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Dear Editor:
August 7th is designated “Purple Heart Day,” a time for Americans to pause to remember and honor the brave men and women who were either wounded on the battlefield or paid the ultimate sacrifice with their lives. I received my Purple Heart in Vietnam in 1969. The Purple Heart is a symbol of the brave men and women who have put their live on the line to protect this nation’s founding values.
Included in those values is the right to protest since this nation was born out of the act of protest. While President Trump and his republican sycophants storm the streets of Portland, Oregon and other cities, (unwanted and unwelcomed by local authorities), with officers, in unmarked and unaccountable uniforms, ostensibly to protect federal buildings, thousands of Americans die because of President Trump’s and Republicans’ failed leadership on the covid-19 crisis.
Another founding value is the right of citizens of this country to vote in safe, secure and honest elections. Republicans have refused to take any measures to secure our elections from foreign interference. The President has welcomed assistance from Russia, and tried to get the governments of Ukraine and China to assist in his re-election. When asked about foreign help for re-election Mr. Trump stated: “I think I’d take it.”
While Democrats in the House have passed several bills strengthening our election laws the Republicans have failed to take any action on them. As a combat veteran and Purple Heart recipient I would like to ask newly elected Congressman Chris Jacobs does he support sending in unaccountable federal troops against the wishes of local officials and does he support foreign interference in our elections? Does Mr. Jacobs support President Trump’s canoodling with President Putin while Russia puts a bounty on American troops?
Thank You.
William Fine
Brockport, NY

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  • William Fine, Allow me to thank you for your service and I hope you are not still suffering from your injuries. I want to respond to what you said but it’s difficult because you make assumptions that are EXACTLY wrong. Peaceful protest is a right that you and I both defended. I was an FBI Agent for 3 decades and enforced the laws of the US ,including your Constitutional Rights to peaceful assembly. What we are seeing, is not peaceful nor is it Protesting…it is professional rioters, arsonists, looters , hoodlums trying their best to destroy your Constitutional Republic with Socialist Rule. These people are OFA, Antifa, BLM all funded by George Soros’ organizations and organized from/by Hussein Obama’s 250 offices and 32,000 employees. The question you should be asking is , “why would a former President have 250 offices and 32000 employees”? Better yet, why would Soros pay 70% of Kim Gardner’s campaign expenses and only fund black female attorneys running for Mayor or Prosecutor positions and not support candidates who are more qualified? Listen to the people Soros funds and tell they are not puppets? The Feds sent in are not troops they are Federal Agents wearing protective body Armour because they are are taking incoming from Commercial Rockets, loaded with shrapnel and fired like mortar shells…what would you do? You are correct about one thing ,though…no action was taken against assaults on our last election from Foreign Governments… against the Democrat National Committee, the DNC or the RNC…by those in charge …,who was in charge…Billy?…it was President Hussein Obama, It was not Trump…Obama wiretapped Trump’s Campaign headquarters and committee members. All the Republicans did in Watergate was a failed Burglary…your Obama burst the dam..Wiretaps, phony Russian Intel Cases, phony Foreign Dossier, where’s your outrage about that?
    ” President Trump’s canoodling with President Putin” ?? What is , “Have Vladimir call me after the election…I’ll have have more leverage”? Never heard “Criminal Conspiracy” called ,Canoolding before. The Right Side J Gary DiLaura

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