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The Most Popular Arts Degree Types

If you are a creative person, that art is something that will be perfect for you. However, if you are overwhelmed by a huge amount of academic options in art, then keep reading the article below as you are going to find out lots of useful information. A degree in art is very creative and interesting, so students will never need excel homework help as they will be willing to do it by themselves. Here are the main art degree types that you should consider pursuing. 


1. Certificate Program

Certificates are the fastest way to obtain valuable knowledge in any art specialization. Students can get a course in art-related subjects that include fine art and history, digital art, design, and so many more programs available to interested students. 

2. Associate Degree

Generally, it takes about 2 years of full-time education to complete an associate degree. With this degree type, you will be able to apply for all the variety of creative career opportunities. Courses might include art theory and history, media arts, painting, 3D art, etc. 

3. Bachelor’s Degree

Earning a BA degree will be a great step towards a successful career in any creative field. You will be able to acquire all core knowledge base that will help you grow professionally with ease. You can study art, history, design, visual studies, media, and so many more exciting courses. 

4. Master’s Degree

A bachelor’s diploma will be an integral step towards getting an MA degree that will help a student to advance their knowledge as well as a career in the future and become a demanding specialist. You can learn the advanced aspects of contemporary art issues, typography, coloring techniques, etc. 

5. Doctoral Program 

If you are interested in research or teaching positions, then pursuing a doctoral program is a must for you. Getting a Ph.D. degree is a time-consuming process that lasts approximately 5 years and also requires writing a dissertation before graduation. 


1. History of Art 

This is the most traditional and popular academic specialization. This field is pretty universal, and you will be able to build a thriving career in any creative field of your choice. You will learn about art during different periods of history, explore how it evolved and changed over decades and centuries, artistic movements, as well as the social importance of art for every period. 

2. Fine Art

This degree is more practical than theoretical. You will learn all art aspects that will help you create compelling art that will evoke emotions. You will be able to significantly develop your drawing and painting skills and techniques as well as get all the important skills and knowledge in sculpture, photography, or another field you are interested in. 

3. Fashion Design 

If you want to pursue a career in fashion and become a designer, then this degree option is certainly for you. Generally, programs offer you courses in fashion history, core design aspects, sketching, textile design, and other relevant to the industry subjects that will help you make your first steps in such a competitive industry. 

4. Architecture 

As a future architect, you will learn about industrial and metropolitan design, will dig deeper into the industry history as well as will hone all the drawing skills that will help you create projects for stunning buildings in the future.

5. Graphic Design

Professional graphic designers are needed in many exciting industries like advertising, TV, film production, IT field, game development, and so many more. If you are interested in computers and digital programs that you want to combine with your passion for drawing, then this academic field is certainly for you. 

6. Film 

If you have decided to pursue a diploma in film or film production, you will learn all the theory needed in this professional field as well as gain enough practice under the supervision of professionals. Traditional topics also include editing, scriptwriting as well as a TV production. You can also take other courses from liberal arts that you want to learn about in detail. 

7. Interior Design

This field is becoming more and more demanding. To become a qualified specialist, getting a relevant degree is mandatory as you will be able to acquire all basic concepts to create effective and functional designs for different types of interior space, taking into account the main requirements and general purpose of a room. 

Summing It Up 

There are plenty of academic options in the art field. You will certainly be able to find something that lights a spark in you. Consider carefully each option provided and start choosing an institution where you will obtain the desired degree. 

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