Raniere Report From MDC Prison — Limping Badly, Showing Mental Instability

Keith Alan Raniere has not been doing well at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center. But who could be doing well in that torture chamber?

He has been in custody there since April 2018, making it more than two years, always penned indoors, never getting outdoors, never in the sun or breathing fresh air, living in a dirty dank cell with rotten mold-filled air, terribly unhygienic and terrible, unhealthy food.

Either too cold or too warm, with no regard to human health.  A hell hole. That’s what the Federal Bureau of Prisons cooked up for people in Brooklyn awaiting trial [innocent until proven guilty detainees – a great ruse, by the way, to make sure they are unfit for trial].

Raniere is one of a number of detainees who have been convicted and is awaiting sentencing, a sentencing that has been delayed because of COVID-19.

The dancers, known as The Forgotten Ones, by the way, and despite some criticism of them in these pages, have every justifiable reason to dance to cheer up the men there and bring attention to conditions.  They may have been lacking in transparency at first, hiding their close relationship with Raniere, but, in the end, they admitted they were there because of Keith.

Keith Alan Raniere.

That did not, they said, negate their desire to improve conditions for all prisoners housed in squalor at MDC.

Now, before getting on to our report on Keith’s present condition, I think it is necessary to explain something to a few readers.

I wrote in a previous post Was Michele Hatchette Wearing Allison Mack’s Dress a Message to Mack? that “One good thing about Keith Raniere being arrested is that he cannot as easily impose the DOS diet on his slaves and grand slaves. Michele has plumped up a bit and looks far more healthy. But she is now ‘way too fat’ for Keith’s taste. He said fat on a woman – even one excess pound – can disturb his highly concentrated spiritual energies.” 


Apparently some readers saw this as an attack on Michele’s body as in body-shaming her.  I was not body-shaming her. I was explaining Keith’s view of women. His whole schtick when he was a free man was to body-shame women who were with him, mocking them into emaciation.

He would make piggy noises if they went to the refrigerator and talk about women being “official” which he explained sounded the same as “a fish hole” referring to their reproductive organs.

He was the ultimate body-shamer.

When I wrote that Michele “is now ‘way too fat’ for Keith’s taste.” I meant it literally. She is too fat for his taste. Not mine or anyone else’s.

I also wrote that she “plumped up a bit and looks far more healthy.” I meant that as a compliment. It is astonishing in the politically correct world of uber sensitivity and seeking to be offended when no offense is intended, that some thought this was politically incorrect.

The fact is Michele is now overweight by Keith’s standards – but, to my mind, she looks undoubtedly more healthy and better off now than when she looked like she did in the picture below.

But this post is not about Michele’s health. It is about Keith’s health and we have the report directly from an inside MDC source, who sees Raniere regularly.

Thanks to this source, we have now learned the likely reason why The Forgotten Ones dancers stopped dancing exclusively on 29th St, in front of the MDC, and moved to the back of the building to dance.

They used to dance exclusively in front of MDC on 29th Street.


Then they started dancing more in the back of the prison.


I hope no one thinks of this as body shaming or, worse, mental shaming, but to my mind, these three Forgotten Ones dancers – l-r Danielle Roberts, Nicki Clyne, and Michele Hatchette – look utterly insane.

Keith Raniere was moved. He has been moved to the other side of MDC and is now in an area – based on Covid 19 protocols at the prison – reserved for people like him who are awaiting sentencing and for older inmates who are considered to be at higher risk of fatality or serious problems if they contract the virus.

Raniere will be 60 on August 26, 2020, and on top of that, his health has taken a turn for the worse [as does everyone’s at MDC to a greater or lesser extent, I would imagine].

First of all, he has been limping far more than he was before. Our source described it as waddling “like a penguin.”

I am not making light of any person’s physical ailments. Keith has always had rather stubby feet [and at the risk of body-shaming him], some people likened his feet to paws.

They are almost perfectly square, while most people have more rectangular feet – being longer than they are wide.

Photo of Keith Raniere’s feet [not for worshipping purposes.]

Possibly because of his deteriorating condition combined with rather paw-like feet, his limping is very pronounced.

He also had what our source described as a ridiculously bad haircut. In fact, our source thought that someone gave him the badly uneven cut to deliberately “fuck with him.” That may or may not be the case, but it is not hair-shaming him to suggest that the bad haircut gives him the appearance of being disheveled and a little demented.

Hopefully, that will not offend anyone, who might themselves be having a bad hair day.

Finally, and it is no joke, our source says Keith may be losing his grip on reality.  He has been observed to burst into uncontrolled emotions. He has been seen to start crying uncontrollably – and with no external provocation and equally concerning – he bursts into fits of laughter – and not because anyone told a joke.

He seems to be hearing voices in his head and starts laughing and crying at odd times.

Now, of course, the crying is not altogether new. It was reported that he burst into tears at night prior to his trial. This crying even earned him the nickname “Crybaby Jane” which was certainly a politically incorrect nickname suggesting as it does that women cry more than men.

Take it up with the warden if you find it offensive.

But now, Keith is both laughing and crying without any discernible external stimulus.  This might be a sign that he has retreated from the outer world and is now living in his mind – possibly having hallucinations and on the high road to exhibiting full-blown mental illness – something that critics have claimed he suffered from for years.

Of course, the tears might be genuine tears of repentance for all the harm he has done others and the laughter might be him thinking back to all the sadistic pain he caused others. He might even be laughing at the dancers dancing up a storm for him below the prison each night.

Either way, it is a sad turn of events for the once-mighty Vanguard.   Hopefully, he will be sentenced soon to a more humane prison – one where he can get a little outdoor exercise and possibly some mental health counseling and possibly treatment.

Maybe one day, Raniere will be able to walk out of prison a free man and healthy in mind and body.

But that won’t be for years to come.

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