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Creative Marketing in 2020

Marketing defines a significant part of your business success. Therefore, you should ensure that you employ the best strategies to put your business name out there. It helps you increase the sales of your business by establishing and expanding your clientele network.

Your marketing strategy should be tailored to your business. It should offer solutions that will establish a name for your brand. Proper marketing techniques should help your business stand out in the market and face the competition.

Creative marketing or advertising strategies involve describing how your products and services fill a customer need. They’re about creating an identity for your brand and having something to say about it. We live in a digital era where your online marketing efforts will determine strategy success.

There are various creative marketing strategies that you can use and take your business to another level. Here are some techniques that you may find useful.

Know Your Audience

Before everything else, make sure that you understand the needs of your customers and potential customers. You should also know your own needs and how you can match up to meet customer preferences. Take time to study the audience and understand what they love the most. How do they engage with brands?

Understand what they want and come up with content that delivers on their expectations. Ensure that you tailor your campaign to the interests of the audience. For example, you can customize an ad campaign to a sporting event or national holiday the way many businesses change their logos and messaging for breast cancer awareness, pride week, or even the 4th of July. Timelier posts touching on holidays or current news could get more eyeballs or engagement from your die-hard followers. If you launch a new improvement to your brand, like going zero-waste or offering a revenue share with non-profits, it might garner more likes and help promote your brand identity.

Use Social Media

Social media accounts provide a platform for businesses to find customers with all sorts of preferences. Modern companies should take advantage of these platforms as a robust way to market their content. Through social media, the business can reach a larger audience in a short period.

Facebook and Instagram ads can provide an affordable marketing option. But think beyond the traditional ad model; don’t just use social media to talk at your customers. Talk with them instead. Engage in a conversation. Respond to comments and solicit opinions. Too often, companies try to bend new technologies to the old methods. Ask yourself: How do the founders of these platforms visualize businesses engaging with customers?

Incentivizing User-Generated Content

Along those same lines, there are other ways to take advantage of your social platforms. You can ask customers to post a picture or video of themselves using your brand. When they do so, reward them by sharing those posts to your audience — or at least reach out to thank them. Initially, you may need to incentivize users to get them to share content about your brand. Don’t underestimate the value of user-generated content.

Create Videos

Video content on your website or social media pages can grab attention. Make sure your videos are good. Hire an agency to help. As a brand, especially in a competitive space, you must be creative. People like to watch–and share–cool video, be it helpful, insightful, or funny.

Brands are increasingly looking to TikTok for exposure as opposed to traditional social media. If you’re not on TikTok you’re potentially missed a piece of the puzzle. The use of a TikTok bot is something that should be explored as it can bring genuine leads

Create a Blog

A blog can build credibility for your business and provide you with content to share on social media. Some of it will be timely, and we’ve always established that timely content is sharable content. Other content should be evergreen so that you’ll have something to post when times are slow. You can re-use such content, provided that it is adequately spaced out and/or updated. Make sure that you create content that will market your brand and tell customers about your philosophy. The magazine may offer content on various topics and interests of different customers.

Watch Your Competition

Know your enemy. Look at their social media profiles and business websites. You can learn about their techniques and see what is working for them. You might be surprised how much you learn by looking at the competition’s online presence.

You can also learn from some of their errors to avoid committing the same marketing mistakes.

Look at what they have done on their social media pages. Consider the type of ads that they use on their pages and know what is working for them. You can take a few pointers from their strategies to come up with your own.

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