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Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested but What About Her Many Ties to Questionable Characters? [We Name Names!]

By Ken Gibson

Early this morning, the FBI arrested one of the most elusive and wanted people on the planet. For over a year, this person was sought, prompting some to quote a line from the Scarlet Pimpernel:

“Those Frenchies seek him everywhere
Is he in heaven or is he in hell?
That damned elusive Pimpernel”

Like the Scarlet Pimpernel, she was a hard act to follow; unlike him, she is no protagonist. In fact, she is considered the villain, under federal indictment for enticing minors to travel to engage in illegal sex acts, transportation of a minor with intent to engage in sexual activity, and perjury.

Her accusers have made a sordid list of accusations, some likening her to a Nazi guard.

Suspicions that she made snuff films may or may not be true, but her association to Jeffrey Epstein certainly points to guilt to some degree. The courts will be busy determining the degree in the months, if not years, to come.

The arrest was made in the tiny town of Bradford, New Hampshire. That state is liberal; it is where Bernie Sanders won the presidential primary on the Democratic ticket, and also the state with a high percentage of companies that are offshore tax havens.

The town is likewise liberal, and mostly white. So far, there is no mention in the press as to where, or with whom, she was staying in that town, assuming she was not just passing by.

Many press releases in the past about her whereabouts have been red herrings disseminated by co-conspirators trying to mislead investigators as to her true location placing here in SoHo, LA, Paris, and London.

One account of her whereabouts made her out to be at the residence of former US Coast Guard officer Scott Borgersen in Massachusetts, and that one seems to have been true. She did have strong ties to him and is, or was, his girlfriend. Some say he left his wife for her.

If the reader has not guessed by now, her name is Ghislaine Maxwell, of the famous Maxwell family in the UK. Her father passed away under mysterious circumstances, leaving this world as the Crown Prosecution services were looking into his activities with the Daily Mirror pension funds. Two of her sisters live here in the US, both of whom have ties to internet companies and information gathering services.

Her nephew is Alexander Maxwell Djerassi, who has ties to the Clinton and the US State Department.

She too had ties to the Clintons. In fact, shortly after Epstein’s arrest, she was seen with Bill at a Madison Avenue eatery. Images of her at Chelsea’s wedding still circulate on the net.

Chelsea Clinton Distances Herself From Jeffrey Epstein Associate ...
Bill Clinton with [biological?] daughter, Chelsea Clinton. Ghislaine Maxwell [first women from right] looks on.

To whom else does she have ties? And did these contacts help hide a fugitive?

Let’s take a look at these confidantes of hers:

Borgersen runs a company called CargoMetrics that he boasted would be the ‘NSA of the sea’. She allegedly invested in it.  His divorce papers note some rather nasty aspects, such as threats on his wife and watching porn in front of his children.  She met him at the Council on Foreign Relations where he was a junior fellow. It is not uncommon for spies to tag along there and ingratiate themselves to servicemen and politicians.

Mark Epstein is next on the list – though he tries to deny any strong relationship with her or even his own brother – Jeffrey – there are few degrees of separation. Mark owns a large building on East 66th Street where Jeffrey and his associates resided. Further, Mark is a director of the Humpty Dumpty Institute where Maxwell’s associates are active, along with about 30 Democrat congressmen. The building title deed states that Mark paid $0.00.

Maxwell also owned a building, but one for which she paid millions. Her townhouse was located not far from Mark’s, and not far from Jeffrey’s famous East 71st Street townhouse. At her residence, she hosted a number of parties, including one in 2013 which was a launch party for Ideapod. This internet company was founded by Justin Brown, and attended by Katherine Keating. The latter is the daughter of a former Australian Prime Minister, whose other daughter, Alexandra Keating, is the CEO and co-founder of DWNLD, an app company in New York City.

Mark Epstein, brother of Jeffrey.

Not only can you find one of these women at Maxwell’s residence, there is a record of one of them at the Jeffrey Epstein townhouse. Again, Maxwell is in close association to people who gather information with high-tech equipment.

Which is not surprising, giving her level of education – she is an Oxford alumnus, along with her close friend Ariadne (Grace Beaumont) Calvo-Platero, who lives in Long Island and works in NYC.

Ariadne’s husband is Mario Calvo Platero, a journalist with ties to the UN.

Another friend of Maxwell is Leah Saffian, an American born lawyer who plies her trade in England, Wales, and California. Saffian was responsible for the photo, which was exposed as a fake by Frank Report, of Maxwell in LA. Saffian was also involved in defending the Maxwell brothers against charges of fraud in the UK.

Leah Saffian, friend of Ghislaine.


Frank Report was the first to disclose how this photo of Ghislaine purportedly dining in Los Angeles burger joint was photoshopped to make it look she had been there recently when, in reality, she had not been there in months.

I might place on this list Jennifer Gaffney, who resigned her post from the sexual crimes division, taking a job in the private sector, as the Weinstein case made its way to her office. Gaffney also asked for unusual leniency in the treatment of Jeffrey Epstein in regards to his sexual offender status. But there is no known friendship here, Gaffney and Maxwell may , in fact, have never met – but the suspicious way in which Gaffney wields her power as an DA in Manhattan to go light on sex offenders who have ties to Maxwell are a red flag.

Tania Rotherwick, founder of the Wilderness Festival and also an Oxford alumnus, is, in fact, known to be a friend of Maxwell. Like Maxwell, she runs some kind outfit claiming to help the environment. Maxwells’ foundation, TerraMar, closed last year after scrutiny in the wake of the Epstein arrest.

And tied to TerraMar, and friends of the Calvo-Plateros, is  Amir Dossal – who handles $1 billion in the form of a grant from Ted Turner for charities.

Dossal and Mark Epstein et al. are linked by their association to the Humpty Dumpty Institute, which has 30 Democrat congressmen on its board, along with two GOP congressmen – all of whom refuse to answer questions about their ties to the Epsteins.

As the arrest took place in Bradford, NH, I might place last on this list the names of the town administrator and selectmen: Karen Hambleton, Michael James, John Pfeifle,  and Jason Allen.

These last twelve months have been a year of unanswered questions from the fugitive and her associates. Now it is time to come after each and every one of them and ask them what they know about her sex crimes, who was hiding her, and what damage she may be doing to national security.

And when we shine that light, I do expect that we will see the hand of China behind her and her partners.

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