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Trump Will Show America He Has Loyalty and Strong Sense of Justice by Pardoning Roger Stone

What’s Trump waiting for?
Donald Trump with the man who brought him into politics, Roger Stone
Roger Stone wrote to me and several of his other friends yesterday, July 4, 2020: “In 11 days I have been ordered to surrender to a Georgia prison where the danger of Coronavirus infection is very real. We are praying for an act of Clemency by President Trump.”


It is what he deserves: A pardon or commutation of his sentence by President Trump.


In 2019, inside what I would call a notoriously biased court, with a highly partisan judge, and an openly inimical jury, led by a forewoman, who virulently opposes Trump – unsurprisingly, Stone was found guilty of witness tampering [which the witness himself denied to me personally], obstructing a congressional investigation [that was actually the investigation of a hoax], and lying to the U.S. government in connection with alleged meddling by Russia with Stone and the Trump campaign, [which, provably, never happened, and which was something that both Congress and the Mueller prosecution team knew full well].


In short, Stone was convicted of lying to people who were cynically lying to the public.


In time, perhaps the Stone trial will be known as an infamous example of an American kangaroo court, where the verdict was decided in advance and all the props were set to make it appear to be an actual ‘due process’ and constitutional trial – when, in fact, it was a farce, a surreal nightmarish frame-up, meant only for optics for his predetermined conviction.


In her excesses and to punish him for supporting Trump, the Obama-appointed Judge Amy Berman Jackson was somehow, [mainly through the use of legal trickery by the prosecution who, in his case, handpicked the judge] assigned to Roger Stone’s case. This was after Stone was arrested at 5 AM in the morning at his home in Florida by 20+ FBI Agents, an event that was covered live on anti-Trump media, CNN!


The FBI raid Roger Stone’s home in Florida to arrest him, a gripping example of the excesses of the police state.

Usually, white-collar criminals are allowed to turn themselves in.  He wasn’t a flight risk and was released on modest bail.

However, Judge Jackson put a gag order on Stone and perhaps more significantly, Judge Jackson said his defense lawyers were not allowed to bring up the fact that the government was never able to show proof the Russians were behind the ‘stolen’ emails given to WikiLeaks at the heart of the entire case.

After his conviction, the highly-partisan prosecutors recommended an absurd, draconian sentence of ten years for Stone, for his victimless crimes.

President Trump tweeted that Stone was in “a horrible and very unfair situation.”
The Department of Justice, using common sense, and comparing penalties in similar cases, stepped in and recommended a more rational sentence for Stone, causing four biased, virulent anti-Trump DOJ prosecutors to remove themselves from Stone’s case.


Judge Berman sentenced Stone to 40 months. He was set to report to prison at the height of the pandemic.  Stone is 67 and, with the coronavirus, incarceration in a prison known to be infected, it could be deadly. Stone petitioned the court to allow him to serve his time from home like others involved in non-violent crimes.
On June 26th, Judge Berman Jackson denied Stone’s motion to delay his surrender date or mandate home confinement due to the dangers of coronavirus and ordered him to report to prison on July 14.

Stone is set to report to the federal corrections facility at Jesup, Georgia, where prison guards and employees and their union have complained about lack of masks, lack of gloves, no hand-washing regimens and no efforts at internal social distancing.

So far, Trump has hinted that he will pardon Stone, even retweeting the Stone Pardon Petition.
Naturally, some were hoping that on the 4th of July, Trump would pardon Stone. It did not happen.
But it is not too late. There are 10 more days before he has to report to prison, unless the judge grants him an extension in light of the rising number of coronavirus cases in the USA.


But it would be great if Trump were to act now, not at the last minute, thus ending the apprehension and fear of a faithful follower and longtime friend.


As Target Liberty wrote,  “Stone has been a loyal soldier to Trump. He has never once said a negative word though under enormous pressure from the anti-Trump establishment to do so.  And it should not be forgotten by Trump that it is the establishment crowd, that is going after Trump, that is also going after Stone.”

Stone could have easily gotten himself out of being prosecuted by simply testifying to whatever the anti-Trump prosecutors wanted him to say against Trump.  The prosecutors would not have cared much if what Stone testified was true or not.  Leading witnesses to say what prosecutors want to hear is a high art form at the Department of Justice.

Stone was on their hit list. Not only for supporting Trump but also for going after the ruling elite. His published books are full-frontal attacks on those who some might call the Deep State’s premier representatives.

At this point, Trump has an opportunity to show the world he is not finished. Many in the mainstream media have already ruled him out for a second term.

You can talk all you want. Trump can proclaim a grand message of patriotism and of standing up against the radical left, as he did at Mount Rushmore on July 4th – and by pardoning Stone, he will also send a loud message:

He stood up for his friend. He took the chance that it might be politically unpopular to pardon his supporter that he admits was unjustly prosecuted.

Everyone will understand. Sure the mainstream media will howl. But everyone, even those on the fence, understands loyalty.

Everyone from God to a clump of grass understands loyalty and sticking up for a friend. Trump won’t lose a vote.  He might energize his supporters. He may make some on-the-fence folks hop to his side.

Even if you disagree with Trump or dislike Roger Stone, you will have to admit somewhere in your heart that this is what you would do for your own friend in need.

And if you wouldn’t stand up for your friend, who stood up for you, and protect him, when you could, in his crucial hour of need, then you wouldn’t have voted for Trump anyway. I am not even sure you could qualify to vote for anyone, not being a member of the human race.

It is clear to me that Trump must pardon Roger Stone and do it now, and end his needless suffering and to especially prevent him from contracting a potentially fatal disease.
If he fails to do that, in this moment of honor, and he allows Stone to go to prison during a pandemic, I will be the first to agree that Trump is everything his critics say of him.  I will expect to see him and I will view him this way as walking about on all fours, reduced to a quadruped, on the day Roger Stone goes to prison.
Please help Roger Stone and donate to his legal defense fund HERE.
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