The famous Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro
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DUMB AND DUMBER – New TRUMP Ad Says He’s Going To Protect Our Statue of Jesus …in BRAZIL

No one has been tearing down statues of Jesus or statues in Brazil but Trump probably assumes his evangelical followers with think statues of Jesus are threatened and that no one will tell them his ad is a statue in some other country. The ads, which ran on Facebook and Instagram, come as the Trump campaign is increasingly focused on the destruction and removal of historic monuments and statues by protesters around the country—many of them relics of the Jim Crow era and tributes to Confederate officers to went to war against the United States when their right to own slaves was threatened, some others tied to colonial America and even some honoring abolitionist and civil-rights icons. Trump focused significant attention on the matter during a speech at Mount Rushmore over the Fourth of July weekend.

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  • I didn’t vote for Trump and he is certainly no Christ-follower. However..perhaps you don’t transact in worldview and philosophy topics and turmoil from the past 100 years, but the Person this statue depicts is, ultimately, who many of the statue-destroyers in the US have a problem with. Which is ironic, since most of them would also cite a worldview that embraces the tenets of the religion of Darwinian evolutionary theory. That irony being that evolved colonies of bacteria or meaty bipedal bags of protoplasm shouldn’t care about “racism” or what anyone thinks about anything since it doesn’t matter if stardust bumps into stardust, or if some biped’s brain fizzes “creationism” while another fizzes “Darwinian evolution”. Hating things that we all know are “bad” comes from a biblical worldview. So, to be consistent, you can’t oppose a worldview whose elements you are co-opting to make your argument. That is self-refuting. Specifically, here, you can’t hate statues representing affirmation of human chattel slavery when your worldview says there’s nothing “wrong” with human chattel slavery, murder, stealing, lying, etc. since there is no God and therefore, there is no authority dictating what is “right” and “wrong”, no moral “ought”. Anything goes if we’re just “cosmic accidents”.
    On a related note, governments in the West are already stating that Christians may not assemble to worship, as well, during this “pandemic” season, so, yes, destruction of churches, their buildings, their statues, trappings, and ultimately, their members, is not far-fetched at all. Our Enemy is not happy until we die without embracing and trusting our Creator. And, judging from the violence wrought by many of the statue-destroyers in the US and their related rioters, they seek nothing but violence and punishment against those holding opposing worldviews, to silence them and make them go away from the community and the marketplace of ideas. Put another way, they also embrace the Enemy’s ultimate goal.
    Choose your worldview wisely.

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