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NEW MUSIC: Irvine California’s The Brevet release video single “STRANGE DAYS”

Alternative band, The Brevet releases their new single “Strange Days” that is out now and featured on American Songwriter.

The band says, “Many are saying it, all of us are thinking it, “these are strange days”. Like many, I can’t help but feel off during this time. This song, to me, is not JUST about our current situations of being lost and trying to focus on the future or past but about all the times a generation looks back and reflects on “the good old days” or when times were “simpler”. I find perspective to be an unusual thing, especially when we take for granted times we are actually living in.”

The Brevet’s alternative rock sound draws authentically from folk, surf, and R&B influence, but doesn’t shy away from thundering rhythms, blistering guitars and progressive synths.

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