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WHAT WOULD DAD DO? The fight for NY27th special election

“What Would Dad Do?”  –  NY27 Special Election Musings

Dad was a staunch Republican, me not so much.  As a child of 50’s, I sensed he loved Eisenhower.  “I Like Ike” bumper stickers and hearing bits and pieces at home. After reading up, I learned Ike was a “Democrat’s Republican” by advancing basic human needs, hiking Federal minimum wage and Social Security benefits for millions. Years later, with Nixon (we know how that turned out), Dad was in disbelief, angered, sad, and betrayed.  He never explained and I never asked.  As an adult, I get it now.  We trust and it’s awful to be let down.  If Dad were here today, he would not approve of the debacles and blunders of this Administration and our loss of global standing. Dad ran for local office. His same drive in me manifests itself as a Nate McMurray volunteer.  People want to be heard by leaders who are unafraid, honest, ethical, transparent and give straight answers. By the way, Nate’s has been representing NY27, gratis, during three years of campaigning and hundreds of Town Halls, meeting thousands of us where we live.  Eight counties across 150 miles.  Without Nate, NY27 would have been voiceless as Chris Collins awaits jail time for insider trading and Chris Jacobs is nonexistent.  Smiling millionaires named Chris please step aside. Time’s up. With early voting underway for NY27’s Special Election Tuesday, June 23rd, I know Dad would’ve been a “Republican For Nate.”  Common sense speaks.  Vote Nate to be our missing voice in Washington.  Definitely “Dad Approved.”

Linda van Harssel

Lewiston, NY 14092

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