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Weareasyou Posts Videos, Then Suddenly Take Them Down — Does Raniere Have Other Motives by Encouraging Nightly Dancers at MDC?

Frank Report revealed that Keith Raniere and Nicki Clyne might be communicating by Morse code during the nightly dance protests, called weareasyou,
Juan Alberto Vazquez, reporting for Milenio, wrote: “To alert his followers that he is already watching them from his window, Raniere hits a railing in his cell, at which point Clyne activates her lamp. She turned it on and off indiscriminately in the presence of this reporter, sending messages in Morse code.”
If they are communicating with Raniere, prison authorities may be aware and monitoring communications between his slave, Nicki Clyne, and prisoner Raniere.
Frank Report correspondent and frequent commenter, Shadow State, told me that he noticed in last night’s videos of the MDC dancing, organized by DOS slaves Nicki Clyne, Dr. Danielle Roberts and Michele Hatchette, that there were two videos posted on their weareasyou Instagram page.
Shadow wrote, “An introductory three-minute video and a second 36-minute video. The second video seemed to focus on one particular window with a flashing light. If they are sending messages via Morse code, once they knew the message was received and recorded they would want it deleted so no one could ‘happen’ upon it and receive the message. The dance ended at 9 PM EST. The videos were posted within minutes. By 11 PM, both videos were removed.”
This is not the first time this has happened. Videos are regularly posted by weareasyou, then taken down within hours. [It is also possible that they have devised another code other than Morse – or a modified Morse code, one which only Raniere and his followers know, in order to avoid detection.]
Or maybe it is purely innocent and they are just dancing for all the prisoners, the forgotten ones at MDC, as they claim.
Still, what is the reason that weareasyou posts videos, keeps them up for a short time, then takes them down?
Last night, these two videos were posted.
Within hours, when anyone clicked on the videos they saw this:
Frank Report was first to report the existence of the weareasyou dance protests at MDC and that the group, ostensibly protesting conditions at MDC and trying to bring cheer for prisoners there, was really a front group led by Nxivm members.
Today, July 15, the New York Post reported it.  Dancers outside Brooklyn jail are ‘cover movement’ for Nxivm sex cult.
So the group of dancers is getting more than their fair share of publicity for their ostensible cause and a good deal of unwanted publicity for Raniere as well.
Recent photo of dancer for weareasyou


Another photo of dancer for weareasyou outside MDC
An email came in that gives some food for thought.  Does Raniere have an entirely different motive for having his followers pretending to be dancing for the plight of prisoners at MDC?
Here is the email:
Frank, as the girls and dancing boys dance in the streets outside the detention facility, it begs the question, WHY ???

1. Immediate Visual Reward to Keith Alan Raniere [KAR].

2. Demonstration of KAR’s influence and greatness to “jail bosses” and correctional officers ( COs) He has dancing girls/boys.

3. Allows COs [correctional officers] to contact girls: Contact and method; Instagram, Twitter, email, and phone # – were on signs in background.

Allows KAR method of establishing a currency: Girls, Boys, and money if the heiresses still have any.

Do you think KAR would have his follower bang COs for his greater good?

I think the girls are committed enough.

I see this dance thing as just another marketing ploy. To corrupt the correctional facility.

Just a thought.

[Name redacted]
To answer your questions. I have no doubt that the slave women would do anything for Raniere, including having sex with anyone he commanded them to seduce. This would be called a seduction assignment in DOS terminology.
Would Raniere cut a deal with Corrections Officers to offer up his women for their pleasure and his gain? Absolutely.  Would COs at MDC bite on this bait? COs at MDC have notoriously gone to prison for banging prisoners and sex trafficking.
This might, in fact,  be a form of sex trafficking – under the guise of some kind of righteous protest. On the other hand, it would seem that Raniere could cut these deals with less fanfare than having nightly dancers in front of the MDC.  It may be his way of impressing other inmates and COs as you suggest.
Still, he may have no other way of communicating with Clyne and others on the outside. It might be his way of commanding his cult. He has had two cell phones confiscated by COs [maybe soon they will let him keep one].  His landline prison phone calls are subject to monitoring and his mail and email are also subject to monitoring [His communications with his attorneys are not supposed to be monitored but MDC  has been known to break those rules].
This elaborate dance event might be a genuine outpouring of affection by his slaves for his incarceration or it might be – and this is just like Keith – his genius way of communicating with his slaves and followers and keeping them busy in his service.
When he was a free man, running his cult, it was his goal to keep his followers busy – often with unimportant work, which he led them to believe was work of the utmost importance.
I suspect, as time goes on, we will uncover what this dance protest in front of MDC nightly, led by his slaves, is really about.
One thing is almost certain: The ostensible reason – the protesting of conditions and the bringing of cheer to other detainees at MDC – has little or nothing to do with the reason that Nicki Clyne, Danielle Roberts, Michele Hatchette, Eduardo Asonsolo and Suneel Chakravorty are out there nightly dancing, filming and flashing lights, and watching one particular window in the prison.
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