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Main Art Professions to Figure Out What to Study in College 

Getting an art degree is probably the biggest dream of all talented and creative young people who are about to enter college. It’s going to be a challenging yet very exciting experience. If you are overwhelmed with the idea of future academic workload waiting for you, then feel free to turn for some help to an online essay writer. It will be the best solution that will enable you to keep up with your tasks and assignments. However, if you are not sure enough what academic field to pursue, down below, you will get familiar with the most popular art jobs. If you are still hesitating about your future choice, then carefully consider each option and choose the one that suits your interests and needs the most. 

1. Graphic Designer

This is a very demanding and high paying job that requires lots of drawing talent and as well as technical skills. You will have to create appealing visual images that will be used for specific client’s needs. It can be materials for a website, logos, online advertising, marketing, and promotional materials. In addition to a BA degree in fine art or graphic design, you also have to know how to use professional computer software. 

2. Animator

This career type involves creating, developing, and producing animated images for movies, video games, TV, etc. This job is very demanding and exciting, so you should pay close attention to it. For this job, you also have to master computer graphics software to design animations and characters. For this job, you need to obtain a bachelor’s degree in computer graphics. 

3. Interior Designer

This is a very well-paid professional opportunity that involves creating styles for interior spaces based on the client’s needs and requirements. You need to mind safety as well as the visual look of a project that you work on. The job is very creative and diverse as you will also have to work with materials, furniture, other design elements that will create a final look. You have to complete an associate or bachelor’s degree in drawing related programs. 

4. Art Director

This is an executive career opportunity for the most creative and dedicated people, as you will have to deal with lots of creative and technical processes. Your responsibilities might include planning the design for pictures that will be used for advertisements, magazines, newspapers, film, or TV production. It will be recommended to get a master’s diploma in design, photography, or art, and an MBA will be a big plus for a candidate. 

5. Commercial Artist

If you are passionate about the advertising career field, then this path will be perfect for you. Your main job in this position will be to create appealing images and graphics that will be used for advertising campaigns or online magazines as well. To become a competitive job candidate, you have to get a BA in commercial art or closely related academic field. 

6. Art Professor

If you see your future in teaching others, then this is an outstanding choice that you can make. Qualified professors are always demanding, and you will be able to work in any educational institution you want. You will be responsible for sharing your best art skills and knowledge with students and ensure their fast learning and progress. To apply for a similar job, you will have to get a master’s diploma in visual arts. 

  1. Fine Artist

As a fine artist, your professional opportunities will be immense. You can create paintings, sculptures, photographs, etc. Academic programs usually give access to a wide range of creative academic courses and disciplines. Respectively, getting a degree in fine art will be your must. 

7. Fashion Designer 

Fashion design is another professional path which is very popular among people. The job is pretty creative, as you will have to create your own unique designs for clothing, accessories, or shoes. To become a demanding professional, you have to get a BA or an MA at a renowned and accredited institution as well as to get an internship to hone your skills under the supervision of an experienced designer. 

To Conclude

In this article, we have provided you only with a few possible options for art career types. In fact, there are so many more others, and there are plenty of academic programs available for you today that will help you make the first step towards a career. Explore all academic opportunities and choose the one that will take your creativity and talent to the next level. 


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