MDC Dancers May Impact Raniere’s Sentence, as Well as Prison Placement

I previously speculated that the Nxivm-based Forgotten Ones [AKA weareasyou], whose main function it seems is to dance in front of the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center, might affect where Keith Alan Raniere is assigned to serve his sentence.

Raniere is in custody at MDC. He was convicted on June 19, 2019 on racketeering, conspiracy, sex trafficking, forced labor, extortion, identity theft and other felony charges and is awaiting sentencing.

He faces anywhere from 15 years to life.

Keith Alan Raniere AKA The Vanguard

The dancers, led by three of his DOS slaves – Nicki Clyne, Dr. Danielle Roberts and Michele Hatchette – came out nightly, with other Nxivm members, and the occasional non-Nxivm dancer- between 8 and 9 pm, from July 3 to July 25.

They danced at the prison for their Vanguard, and also, they said, to bring attention to conditions at MDC and cheer to other prisoners confined in that ghastly and controversial detention center.

The dancers have shifted their schedule from nightly to one dance per week.

According to informed sources, the fact of the dancers – who are seriously devoted [some say demented] Nxivm cult members – might make it into Raniere’s pre-sentencing report and lead to his being placed in a more distant from Clifton Park and possibly higher security prison than he otherwise might have been assigned.  It might even land him in the federal supermax facility in Florence, Colorado, where he would be in solitary confinement for at least three years.

It is my view the dancers may impact the length of Raniere’s sentence, on top of possibly helping him get placed in a higher security prison.

The dancers show that Raniere still has an ardent core group of followers who believe he did nothing wrong (and the number is more than two dozen).  This is evidence of the danger he presents should he be released.

Among the followers are:

    1. Esther Chiappone Carlson
    2. Tracy Christopher
    3. Damon Brink
    4. Marianna [Believed to be Fernandez, mother of Raniere’s youngest son.]
    5. Vanessa Sahagu?n
    6. Edgar Boone
    7. Justin Elliot
    8. Angelica Hinojos [DOS}
    9. Lyvia Cohen {DOS]
    10. Jim Del Negro
    11. Brandon Porter
    12. Eduardo Asunsolo
    13. Danielle Roberts [DOS]
    14. Sanj Chakravorty
    15. Suneel Chakravorty
    16. Brett Diamond
    17. Diego Asunsolo.
    18. Pain Solutions NYC
    19. Linda Chung [DOS]
    20. Marc Elliott
    21. Farouk Rojas [Associated with a Nxivm group]
    22. Nicki Clyne [DOS leader]
    23. Leah Mottishaw [DOS]
    24. Michele Hatchette
    25. Damon Brink

Assuming Raniere is communicating with his followers, possibly directing some what they are doing, [the Forgotten Ones admit he encouraged them] further demonstrates the risk of recidivism and lack of remorse.

It also demonstrates an effort on his part to consolidate his power and influence over those people, who still appear to be utterly brainwashed.

A source told me that he has gotten significant “cred” from the dancing and that he fears Raniere may even be trying to get a cult-like following in prison, using his “tech” to indoctrinate fellow inmates.

Assuming that part of the Forgotten Ones’ agenda goes beyond merely holding Nxivm together and extends to rebuilding and recruiting [they have 368 followers on Instagram] and/or to further perpetrate financial crimes by continuing to perpetuate the fraud, those are additional points strongly against Raniere.

The Nxivm camera often focused on this cell and this man watching the dancers below. Is that man Keith Alan Raniere?



There is little doubt that the dancers wanted to help Raniere. Their goal obviously was not to make matters worse for him.  Yet it is characteristic of Nxivm followers that they often obtain the opposite of what they intend to do. It is almost as if Nxivm teachings take the power away from students and cause the opposite effect.

I suppose that is only fair since everything Raniere claimed to have taught was the exact opposite of what he was really teaching.

For example, he had a women’s empowerment group, DOS, where women were his slaves.

He taught Executive Success Programs that were so expensive, continuously recurring and ultimately debilitating, that most people who took them went broke and became incapable of earning money.

He had Seagram’s heiresses Clare and Sara Bronfman invest in his foolproof, mathematically perfect commodities investment plan and they lost $65 million.

I could go on and on.

In any event, the dancers went out there to help Raniere and they very likely hurt Raniere.

They certainly did not help him with prison authorities who now have almost total control of his life.

He may have gotten some cache with other prisoners – for what other prisoner has good-looking women dancing outside the prison for him night after night, some of whom dance rather erotically.

Still, if Raniere ordered his slaves to dance to show off to his fellow prisoners, this was short-sighted on his part. He will soon be sentenced and transferred out of MDC and then will no longer be with his current inmates.  The need to impress them cannot be anywhere near as important as appearing to be a cooperative and not dangerous prisoner – since that will impact the next decade or so of his life – instead of just the next few months.

As for when his sentencing hearing will occur, there is no date as of yet. I am predicting it will happen in October or November.  I have heard that Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack will be sentenced last.  Clare Bronfman is set to be sentenced on September 30.

The reason I suspect Raniere’s date has not been set is that the dancers may have complicated matters and a supplemental report is now being prepared by the US Pretrial and Probation Services Department as part of Raniere’s already lengthy pre-sentencing report – on the dancers.

The judge uses the entire pre-sentencing report as an advisory and, in my opinion, having observed this judge, I think it altogether possible that if he was on the fence on length – the nightly dancers – might tip him into a longer sentencing.

Think about it. Raniere has been locked up for more than two years. The other Nxivm defendants, and he, himself, were forbidden to communicate with other Nxivm leaders – prior to their conviction – on the grounds that it was a racketeering conspiracy.

He was denied bail in part because he was seen as a danger to the community – including many alleged victims of Nxivm.  Now, the very women that did the branding and blackmailing of women – Clyne and Roberts – are outside dancing for him, a year after his conviction.

This confirms all the madness, all the brainwashing, and the fact that he has no compunction for what he did.

And from the judge’s perspective – and his is the only one that counts – this is madness and it is criminality.

The dancing and an analysis of the dancers and what this means and how it should impact his sentencing and prison assignment is very likely to figure on Raniere’s fate.

It was foolish. It was stupid. It was Nxivm.

Viva Executive Success!

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