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Can Artists Lose Weight using Yoga?

Yoga is a compilation of physical, mental, and spiritual practices where enthusiasts focus on their breath to feel much connected to their physiques. It includes a heavy emphasis on drawing attention inward. This holistic, sacred practice can also help people overcome fear and can be a guide to self-care and healing.

Speaking of weight loss, shedding weight through yoga seems too good to be true. In the real sense, yoga seems  more like the polar contrasting of a fast-paced High-Intensity Training (HIIT) regime or a weight lifting session- both workout forms are usually recommended for weight loss.

Cardiovascular activities, weightlifting, and HIIT are all fun and helpful for weight loss, but they are also not ideal for everyone. If yoga sounds favorable and weight loss is your concern, it’s obvious to wonder if your daily practice shed pounds.

Breathing is certainly a part of fitness, but in yoga, you will actually emphasize a specific type of breath that integrates with the body positions and postures.

Consequently, a yoga session leaves your body feeling completely different, loose, and flexed rather than tight. You also feel refreshed instead of wiped out. It is even great for mental health, helping you manage stress and anxiety.

Yoga can also be an effective way to help you shed weight, particularly the quite vigorous forms of yoga. You may realize that the awareness achieved through a gentle and relaxing yoga can help lose weight as well.

Many experts have it that yoga works in varied ways to offer a healthy weight. So let’s get closer to those ways.

What Type of Yoga Helps in Weight Loss?

If weight loss is the go-to-goa, then the kind of yoga you’re doing is super essential. For those who’ve never done yoga before, be sure to start low with beginner-level class. You’ll burn more calories in athletic vinyasa sessions.

These styles mostly start with a fast-paced sequence of poses known as sun salutations and then standing poses that keep you moving. After the warm-up, backbends and deeper stretches are introduced. Vinyasa features many popular, sweat-breaking yoga styles, including:

Power Yoga

Power yoga is among the most popular styles at gyms and fitness clubs. It’s also widely available at dedicated yoga studios. Power yoga is based on forming the heat and intensity of Ashtanga while dispensing with a constant series of poses.


This is a quite vigorous yoga practice, and it’s participants are among the most dedicated in the range. Beginners are usually encouraged to take a series of classes, which keeps them motivated. The fact that Ashtanga involves the same series of poses each time, one can practice anytime at home or join a Mysore-style club after learning the sequence.

Hot Yoga

This yoga type is done in a hoot room, meaning you will sweat buckets. Note that hot yoga and Bikram are not synonymous. Bikram is a revolutionary style of hot yoga, which comprises a set of poses and a script created by founder Bikram Choudhury. Nowadays, there are many hot yoga styles that use hot rooms, but the Bikram series isn’t one of them.

How Much Weight Can one Lose by Doing Yoga?

This is subject to many factors, including lifestyle habits, sleeping patterns, and what you’re consuming in your daily diet.

Yoga can help with weight loss as part of a regular workout routine, but it isn’t actually the best method for everyone. In terms of weight loss, one can burn calories doing yoga, and so it’s effective. However, it’s safe to say that yoga is not such a golden bullet when working towards weight loss.

When doing yoga to lose weight, it’s imperative to be aware of what you are putting in your body. Otherwise, there is no cure or magic trick to losing weight fast.

Irrespective of the style of exercise you’re doing or the diet you’re using, and the supplements you are on, if you are on supplements like Resurge or Leptoconnect you might lose weight gradually (around 1-2 pounds per week tend to be more successful at maintaining the same, according to the CDC).

Can Yoga Help in Reducing Belly Fat?

Likewise, there is a sheer number of factors that dictate whether you can lose belly fat. This includes your diet, workout intensity, and even stress and anxiety levels.

Although yoga can definitely help you lose fat, Harvard Research found that resistance training is suitable for targeting belly fat and other particular areas of the body.

It’s also important to monitor the amount of belly/visceral fat you are dealing with. Not only for the betterment of your physical health but also mental. Researches at Yale University revealed that women experiencing significant stress levels were more likely to develop belly fat.

Can I Get in Shape by Doing Yoga?

Yes! Yoga calls for full-body involvement in executing challenging poses, which can help tone and strengthen muscles.

If all you’ve been doing is weight lifting and cardio, the addition of yoga once or twice per week can pose new challenges for your body to cope with. The resultant adaption is what will help you get into a better overall shape.

Still, a great shape for you can mean something completely different to someone else. Fitness enthusiasts swear by three unique mainstays for shape tests: strength, cardio/endurance, and mobility.

For most people out there, yoga may just be a mobility pillar. To hit all other pillars, you may want to consider mixing up your routine. The U.S Department of Health recommends that adults should perform at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity workout for health benefits such as muscular strength, cardiorespiratory fitness, and decreased depressive symptoms.

Bottom Line

If you’re so interested in losing weight, you might want to execute a 60-minute power yoga or Vinyasa flow style at least five days a week. So, commit yourself and work out if you want to use yoga for weight loss. Just roll out the mat. Cope with your breath. Isolate from that negative inner voice. Jingle into spiritual nature that links every cell of your anatomy to the world. Set the soul free. And stay ready to bask in the credit of all the profound changes about to come.


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