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Trump Tulsa Rally was a Big Flop

According to the Tulsa Fire Department less than 6,200 people came to the Trump Tulsa rally in a venue that holds 19,000. What was given to the no-mask gamblers who were in the more than half-empty arena? This video says it all.


A supporter sits alone in the top section of the BOK Center on Saturday to attend President Trump’s campaign rally in Tulsa. (Jabin Botsford:The Washington Post)

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    Again ,Jamie, you are full of shit. The Secret service, flow counters showed 12,000 people. The reason the sold out ticket holders didn’t show is because people like you ,bought tickets just to NOT attend to make it look like a flop. There was almost as many outside who couldn’t get in because the tickets were sold out! How desperate can the Democraps be to buy-out tickets at a Republican affair just to make it look empty. The photo you show was the upper bleachers, the bottom 2/3 rd and floor were full! So Trump had 12,000 plus while your candidate Joe Biden had exactly 60, that’s right 60… genius. There were more people in the men’s room pissing at the Trump affair than Democraps who attended Biden’s. THE RIGHT SIDE

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