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Shakespeare in Delaware Park Touring Schedule

After months of preparation, Shakespeare in Delaware Park shares their touring schedule for the 2020 Intermezzo Season! (Additional details on performance reservations will be sent out soon)

8/21 Olmsted Location TBA 7:00PM
8/22 Olmsted Location TBA 7:00PM
8/23 Freedom Run Winery 7:00PM
8/26 Penn Dixie Fossil Park 7:00PM
8/29 Olmsted Location TBA 7:00PM
8/30 Olmsted Location TBA 7:00PM
9/2 Penn Dixie Fossil Park 7:00PM
9/5 Artpark 2:00PM
9/6 Artpark 2:00PM

They still have a few details to work out but are hoping to open reservations soon.
A few IMPORTANT notes:

-Safety of actors and audience are top priority and all shows are subject to current government and safety mandates
-Limited to 50 people per performance and will be taking online registrations (free) on a first-come, first-serve basis
-Will not be able to accommodate “walk-up” patrons, all reservations must be taken in advance
-Due to our gathering limit, household reservations will be limited to TWO patrons only

“We have been working diligently to bring our Intermezzo Season to the community and we wish we could have EVERYONE back on the Hill. If you are unable to reserve a seat to our show, please be patient as we explore additional performance opportunities and know that we plan on coming back full force next season!!”

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