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Interesting places to host an art exhibition

A lot of strategic planning goes into hosting an art exhibition, especially if it is your first. It can be budget-draining and overwhelming without proper planning and when key factors are not given priority.

A key element in planning a successful art exhibition is the venue. The venue of your art exhibition will determine the foot traffic and the perceived value of your work. It is also vital to consider the reputation of the place and the cost of mounting your artwork.

When choosing a venue, space must be adequate for the exhibition attendees can move around freely without inhibition or overcrowding and each of your art pieces are well-spaced. Without any ado, let’s look at the potential venue to display your creativity and give it a significant boost.


Getting the right people to your art exhibition can be costly, especially. Many art galleries take 50% or more on a sale while some can charge $300 or more monthly regardless of whether your artwork sells or not. When added to the cost of promoting the exhibition, the cost can be enormous.

Hosting your exhibition at a hotel or resort is a strategic move of taking your work to your potential customers, who can afford it. No, you should not display them in just any hotel. People paying a premium to hire rooms in five-star hotels and resorts already showed their spending ability.

Also, the perceived value of your art increased considerably, with it hanging on the wall of premium hotels. There is something about a five-star hotel that makes every item around seem classy. The lighting, painting, the smell, the atmosphere generally are relaxing. A spike in the sense of style lowers the resistance of these high paying customers to open their wallet or swipe their cards.

You will pay a premium to host your art exhibition in such an upscale atmosphere. But when it pays off, it pays big.


Museums seem obvious and a great place to exhibit your art. After all, every masterwork from the past and present that is to be honored and protected belongs there. Hosting your artworks there is a statement, a statement of quality works and exclusivity.

Typically, museums display a collection of the curated artworks from different artists after a strict process conducted by the museum curators. Such works are often innovative, impeccable and recommended to other art curators, collectors and dealers who are after such type of art.

An artist that has achieved notable recognition can run a one-man show at museums. A one-man show is a solo art exhibition that can only be pulled off by the elite league of artists. Some of these artists can afford to travel around the world to host such solo shows at different museums. It is a great strategy to sell targeted contemporary arts telling timeless stories that appeal to diverse cultures in several museums all around the world.

As an artist, you need as many eyes and minds on your works as you can get. Hosting solo art exhibitions in museums is costly, but it gets you the eyes and minds that appreciate aesthetics.


Casino players are not scared to spend, sometimes big. They won’t be in a casino if they are. Apart from entertainment, casino players also appreciate art. It explains where some famous works of art have graced the walls of casinos.

A prime example is Bellagio, Las Vegas, which has exhibited famous masterpieces such as Picasso: Creatures and Creativity, Classic Contemporary: Lichtenstein, Warhol and Friends and Warhol out West. Other legendary artists whose creativity made it to the casino’s wall are Toulouse-Lautrec, Monet, Van Gogh etc.

If you are exhibiting a masterpiece, it is not a question of if it will sell but when. Other than being entertainment-seekers, there is a chance an average casino player will appreciate great artworks. Most importantly, gamblers that visit high-ticket casinos have the means to pay for your work.

It does not need stating that gamblers are probably the most impulsive set of people. It is a trait that comes from spending a lot of hours at the gaming table. It is not hard to imagine a scenario of a gambler that made a big payout a few minutes ago spending on a masterpiece as a pat on his own back.

With the casino players, including high-rollers migrating to online casinos due to its edges over traditional casinos, displaying artworks in an online casino website may turn out to be a great idea. The exhibitions can be targeted at art-loving customers, based on data collected, who can afford as shown by their size of transactions or recent winnings.

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