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Everything you need to know about SoundCloud

Everyone of you must have heard about SoundCloud, but what is it exactly? This article aims to clear that up for you. By the end you’ll know what exactly is SoundCloud and what it stands for. Let’s start then. First things first.

What is SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is the world’s biggest open sound stage, fueled by an associated network of creators, listeners and curators. Essentially, it’s an online stage for music and sound, but you can do so much more. SoundCloud values its open stage. It aims to make music and sound sharing simple and straightforward.

SoundCloud is similar to YouTube (without video, obviously), in that anybody can transfer content that — when made open — is discoverable by any individual who visits the site. The new artists release their tracks on SoundCloud, podcasters share their shows on SoundCloud, audio engineers upload their experiments and tests and so forth. With more than 190 million tracks from 20 million creators heard in 190 nations, what’s next in music is first here.

Is it just for creators?

No. Here’s who it’s accessible for.

You can be a creator – You can undoubtedly record and transfer music to SoundCloud and share them secretly or openly to friends, web journals, sites or any informal communities. You get the opportunity to connect directly with your fans with comments and share your work and earn money when you have lot of SoundCloud plays and followers.

You can be an audience – You can discover new music to cherish. You can follow creators on SoundCloud that you are keen on and watch your Stream develop with new sound regularly. Save your preferred tracks and playlists in your Likes and let related tracks recommendations help you find more.

You can be a Curator – You can assemble your own playlist. Tune in, save, and follow the exceptional creators, create hit playlists and offer your enthusiasm of music with your supporters. To create a massive reputation on your Spotify profile, you may try to buy Soundcloud plays too.

Where is it accessible?

Their official application is accessible to download for iPad and iPhone on the App Store or for Android on the Google Play store.

There’s an alternate application only for creators. The SoundCloud Pulse application accessible on iOS and Android.

How do I sign up?

Indeed, even before you’ve signed in or made a record, you can essentially look for a track, a creator, a digital podcast, and so forth and you can begin tuning in. 

Getting into SoundCloud is entirely simple. You can use a Facebook account, Google record, or email address to make an account. When you’ve gone forth with the procedure, you’ll reach a larger platform of SoundCloud, including the ability to follow creators and find new music, dependent on what you’ve tuned in to — and preferred — before.

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Does SoundCloud cost?

That depends. SoundCloud begins as a free assistance for both listeners and music creators. Anybody can tune in to Soundcloud and transfer tracks for nothing. However, premium features cost extra.

For Listeners – You can tune in to countless tracks you can’t discover anyplace else for free on SoundCloud and on a computer as of now lets you do quite a bit of this also for free. Yet, there is additionally SoundCloud Go and Go+, which are music streaming servers for listeners, permitting you to download music for offline listening, removing ads from your listening experience and you’ll get the full storage capacity on SoundCloud.

For Creators – With a Free membership you can without much of a stretch transfer your first tracks, create your profile and develop your crowd. But on the other hand there’s SoundCloud Pro and SoundCloud Pro Unlimited membership administrations for creators. In Pro membership, you get exclusive features, broad stats, more upload time, support and openings. In Pro Unlimited, you get all Pro membership in addition to more highlights and boundless transfer space.

SoundCloud says 175 million individuals tune in on its platform every month. Content creators can subscribe to transfer more content and get all the more listening details.

What’s different with SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is an open stage for everything music and sound yet it has uncovered another application made explicitly for Xbox One.

The Xbox One application gives a gushing music service that you can use while you’re playing your most loved Xbox One games. Regardless of whether you’re a SoundCloud Free, SoundCloud Go, or SoundCloud Go+ client, you’ll have the option to tune in to your preferred tracks, playlists and our fresh out of the box new element, The Upload, while you game. Also, you can control playback with the sound of your voice using Cortana to play and skip music without exiting the game.


This was all things SoundCloud. If you still have any questions or queries you can visit SoundCloud  or leave a comment for us to clear it out.

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