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Way to buy and sell Bitcoin currency 

The virtual currency exchange allows Buy Bitcoin and Sell Bitcoin. Currently, there are various virtual currency exchanges on the Internet, but you can freely buy and sell Bitcoin regardless of which exchange you choose. However, there are various ways to operate Bitcoin, from small investment to systematic holding and trading, and you need to select an exchange that suits your operation method.

For beginners, BitFlyer, bit bank, said, DMM Bitcoin, BitTrade is recommended. Each exchange has a different interface, but there is also an easy-to-understand explanation page on how to use it, so it’s a good idea to take a look. When opening an account, you will need to verify your identity and residence, so you will need to prepare your license. Also, of course, if you make a profit, please be sure to report it to the tax office by the tax return.

Depending on the exchange, Bitcoin can be exchanged for other virtual currencies. If you don’t want to buy virtual currency with cash, you might want to try buying with Bitcoin. Although it will be an overseas site, there is also a clearinghouse specialized in trading between virtual currencies such as ShapeShift. Here, you can exchange various virtual currencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and Dash for Bitcoin.

Also, if you have a wallet exclusively for Bitcoin, you can sell Bitcoin to your friends and family as if you were handing it directly. All you have to do send the bitcoins to your wallet and get cash or mobile money. It is not recommended to trade Bitcoin for cash directly with someone you do not know because of safety issues. To start bitcoin trading visit

What is a Bitcoin mining pool?

Those who step into the world of Bitcoin have the first hesitation whether to mine alone or join a pool. The discussion about whether to participate in the mining pool is divided into pros and cons due to various factors. However, judging from the distribution of hash rates speed of computing power in the Bitcoin network; most miners are currently participating in the pool.

Advantages and disadvantages of participating in the mining pool

If you are uncertain whether or not join the mining pool, it is a good idea to remember the lottery syndicate meaning group or organization. The advantages and disadvantages of participating are just the same. If you mine alone, you can monopolize the prize money, but the probability of winning is significantly reduced. On the other hand, if you participate in the pool, you will solve the block problem faster, and the winning rate will increase, but all the members will share the reward.

Therefore, joining the pool will give you a more stable income, but the income for each time will not be so high compared to the reward earned alone currently 12.5 BTC.

 Theoretically, if the control rate of the network processing power exceeds 50% even a minute, it may cause severe damage to the entire network. Earlier in this year, miners were forced to leave the bitcoin mining pool after a series of reports of mining pools reaching this area.

Mining difficulty

Bitcoin mining is relatively challenging to do alone, so trying to make money with it is not practical. This is only possible when a warehouse suddenly appears in front of you with a large number of ASICs integrated circuits/computers specialized for mining. Therefore, he recommends that you join the mining pool for beginners. The smartest way is to participate in the mining pool and steadily earn rewards without aiming for a ton of money. Joining the mining pool is the longest-lasting means of entry for mining.

Which virtual currency to mine?

Merge mining is a more efficient way to mine bitcoins. Merge mining is a technology that applies the numbers solved in the block of Bitcoin to other virtual currencies name coin, dev coin, etc. To put it more clearly, merge mining is the same strategy as entering several different lottery numbers with the same number. For beginners who do not have high-performance hardware, mining Altcoin a virtual currency other than Bitcoin may be better than Bitcoin. 

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