The Inner Circle – Who’s Still in and Who’s out of Nxivm: Part 1 — The Dancers Led By Nicki Clyne

The Nxivm dancers – known alternately as #weareasyou and The Forgotten Ones – helped reveal to the public that Nxivm is alive and well and still headed by its imprisoned leader, Keith Alan Raniere.

For that reason, as we begin our series on “Who’s Still in and Who’s Out of Nxivm” – sort of a “Where are they now” retrospective – I think it is only fair to begin with them, the dancers.

The dancers, who for several weeks went nightly to dance in front of the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center where Raniere is in custody, at first did not mention their association with him. Later, when increasing media coverage occurred – and identified the dancers as stalwart Nxivm members – the group admitted they were “friends” with Raniere.

The dance leader, Nicki Clyne, a first-line DOS slave master, denied to the media she was ever in a sex cult, preferring to claim she attended courses called Executive Success Programs, and was merely a student in an amazing course gearing one toward executive success.

DOS First-Line Slaves

Nicki’s executive success has been rather meager. She started taking courses when she was a successful actress on a hit TV show in Vancouver and wound up, at last notice, as an unemployed [corona-sidelined] manager/bartender at a small vegan bar called Izzy Rose in Brooklyn.

Nicki Clyne as Callie in the hit TV show Battlestar Gallactica. She quit the show, even forcing the producers to kill her popular character so that she could be with her stupendous Vanguard.

She arguably reached the height of her success when she was chosen to be part of a group blow job – with Lauren Salzman, Allison Mack, Daniela Padilla and Loreta Garza – to be performed on the spectacular Keith Raniere.

But the best laid schemes o’ slaves and man gang aft agley. Her Vanguard was arrested before she could plant, along with four other sister wives, her succulent lips on his flaccid and worshipful member.

She is still faithful to her Vanguard, that’s evident. More than two years after his arrest, she is out there dirty dancing for him [while denying she was ever in a sex cult.].

See video of Nicky shaking it up below the MDC.

Of course, we should be a little patient. Everyone has to wake up themselves in their own time and at their own pace to the falsehood that is Nxivm. We ought to be patient with Nicki and the remaining dancers and, for that matter, all those who remain in Nxivm.

But still there is an important balance to be achieved. That balance is hoping that the Nxivm members will wake up and give them some privacy until they do versus realizing that they are in a cult led by a pernicious leader and the need to protect the public from their recruiting others into the cult.  This is the reason I have named Nxivm members, including DOS slaves: In order to make their names available on search engines so that when they try to fulfill their directive to recruit women as slaves, an intelligent online inquirer can easily find out that branding and blackmail may be in their future.

In addition to publishing their names for the protection of others, it has proven at times to help the slaves themselves. More than a few former slaves told me that they were at first offended by Frank Report and what I wrote about them but later got to thinking about it and, through introspection, realized that most of the world would think them fools. This has helped some, I was told, to get out of Nxivm and DOS. I’m proud of that.

The dancers connected to Nxivm are seven: Eduardo Asonsolo, Suneel Chakravarty, Marc Elliot, Nicki Clyne, Danielle Roberts, Linda Chung and Michele Hatchette.

Linda Chung still believes in the goodness that is Keith Raniere.


Nicki Clyne dances in front of a sign seemingly directed to Keith Raniere. Michele Hatchette [l] and Linda Chung [r] dance up a storm for their hero.
Eduardo Asunsolo looks upward – not to the heavens but to his heavenly master, Keith Alan Raniere, who is lodged, though not comfortably, at the MDC facility, as a guest of the US government. Asunsolo says he has been a friend of Keith’s for 10 years.


Dr. Danielle Roberts, who indelicately branded women with her master’s initials, without bothering to tell them, does a handstand for her glorious Vanguard.


Dr. Roberts does a flip for her Vanguard which is only appropriate since she flipped out over him years ago, losing everything for him, including, most likely, her medical license, which is likely to be suspended or revoked for her practice of branding women on their pubic area with her master’s initials.


Nicki Clyne with Michele Hatchette. Michele is waiving to someone above, imprisoned at MDC. Is that someone Vanguard? Look at the twinkle in her eye and decide for yourself.


Suneel Chakravarty and Eduardo Asunsolo dance in praise of their inestimable Vanguard below the MDC prison where the Incalculable One resides.


Marc Elliot with his hand on his heart in front of the place where his true heart resides – MDC.


Samantha LeBaron still believes in her Vanguard. Samantha recently married Marc Elliott’s brother Justin Elliott, another staunch follower of the Lordly Vanguard.


Justin Elliot has proven to be a steadfast soldier for the Mighty One. Though not seen dancing, he is known to be loyal and willing to give his all for his All-in-All.

There are others too. And in our next post, we will explore other current members of Nxivm.

Right now, it could be argued, as the dancers reduced their nightly dancing to just once a week, that they are just pathetic. They are, after all, not likely to win many converts, and everybody is watching them dancing, knowing that their dance is for Raniere.

Later, perhaps, they will repent their dancing and repudiate him.

This might be their last dance for him.

Still suffering from the old delusions are these are the last few, the last of his followers?  Hundreds have left the cult and yet these Nxivm dancers hang on to a dream that will never be realized – the return of their Vanguard.

Finally a word on Nicki Clyne. Sources have said that she is ready and willing to go to prison for her Vanguard, to be a true martyr for the cause.  That may be true or not. Allison reportedly said the same thing but when faced with decades in prison, she quickly took the best available plea deal and repudiated her master. {We will explore in a subsequent post whether or not that repudiation still holds true.]

But not too long ago, Nicki, during a Nxivm Halloween gathering, prior to Raniere donning similar garb following his arrest, came costumed as a prisoner.  It was perhaps meant as a joke, but there is still a chance, however remote, that she might yet be arrested for her role in racketeering and trafficking sex slaves.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Who’s Still in Nxivm….

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  • Frank, it’s been a long time since I checked up on your work. Glad to see Paul Serran is writing for you. So much happening in our country. I was permanently banned from Twit, but still remember NXIVM rolling out. Hope you are glad Raniere was slapped down, too many walked away.
    Take care

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