Sara Bronfman Is Baaaack

Sara Bronfman is still out there trying to save the world.

Even with her Vanguard in prison, even after having to abruptly leave Provence France after the city government shut down her Rainbow Cultural Garden and closing her resort hotel there, she is still trying to make a difference.

The problem is the difference she has tried to make in the past – having too much money and not enough brains – has been to harm others.

She is, after all,, one of the chief financiers of the very harmful Nxivm cult. And by all accounts, she is still an ardent follower of her Vanguard, the founder of Nxivm and the now-imprisoned Keith Alan Raniere.

She has a blog where we read:

“Welcome to the Sara Bronfman fan blog. Sara Bronfman is an American heiress and a philanthropist with a focus on sustainability. Follow our blog and learn more about how we can help prevent climate change by reading the Sara Bronfman blog here. Connect with Sara Bronfman on the links below.”

Some of the articles she is interested in are:



JULY 26, 2020

Sustainable Palm Oil Welcome to the Sara Bronfman sustainability fan blog. Palm oil has been linked with the destruction of the world’s precious rainforests. The development of new oil palm plantations, coupled with smallholders expanding their farms to meet the rising demand for palm oil, has resulted in significant deforestation. The removal of acres of rainforest threatens the rich biodiversity in these finely…


Albert Einstein


JULY 07, 2020

Vegetarianism Welcome to the Sara Bronfman health and lifestyle fan blog. Albert Einstein — genius, physicist, wacky-haired philosopher of science — is rumored to have been a vegetarian. Vegans and other plant-based eaters love to cite the scientist as an example of why abstaining from meat is the most intelligent choice. After all, if Einstein, arguably one of the most intelligent men in history,…


corona virus


JULY 07, 2020

Health News Welcome to the Sara Bronfman environmental and health fan blog. Are you worried about coronavirus? The concern regarding this rapidly spreading virus is well-deserved. At this writing, statistics on infections and deaths worldwide are truly sobering. Unfortunately, the numbers are likely to rise as efforts to quickly contain its spread have proven unsuccessful. So, it’s particularly important to get reliable information…




JULY 07, 2020

 Climate Change  Welcome to the Sara Bronfman environmental news fan blog. Climate Change is the defining issue of our time and we are at a defining moment. From shifting weather patterns that threaten food production, to rising sea levels that increase the risk of catastrophic flooding, the impacts of climate change are global in scope and unprecedented in scale. Without drastic action today, adapting…


climate change


JULY 07, 2020

Environmental Protection Welcome to the Sara Bronfman environmental news fan blog. There is no doubt that social media has become a huge part of the daily lives of people. Over 40% of the world population uses some type of social media platform. That includes Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and dozens of other platforms that connect us on a global scale. But the question is, can…


Note that with each exciting article comes a giant picture of Sara. Well, it is, after all, a vanity fan blog.

Sara is reportedly in Portugal right now with her two children, her Libyan husband Basit Igtet and her nannies and servants. The climate warming energy she likely consumes in a week is probably enough to power a whole village in India for a year, but no mind, she is into saving the climate.

Earlier, she was into saving the minds and hearts of humanity with the sterling teachings of Keith Alan Raniere. Then she was interested in teaching children to babble, deploying his ruthless and psychologically damaging childhood experiment, Rainbow Cultural Garden.

She is still involved in a number of lawsuits, including for the sake of transparency, one with me. She is suing me for $1 million and I am countersuing her for $7 million, over a Los Angeles real estate development project.

The following information comes from with my notes in [brackets and bold.]

Sara Rosner Bronfman (born 1976) is the daughter of the billionaire philanthropist and former Seagram chairman Edgar Bronfman Sr. She is involved in humanitarian endeavors and was, from about 2001 until its 2019 demise, a leading funder and a member of the leadership team for the controversial multi-level marketing company NXIVM, which has been described as a “cult”, as was her sister, Clare Bronfman.

[Ed: Note: As we are demonstrating in our series on these pages, Nxivm is not dead but still has dozens of members including Sara Bronfman herself]. 


Her father, Canadian billionaire Edgar Bronfman, Sr., met her mother, Rita Webb, the daughter of an English pub owner from Essex, England, in Marbella, Spain. Webb changed her first name to Georgiana and married Bronfman in 1975, two years after his divorce from his first wife, investment-banking heiress Ann Loeb. Webb gave birth to Sara the following year, then Clare two and a half years later.

Shortly after Clare’s birth, Georgiana asked Edgar for a divorce. After Edgar married again in 1980 and was then again divorced, the two sisters visited their father at his homes outside Charlottesville, Virginia; in Westchester County; at Sun Valley; and on Fifth Avenue in New York City, though their lives were centered in England and in Kenya, with their mother.

[Edgar married and divorced Georgiana twice.]


Sara Bronfman first became involved in aiding Libya after traveling as a delegate with the Independent Libya Foundation in November 2011, during the Arab Spring and after the death of Muammar Gaddafi. The delegation was headed by president and founder Basit Igtet (whom she would later marry) and consisted of multiple humanitarian experts, including Adam Hock and Joseph Hagin. They toured post-Gaddafi Libya and presented their “multi-phase re-integration program,” which was accepted by the local authorities of Benghazi, who were appointed by the Libyan National Transitional Council.

[Sara seems to have gotten interested in Libya after she got romantically interested in her gigolo husband Basit Igtet. The story goes that Basit pretended to have great wealth and only after marriage did Sara learn that he was penniless and needed to be kept. She took an interest in meddling with Libya and in typical fashion, she caused harm to Libya when her, her Vanguard Keith Raniere and her husband Basit attempted to overthrow the American backed Libyan government to support an ISIS -backed group.  Their coup attempt was a colossal failure. The American-backed Libyan government had to protect Basit from being killed on the spot in Tripoli but they could not prevent ISIS from assassinating Basit’s top assistant who was killed the next day. {The Libyan news reported that he died when the gun he was cleaning accidentally discharged into his mouth.} In short, like everything else she touches – it gets irretrievably messed up – usually with other people getting hurt and Sara being oblivious to the harm she causes.] 

She has been involved with the U.S.-Libya Chamber of Commerce since its founding in November 2011 with the purpose of developing viable economic links between American and Libyan enterprises. The chamber announced that Sara, who was then a member on the board, would be the new president after the conclusion of a vote conducted by the organization’s board members on February 20, 2012. The announcement occurred after Adam Hock resigned as president and board member to pursue private ventures within the country. In an interview with the National Journal, Bronfman stated that the situation in Libya provides an opportunity for the State Department to change their tactics, and “rather than enforcing our ways on them, we need to understand their ways, learn from them and discover which of our country’s many strengths we can best support them.”(sic)

[The US-Libya Chamber of Commerce is a mere shell company of Sara’s and is completely inactive as far as records show. Just another bit of pretentious bullshit to make her look like she is actually doing something.]

Sara Bronfman is also involved with the Canada-Libya Chamber of Commerce, [another shell company, which does nothing] which was founded on March 12, 2012. Bronfman and husband Basit Igtet are the inaugural president and chairman of the board respectively.

Positioned to provide help and advice to the people of Libya, the Chamber of Commerce discourage continued business with groups such as SNC-Lavalin, which allegedly did business with the Gadaffi regime. The group is one of several working to restore the economy in the region.

[Basit’s father was a minor enemy of Gadaffi and apparently lived in exile. This pretentious hogwash of giving advice is just meaningless since no one came to them for advice but a few came for Sara’s money. But Basit was way too smart to let any of his Libyan cronies get any money from his wife. He used it instead to lease a single resort in France {which he and Sara falsely claimed was one of a chain of resorts} and following Raniere’s advice tried to overthrow Libya and failed laughably {except that the death of his assistant was not funny}.


At age 25, Sara was introduced to NXIVM by a family friend. NXIVM is a multi-level marketing organization founded by Keith Raniere that claimed to help individuals achieve self-discovery, offering personal and professional development seminars, but is sometimes referred to as a cult.

Sara has described herself, prior to discovering NXIVM, as “dilettantish.” After her introduction to NXIVM, Sara urged Clare, then 23, to become involved. Clare was then committed to her equestrian career as a competitive jumper, horse trainer, and owner of Slate River Farm; she was described as being “a bit withdrawn and certainly the type to stay in and read while everyone else goes out.”

Sara and Clare became committed followers and financial backers of both NXIVM and its leader, Keith Raniere, and relocated to upstate New York to work as NXIVM trainers. “As Sara would later explain on her blog,” wrote Suzanna Andrews in a profile of the sisters for Vanity Fair, “she was ‘in search of finding ways to bring peace to the world.’ According to [a] family friend, who put it more prosaically, she was desperately looking for some purpose in her life. And she found it at NXIVM.”

Sara began working with Raniere’s company Executive Success Programs, Inc. (ESP) and its “proprietary technology” Rational Inquiry, which had been created by Raniere.

According to one source, “She founded the company’s VIP Programs, which provide distinguished individuals with special training and coaching. These programs[,] facilitated by the company’s President Nancy Salzman, were responsible for launching ESP into the British and Irish markets in 2005.” Soon, Sara Bronfman was on the Executive Board of ESP and had become “Director of Humanities, Regional Vice President, Professional Coach and Head Trainer.”

In September 2018, a class-action lawsuit was filed against Bronfman in the Brooklyn Supreme Court, asserting that she “ensnared” Isabella Martinez and Gabrielle Leal, among others, into taking costly classes as part of “a fraudulent scheme nationwide” for Raniere and NXIVM.

[There is another lawsuit, a much more serious one, with some 80 plaintiffs, that is being prosecuted by attorney Neil Glazer, which will certainly be covered by this publication very carefully.]

On June 19, 2019, a Federal District Court in Brooklyn convicted NXVIM founder Raniere of sex trafficking and racketeering.

[What this profile fails to note is that not only did Raniere get convicted,so did Sara’s sister Clare.]


Ethical Humanitarian Foundation

Sara, along with her sister, Clare Bronfman, formed a non-profit organization called the Ethical Humanitarian Foundation after being “conceptualized” by Keith Raniere in 2007.

[[This is the non-profit that got the Dalai Lama to come to speak in Albany which Nxivm used for years to imply the Dalai Lama’s endorsement of Raniere. The adjunct foundation, their Ethical Science Foundation, funded the human fright experiments on women that led to one medical doctor losing his license. ]

She, Clare, and Keith Raniere also established a non-profit organization called the World Ethical Foundations Consortium. Sara is listed as a Trustee of the organization. The group claims that its goal is to move humanity “towards a more noble civilization” by adopting a “humanity first foundation”.

[Keith Raniere always talked about creating a “more noble civilization.” In prison for sex trafficking, forced labor, and racketeering, he will get that chance – starting with inmates. Clare is also headed to prison for her role in the racketeering enterprise known as Nxivm. Of the three “philanthropists”, only Sara remains unscathed.]

As part of their involvement in WEFC, Sara and Clare were credited with being able to bring the Dalai Lama to Albany to participate in the WEFC’s inaugural event on May 6, 2009. Sara had long been eager to meet the Dalai Lama. “She wanted the Dalai Lama to be her friend,” wrote Maureen Tkacik in a New York Observer profile of the sisters. “She had been obsessed with him for two and a half years.” “I was literally in my bedroom one day listening to his tapes and thought to myself, ‘Wow, this guy is amazing!’” Sara explained in a radio interview the day before the Tibetan spiritual leader arrived in Albany.

Thanks to Sara and Clare paying the Dalai Lama more than $1 million he came to Albany and put a $5 dollar scarf around Keith Raniere’s neck.

Sara Bronfman has been described as being “determined to stay true to her philanthropic roots” and as being “[i]nspired by the humanitarian and philanthropic endeavors of her father and late Grandfather, Edgar M. Bronfman, and Samuel Bronfman,

[Sam Bronfman was a bootlegger, smuggler, and probably a murderer. And Keith Raniere always taught the sisters that their money came from ill-gotten means.]

Ms. Bronfman has been seeking to pursue the family tradition in ways that will truly benefit humanity.

[She has succeeded in pursuing the family tradition but I think most people would have to argue that the Bronfman family has been a blight on humanity since the days of old Sam and his work with the Mafia, prohibition, and his subsequent reputed heroin importation.]

She views her work with ESP [Nxivm] as a way of further developing herself personally and professionally, and as a means by which to inspire people and families such as her own to invest both themselves and their resources ethically.”


She is married to Libyan businessman Basit Igtet; they have one daughter.

[Actually two daughters]

In 2017, Lama Tenzin Dhonden, the self-styled “Personal Emissary for Peace for the Dalai Lama,” was suspended from his position amid corruption charges; the investigation also revealed a 2009 sexual relationship between Dhonden and Bronfman.


Sara Bronfman, most likely under orders from Keith Raniere, seduced the monk, Lama Tenzin. He later helped Raniere and Bronfman secure the Dalai Lama.

[Sara Bronfman is still a member of Nxivm. That’s all one really needs to know in the end.  Will justice ever come for her as it has for her sister and Raniere? That is hard to say. Another of the great enablers of the harm of Nxivm is Emiliano Salinas. He seems to have gotten off scot-free. Sara seems to have also. But time will tell if there is any price to pay for the harm she has visited upon so many victims.

Philanthropist? Why doesn’t she start with addressing the needs of the 80 victims {who are suing her} whose lives she helped to destroy through her role in the filth-cult Nxivm?]

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