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NEW YORK’S Failure to Protect Vulnerable Nursing Home Patients

by Frank Kolbman
Senior Citizen Residents recently killed due to Gov Cuomo’s inept and irresponsible mandate is NOT just his fault. Nearly every NY legislator gave him and continue to allow him the unrestricted power to do so. In addition nearly every legislator on numerous occasions refused to put up for vote bills that mandate safe staffing to patient ratios. Until each of you documents by voting your position to serve, protect, and save nursing home residents each of you share the blame for these and other nursing home needless preventable deaths.
NYS Assembly Bill A2954 2019-2020 Legislative Session Enacts the “safe staffing for quality care act”
NYS Assembly Bill A1532/S3330 2017-2018 Legislative Session Enacts the “safe staffing for quality care act”
NYS Assembly Bill A8580/S782 2015-2016 Legislative Session Enacts the “safe staffing for quality care act”
and the list goes on and on.
How much money has your legislator’s campaign received in donations from Nursing home owner’s lobbyists? I researched a number of these Bills and many of the sponsors and co-sponsors are Democrats that take a lot of PR credit for these Bills but also end up quietly killing them in committee by refusing to bring them to the floor for a vote. A double fiscal win isnt it? A legislator disingenuously publicly propose a bill and gets positive PR and campaign donations. Then gets Nursing Home owners lobbyist campaign money to quietly kill the Bill in a democratic party controlled  committee by always refusing to bring the Bill to floor to register all votes for or against.
One of these days the media will get back to investigating stories and let this be the “I told you so” moment. The cherry atop the cake of Cuomo’s Tragic Fatal mistake to ship confirmed Covid cases into the most susceptible areas…Nursing homes. He can back peddle as frantically as he wants now but all of you legislators are to share this blame by not addressing it months and years ago. And now media need to do SOMETHING to try to make up for this preventable tragedy. PASS A BILL mandating safe staff to patient ratios. The lives Cuomo and Albany legislators tragically sacrificed by inaction and horrid reaction cannot be recovered. But moving forward each and every elected official has a duty morally and constitutionally to represent those precious helpless seniors in nursing homes, hospitals, and rehab centers everywhere in NY. Do something.
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