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What is the most commonly used method in social science research

Nowadays social science research is very important for humanity. People speak a lot about it in mass media. However, what it is? Which impact has this research? Why it is social? Which methods does it use? It helps to describe different fields of our being. Why researchers and social scientists speak about an impact on child development? There are many hypotheses around collection techniques and methods used in social science research. They have a historical and scientific background.

Political science has a strong impact on education. Especially when we speak about American education. The study, high education and work – all these processes represent the results of investigations. If we want to turn the new page, we should know ourselves better. Especially the physical aspect.

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Social science research

Social science research is so important because it investigates human behaviour. There are many common research methods and ways of this field analyzing in a certain case. Also were undertaken many international studies. The main function – it helps us to understand the causes of a certain human’s behaviour. Besides, it explains the way people perceive a new situation, why they think so about it.

Common research methods

There are three main research methods used in social science research. These include:

  • quantitative;
  • qualitative method;
  • mixed methods.

Let us start and see it in more details. Quantitative research uses statistical information and mathematical data. They are needed to report the results of empirical studies. Qualitative research depends on human experience and account. We need it to explain the causes of various phenomena.

Then, mixed-methods. They are combining techniques from both approaches described above, from qualitative research and quantitative research. This kind helps to create a unique methodology for social science research. It should be tailored to a specific research study. It is like a model, which can be used in a certain form of observation. They are using in different research studies. In other words, they have the same value for social science research in different fields. Statistical methods are very useful.

Quantitative research

Researchers use quantitative methods for it. They collect statistical data for social science research. This information is retrieved in numerical form. Quantitative research often is a focused one. Researchers explore narrow questions of quantitative research with the help of statistical information. It is the so-called statistical analysis of social science research. The questions have a direct relation to its data.

In this case, researchers should be able to:

  • generate results;
  • make conclusions.

The received conclusions can be applied to different studies and similar situations by the researchers. This case studies information using mainly the scientific method. The process has an interpretive background.

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Narrative analysis and Phenomenology

This scientific method is related to the causes of saying something. Researchers say that three prominent methods are required for the analysis. Phenomenology is the study of the people’s learning process, how humans experience different things. It is related to the person’s own textual description depending on the design. Such description can be obtained through interviews, statistics, and different analysis. In this study, the researchers guide themselves on the experiences and accounts of people, their manipulation methods, and other data. Such analysis is related to the method of narrative one.

Grounded Theory

This kind of science research explains the researchers how certain data relates to the process of study. They create the collection, which rises from the data. It is an inductive type of science research. At the same time, it has a great impact on social science and especially on social science research. The researchers and social scientists say that the end result represents the story of the process. In this analysis, we create data without statistical methods of social science research.

Mixed types of science research

The social science has a mixed type of approach. It is due to the complexity of the studies. Its structure under the analysis can be very different. The study often combines the qualitative and quantitative approach. Qualitative research includes can be observational and historical. Qualitative research in social sciences can be very variables. The data collection in approach has minimal interference. 

New sources of data in qualitative research provide new ways of analysis. We need continuously evaluating options and test of the topical analysis and studies. The evaluation is very important during qualitative research. The best way of analyzing is the interweaving of teachers and students. It helps to make the analysis more clear. We have to take into a count the political science.

Steps of conducting the social sciences researches

We can consider qualitative research for example. The study of any theory begins with a certain question. Then we deal with the hypothesis and empirical research. The qualitative research and empirical one has a strong relationship. The same goes for the data collection of the qualitative research.

Main advantages

Therefore, in this way, we can gather and analyze the required information. The main advantage is interpreting it for different purposes. It includes economic, historical, social and educational. It helps us to design the most effective principles for different researches.

The information relates to a number of special subject areas. It is important to have a criticized appreciation of modern humans. In addition, the understanding of those social issues, which is based on a sound foundation, is needed. 

This article was written by Michael Johnson, a social science tutor from PapersOwl. Michael Johnson has written many articles about social researches for scientific journals and educational resources. 






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