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Career Options with Education in Art 

If you are thinking about getting a degree in art and you are wondering about your professional future, then this article is certainly for you. Creative people will certainly choose to study art as they will have to generate unconventional ideas instead of looking for a professional research paper service to cope with their dull assignments and essays. If you want to get a high-paid job in art, then you have to get a proper education. Down below, you are going to find out the most popular career options available for you after completing a bachelor’s or master’s program in art. 

1. Professional Artist

If you want a creative job, then this option will be a great choice for you. The job is very competitive, so you will have to do your best to become a fine artist. It will be recommended to start as a studio assistant and then move your career ladder. If you have all the talent, inconvenient vision, and dedication, you will be able to grow and have a thriving career path. 

2. Arts Administrator

If you want to work in a creative field but don’t feel like drawing and painting, then the job is probably perfect for you. Your main responsibilities will be focused on planning and organizing art events. Also, you will have to make sure everything goes smoothly. The job will require exceptional managerial and administrative skills and abilities as well as computer proficiency. Besides, this job enables you to acquire universal abilities and experience that can be applied in any field. 

3. Illustrator

This job is very creative and will be a great option for those who want to come up with creative stories and tell them through colors, shapes, and images. The main advantage of such a creative profession is that it gives you a chance to work remotely and collaborate with various clients to express all the variety of your ideas fully. To start a successful career in this field, your main task will be to create a decent portfolio that will demonstrate your talent. 

4. Graphic Designer

This role involves creating different visually-appealing design solutions that can be used for websites, advertising, filmmaking industry, TV, and so on. You will have to come up with creative concepts and communicate them through a design based on the client’s requirements. To work in this field, it will be paramount to know all the variety of digital programs (like CorelDraw or Photoshop) that are usually used by graphic designers. 

5. Animator 

This is one of the most exciting and fascinating jobs that you can even think of. You will be responsible for producing sequences of images that create an animation as a result. You might build a great career in a cartoon or film industry, advertising, etc. Strong technical skills, as well as a solid portfolio, will be a must to get hired for your first job. To become an even more demanding professional, it’s recommended to undergo postgraduate studies. 

6. Photographer

This profession is universal and demanding. You can work for a creative company or choose to be a self-employed professional and build your own client base. There are plenty of options, such as weddings, advertising photography. Professionals are also needed in journalism, fashion, etc. If you want to work as an independent photographer, you will have to start building your network as soon as possible. To create a portfolio, you can take pictures of your friends or volunteer for some events. 

7. Print Maker

Here is another very interesting and creative job that you might also like. You can create unique prints for clothing companies as well as create art with the most advanced printing techniques. The options here are immense, but it will also be recommended to build up contacts and get some work experience before becoming a self-employed professional. 

8. Art Teacher

As a teacher, you will be able to share your priceless knowledge with others and motivate them to study hard and make a career in art. Along with art knowledge, you also need teaching qualifications to become a teacher in university or college. This job will require great communication and presentation skills, attention to detail, as well as the ability to inspire students. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the art field is pretty demanding, and you will be able to build a career of your dreams with ease. Consider each professional option, decide which one you like the most to focus on acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge.

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