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Dear Auntie Answers Readers Questions on Love and Relationship


By D. Scott


DEAR AUNTIE: This is really more of a general question about some men. One man in particular has used women so much they started a youtube channel about him. I saw it posted in some online groups as well. Later on I realized he was the same guy that robbed my friend. They went to eat and he acted like he had to use the bathroom and so my friend paid. That was the first of the scams. When I saw how many other women he was engaged to at the same time, stolen money from, lied to and deceived I was appalled. How do these seemingly smart and well to do women end up with a guy like this?

                                                                   Morgan from Unknown


DEAR MORGAN: Here is a general bevy of answers. I saw the youtube channel. I don’t want to give him any more notoriety. He is raggedy. Women were attracted to him because he seemed to have his life together. He portrayed himself as the owner of a gym. If I never set foot in the gym nor saw the paperwork…sir you a lie.

The minute he would have told me his bank account was overdrawn and it wasn’t a joint account nor anything to do with me, I would have been turned off. The minute we start talking about an engagement ring that you stated you paid all this money for, then I find out it wasn’t even bought where you said nor was it real…we have a problem. The reason these women fell for it is because he preyed on the fact they were single mothers, independent and seemingly desperate.

My marriage was whirlwind. Neither one of us had much to lose or gain. Whirlwind is sometimes real. In these cases it cost money. In my life men don’t ask me or swindle me for money. It is not attractive. I don’t ask for money either. Women need to learn to say no. If you are so hard up to be married then marry yourself. Commit to yourself. Spend the money on yourself. If you are over 30 years old you don’t need to wear desperation as a scent. Dogs can smell it a mile away.

When you are younger desperation can be written off as youth. Also, this man did not rob them. He conned them. These women gave freely. That is not theft. Learn to tell yourself you are beautiful and wife material. This way when a man tells you it’s not taken as the gospel.



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