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The Most Common Form of Physical Disability among Older Americans

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What is a physical disability? According to many people, physical disability refers to the malfunction of hands or legs so that they can’t perform the necessary functions such as mobility. However, a person’s physical disability can mean more, including their stamina.

Read on to find more about elderly people with disabilities.

What are some of the Physical Disabilities?

According to statistics, older Americans suffer from different forms of physical disabilities more than anybody else. It can be short term, for some long term, or temporary, but it tends to be permanent when it comes to old age. What causes these physical disabilities in old age?

When it comes to old age, different muscles and joints become weak, making them unable to properly support the body. This situation makes body parts such as the legs fail to support the entire body when it comes to standing up or making movements.

Some other causes include injuries, accidents, or side effects, or prolonged treatment. Some of the well-known physical disabilities include spinal cord injury, amputation, arthritis, and many others. Some old-age injuries come on their own without injuries and mostly depend on how active they were during the earlier days.

What are the Effects of Physical Disabilities?

Having a physical disability in old age makes you not perform your regular duties typically. If one runs a business or any form of company, they might be unable to visit their offices or workstations due to mobility issues. This difficulty in movements makes one not attend facilities such as washrooms in the usual way, and sometimes they become inconvenienced.

To help these people living with disabilities, you need to get them walking aids such as the wheelchairs. When it comes to acquiring a wheelchair for the elders, experts from suggest that you go for the off-road all-terrain wheelchairs.

Opting for such wheelchairs assures that one doesn’t have trouble moving about. You can choose a wheelchair, depending on design and size.

Other ways you can help people living with physical disabilities include:

    • Redesigning the house or their workstation to accommodate their movement patterns.
    • Keeping obstacles and paths away from pathways
    • Constructing bathrooms and offices in such a way they can accommodate their movements and use.
    • Offer transport and vehicles customized for them, such as cars for the disabled.
    • Please provide them with the latest technologies and other gadgets that can help them communicate with their businesses and other ventures comfortable when they are at home or on wheelchairs.
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What are the statistics of these physical disabilities?

There are a lot of old aged individuals living with disabilities in America. Some of the most common forms of these disabilities include walking and climbing in areas such as stairs and vehicles. Based on a report released by specialists from the United States Census Bureau, individuals aged from 65 years and above have one or more forms of disabilities.

The leading disability includes walking. Half of the individuals living with disabilities came from low-income families, while a third of them live alone. Older women living with disabilities were more as compared to men since they live longer, thus having more complications as they age. When it comes to marital status, married individuals were less likely to have these forms of disabilities than those who are single.

What does this study reflect? The study portrays disability as determined by age, sex, gender, and where someone comes from. However, these statistics change often as people continue aging and others take measures to stay fit.

How to communicate with people living with physical disabilities

People living with physical and any form of disability tend to be sensitive in ways people communicate with them. It would help much if you were careful when carrying duties and how you interact with them. To: When at the dining table, ensure they can access it efficiently and comfortably. An electric hospital bed would also be good so they’ll feel comfortable, safe, independent – and get a good night’s sleep.

You can always ask them how you can improve their stay and movements from one place to another and, if possible, ask first before assisting them. Experts also recommended never questioning their disability. You can ask them how they are faring on and if they are comfortable carrying out specific assignments unassisted.

Always try to protect their privacy as much as you can, and you can ask them if they require any form of assistance when using the bathrooms, bedrooms, and other private lounges.

Always consider making eye contact when speaking to them. If possible, lower yourself to the levels they are so that you maintain eye levels.

When you live with a family member affected by disability, either old age or not, show them respect and offer the best assistance. Do not victimize them, and you can use the guidelines listed in this article to assist them. If you aren’t sure how to take care of them due to your busy schedule, you can admit them to nursing homes where they can get better services from professionals.

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