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8 Reasons Why Wigs Are Better Than Hair Extensions

Women adore long, shiny, and healthy-looking hair. Unfortunately, many of them experience hair loss and choose to wear different hairpieces while they wait for their original hair to recover and grow back. Primarily, they either go for women’s wigs or hair extensions. Even though extensions are more comfortable to wear and give a more natural look, they cannot work well if a woman has lost the majority of her hair due to a serious medical illness like cancer.

Therefore, if your hair is too short and thin, and you are looking for a valid solution to your hair loss problem, then wearing a wig is the most suitable option. When choosing a wig it’s best to find a hair wig that uses real hair. Here I’m going to discuss why and how wig can be a better option for you:

#1: Add Extra Length

Extending hair length is what every girl desires. It is one of the prime reasons why women opt for wigs. If your hair locks are weak and short, and you desire them to be longer on an instant basis, then you must simply invest in high-quality wigs. In the contemporary market, you can easily get your hands on wigs with longer strands. You can either choose a full wig or partial wig, depending on the length you aim to achieve. Hair wig works like a charm every time you wear it. You can get better results with hair wigs as compared to hair extensions. It is because extensions cannot properly hide short strands. However, when it comes to wigs, you can typically go from 6 to 30 inches to fully cover your head and add extra length.

#2: Hair Loss Relief

Have you always thought, “What is best for hair loss relief?” Well, the answer is hair wigs. Some women have to experience serious hair loss due to an illness like alopecia and cancer. When it comes to such medical conditions, hair extension is quite a bad idea. One cannot expect to add extensions on hair strands that are already falling out. If you believe that your hair is too weak due to an illness and cannot support the weight of hair extensions, then you must go for a hair wig. It is suitable when hair loss is severe and visible. Understandably, hair wigs are lifesavers for patients with no natural hair. Hair loss is heartbreaking; thus the best choice is to wear a hairpiece for a while to ramp down stress.

#3: Protect Natural Hair

If you are looking to protect your natural hair from extreme chemical products and hairstyling tools, then you must think about wearing modern-day wigs. A hair wig can beautifully cover your head and allows you to try different hairstyles without damaging your original hair strands. You can achieve perfect hair look for an event. When you often complain that you cannot try new hairstyles because your strands are too damaged, frizzy, or rough, then it’s time that you try hair wigs. This gives you some time to recover your natural hair and a clean break from outside factors like poor products, active sun, and hot hair tools.

#4: Less Expensive

Are you wondering how much does it cost to get a wig installed? Well, on average, the cost is $80 for a synthetic wig and $600 for a human hair wig. However, the cost is $800 for a high-quality wig and $2000 for a premium wig. You can either opt for a luxurious investment or super-cheap option, depending on your choice and personal preferences. When it comes to wigs, they are available at lower prices as compared to hair extensions. Moreover, if you maintain your wig properly, you can use it for a long time. According to many hairstylists and beauty experts, wigs have a longer lifespan and can save you a lot of money while changing to a new one.

#5: Infinite Styling Options

As mentioned earlier, you can achieve a number of hairstyles with wigs. When compared to hair extensions, the wigs give you more power and confidence to try new styles that you cannot think of trying with your own hair. Perhaps, you realize that human hair is more prone to damage when you use styling products regularly. However, with wigs, you don’t have to worry about anything, and you can feasibly achieve your dream hair looks. For instance, if you want to change the color of your hair for an occasion, then you can wear a dyed or highlighted wig. You wouldn’t have to use chemical products and bleach your original hair. This option can save you from a lot of future troubles like hair breakage, hair loss, weak roots, etc.

#6: Easy Application Method

When it comes to application methods, wigs are a better choice over hair extensions. You need to spend a lot of time fitting hair extensions with your natural hair strands. You are required to carefully section your original strands to place extensions so that they don’t look unnatural. However, when it comes to wigs, they are easy-to-install. All you need to clip your original hair in a bun or do the small braids, and then you are ready to place a wig over the top. Generally, a wig is taped, glue, or sewn in. The first two options are a temporary approach, whereas the third one is a more permanent method. There is nothing much to do on your part, whatever application method you choose. Indeed, each application method has its own pros and cons, but each of them can promise a super-finish look and great results.

#7: Low Maintenance

Both hair extensions and wigs indeed require intensive care. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to use them for a very long time. Some even need more maintenance on a regular level. For example, you can easily maintain clip-ins, but you have to take care of them each day. This option cannot suit every person. Similarly, keratin, tape-ins, and micro ring hair extensions demand extra attention while washing, conditioning, and sleeping so that you can wear them for a more extended period.

On the other hand, high-quality hair wigs are pretty low maintenance. You don’t have to spend much of your time cleaning, washing, and drying your wig. Plus, you can surely expect a less strict hair routine.

#8: Best for Short & Thin Hair

If you have short hair strands, then I highly recommend you using hair wigs. That’s because extensions are impossible to attach with short hair. They are designed in a way that at least take 5 to 10 inches of original hair. Besides, hair extensions don’t correctly blend with short strands. Therefore, you should go for a wig if you aim to achieve longer locks.

Moreover, wigs are best suited for women with thin hair strands. If you have got low volume hair, then extensions are a crazy choice. Thin hair strands mean weak hair strands that are unable to stand the extra weight of extensions. You have minimal options when it comes to extensions for thin hair because the original hair is too non-invasive and light. And original strands cannot simply hold additional hairpieces. You need to have thick strands and healthy natural hair to perfectly hide underneath extension strands. If not, then wigs are an ideal choice to serve your needs.

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