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Tina Turner in Concert: Simply the Best at Sky City Auckland

Sky City, an entertainment complex and casino situated in Auckland, is well known for the array of entertainment options on offer and hosting some of the most exciting live shows in the region. You won’t be disappointed with the long line-up in store for guests and visitors for the remainder of 2020, especially if you’re simply looking for the best. This November, die-hard Tina Turner fans will have their socks knocked off by a spectacular performance of all Tina’s hit songs over 40 years by talented vocalist Caroline Borole accompanied by back-up singers, a band and sensational backup dancers, all for your viewing pleasure.

What to Expect

When it comes to expectations of a live event at Sky City, you won’t find the entertainment complex wanting. Concerts and stage events are always perfectly planned down to the little details to ensure that fans are never disappointed. This is an aspect of Sky City that makes it the perfect stage for an iconic stage concert such as Simply the Best.

For those who have never heard of Tina Turner, or are perhaps not all too familiar with her musical genius, here is a bit of background to give this concert some context. Tina Turner was born in 1939, making her 81 years old this year. She has lived a long, and prominent, life that centred around her art form. She is well known for her powerful vocals, energetic performances and stage presence as well as the longevity of her career. That being said, Turner has given up singing and performing live these days in favour of enjoying the fruits of her long years of labour in the industry and has handed the baton over to the likes of Caroline Borole to ensure that her legacy lives on through her music.

The concert is set for Thursday the 12th of November 2020 at 8pm. Watching this extravaganza of Tina’s greatest hits will set adults back by $74.90 and children under 12 will be admitted at a cost of $35.10.

Pre-Concert Entertainment

If you are going to attend Simply the Best, you might want to forego on pitching up fashionably late or just on time in favour of enjoying some of the other entertainment options at Sky City. A pre-concert drink never hurt anyone and depending on what you’re after, you can get a tasty and exquisitely prepared meal to accompany it at one of the many dining experiences housed at Sky City. From traditional Asian Cuisine to Italian, you will certainly find something to tickle your taste buds at this premium location. Sky City is also home to one of the chicest and most elegant restaurants in Auckland called The Sugar Club where you can sip a luxury cocktail while enjoying stunning views of the sprawling city below. All of the dining experiences on offer have a unique atmosphere but rest assured, even the likes of Tina Turner would be satisfied by the service, cuisine and ambience of each restaurant.

Sky City also offers a range of 4-5 star accommodation across three locations which could turn a one-night event like Simply The Best into a luxurious week away from the humdrum of life and give you the break you deserve with spa facilities, 24-Hour room service, a fitness centre and currency exchange to cater to foreign visitors.

Thrills Abound

If you’re attending Simply the Best, then you might be looking to chase a different kind of thrill before 8pm. The Sky City entertainment complex doubles up as a premium and exciting casino experience for those who fancy themselves lucky and would like to try their hand at a few games before the main event. The casino is open seven days a week and offers VIP Gaming rooms, slot machines galore, and table games for the traditional gamers and a wonderful reward system that makes playing here even more satisfying. If you find yourself unwilling to leave the safety and comfort of your home for a mid-week pick-me-up, you can always experience Sky City online that boasts some of the top online gaming titles around across all genres with great rewards in place to ensure that you can enjoy hours of entertainment from the safety of your home.


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