who has capacities that are indicative of it, such as empathy, one they also sorely and pitifully lack.

            “You have so many aliases for Kristin Kreuk on the internet”

            So now I’m impersonating Kristin Kreuk, huh? This is rich coming from Mr. Projection. How often have you stalked the internet looking for my aliases and what I post or tweet? Is it a daily ritual for you now? Are you so mad that I pissed on your little cult?

            “you forgot how you spelt *Karl*. You are now spelling it as *Carl*!”

            Well, since I didn’t spell it, I couldn’t have forgot.

            “It’s all your doing… ”

            There we go again with the projection. Is that your quid pro quo in every “conversation” you in engage in, along with other sociopathic techniques such as gaslighting? Do sociopaths have any original ideas in their disfunctioning minds, or do they just rehearse the same tired playbook over and over again?

            Oh, I’m sorry, look who I’m asking, even rhetorically.

            “It KILLS you that Frank Parlato knows who Kreuk’s 2016 coach was!”

            Riiiiiight. It “kills” me so much. I’m scared and shaking right now from such vaunted “anonymous” sources that have amount to absolutely nothing for years.

            “…but give Kristin Kreuk and your critics your worthless life force.”

            You just can’t stop with deflecting the blame onto others, can you?

            It’s funny that you think no one knows the games that you play. ACTIVELY chastising someone you obviously have a vendetta against and then calling those who respond “white knights” or some other tripe only to reflect the blame onto those who REACT to it as if they’re the ones who started it! Are you really this stupid?

            If there wasn’t someone here to respond, you’d just invent one to incessantly repeat the same lies.

            What are you going to do when this NXIVM chapter closes soon and Kristin is still free and clear from its stench? Cry a river in a corner?

          • Your elderly daddy should not of been going to work around sick people during the height of the Chinese Virus pandemic. That was selfish of you to let him do that Daxie. Your daddy has better morals then his loser son. He must be bitterly disappointed.

            How was Florida? What did you tell the relatives about why you didn’t bring a date, again? Did you try and bag a first or second cousin? One of the more ugly ones who is also not a catch?

            If only “those words” were not misused…

          • Oh, how sweet.

            More techniques straight out of the sociopathic playbook. Find out what may be perceived as subjectively embarrassing or compromising information about someone and then try to use it to embarrass or compromise them. Of course, it only works on a subject if they actually care.

            It sounds very familiar to a method on display by a particular individual who has been amply discussed on this site and is currently in the news, which has been recollected in this short summary of a childhood story that I read on the internet relatively recently:

            “From the late 1960s to the early 1970s, [sociopath] attended a Waldorf school. One classmate recalled an incident in which she had unwittingly shared ‘compromising’ information about one of her sisters in front of [sociopath], then aged around 10. According to her recollection, [sociopath] had told her: ‘You know, it’s like I have this little bottle of poison I can hold over your head … I just don’t think your parents or your sister would be very happy if I told them.’ She claims [scoiopath] ‘would call me sometimes and say, ‘Little bottles, little bottles’.”

            “Your elderly daddy should not of been going to work…”

            Aww. I am so grateful for the insincere concern you expressed about my dear old daddy. Thanks for stalking my accounts to show just how much you care about me with an empathetic capacity for it that you obviously don’t possess. Did you miss me? You know, you’re welcome to have a conversation with me in the same manner there using an account associated to your real person. I’m sure a coward like you will take me up on that offer. Of course, you’d probably last all of a day before being banned, but hey, we can still give it a go.

            How does it feel to be so chickentsh!t that you have to live a double life, both on the Internet and in reality?

          • Aw, you’re still crying.

            Let’s see who I should believe? 1) a respected actress in the Canadian entertainment industry who many have spoken highly of and who has put her reputation and name on the line by making a public statement on the record supported by non-anonymous others; or 2) an anonymous, sociopathic, bigoted, blowhard, too chickentshit to put a face behind words, who can’t provide the tiniest bit of tangible, objective, independently verifiable evidence to support his claims as he stalks her and her “white knight” on the Internet, so he constantly throws virtual tantrums in the comments like a little princess who can’t get her way.

            Woah. Tough decision that took me all of…no time at all to make, but I’m gonna have to go with 1).


          • You are in so much pain that you did not save Kristin Crooked with your internet stalking and spanking jihad!

            Kreuk was still a nxivm member in 2016, four years after finding out Keith Raniere was a pedophile in an expose she was named in! That’s huge!
            Like pedophile not-a-prophet muhammad raping little Aisha when she was just NINE years old and he was FIFTY THREE YEARS OLD!

            You should believe Frank Parlato. His sources are not anonymous to him. You don’t need to know who they are for it to be true. Parlato does not owe you anything. He does not have to reveal the identity of his sources to stop spanky from crying like a little bitch!

            And stop projecting you weird stalker. You literally are a stalker and and live in stalk zone. Therefore, you think anyone who has an opinion about this shit actress is a stalker too. Stalking Kristin Kreuk is your religion, more so then islam. Speaking of islam, your kind have been pissing off the French a lot lately…

            Did you know, it is possible to save pictures, videos and other media posted online, screenshots also, in case said data is deleted? Data can also be shared with others… Data can be really really really really FUNNY! ?

      • Shut up “SultanOfSix”.

        Nobody cares what you keep saying over and over again.

        There are lots of things out there with Kreuk’s name on it, making her open for criticism.

        In 2012, in the space of one month, she was named in the Times Union expose which included allegations of pedophilia complete with police report, a criminal lawsuit and the articles about Necker Island talking about crimes. She knew what was out there and did not care.

        She lied about leaving in 2013. She had people go to the press to lie for her. In 2015, she was thanked by some moron on social media alongside Mark Vicente and Lucas Roberts for their “encouragement” on his Nxivm intensive he had done that week. She was still a Nxivm student in 2016, was asked by at least two women to lend her voice, but refused, despite using her name to help build up the cult. She felt no moral responsibility to do the right thing. Not even a single social media post. No effort to at least try to get Allison Mack out, who she recruited, or even acknowledging her existence. She stayed quiet because she did not and does not want people to know the extent of her involvement in the cult and what she knew about and ignored.

        She was involved with legitimising the cult, different Nxivm recruitment drives such as Girls By Design, Acappella, Juicy Peace, College Project and introduction evenings. Her name fought off criticisms.

        Kreuk is too busy trying to preserve her own privilege. During the DOS drama, she signed an open letter against a theatre producer to harm his career while being silent about Nxivm to preserve her own. She attached herself to a documentary about Phoolan Devi like she is some “feminist” hero while ignoring branded sex slaves. She took people’s tax money to pretend to fight for teen girls against a pedophile on television. All while silent about Nxivm.

        Just because you are a mentally ill, autistic, crybaby loser, who does not care about the above, does not excuse anything.

        Get a fucking life, you sexless, incel, prick.

      • I mean, strictly looking at the timeline> Keith was grooming and raping underage Camilla and Daniella right at the time that Kristin and Allison joined. If they demanded transparency from the guy at the very start, as you might for a new hire or something, they probably would have been able to at least figure out that JNESS was grossly misogynistic, if not that a lot of money was filtering through Pam Carfritz to hide his pubescent sex slaves.

      • No, Spanky. Kreuk was still a Nxivm member in 2016, as exposed by Frank Parlato.

        She was named in a lawsuit. One from 2012 as a likely future defendant. That same month she was named in the pedophile expose and the Necker Island articles that spoke about Nxivm crimes.

        And she still stayed on.

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